Rare Appearance At Paris Fashion Week Of Matthew McConaughey And Camila Alves' Kids Who Look Just Like Them

Ashabi Azeez
Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves
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Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves McConaughey's look-alike kids recently made a rare appearance. The kids recently showed up to support their model mom at the Paris Fashion Week. Here is everything to know about Matthew and Camila's kids. 

Matthew And Camila's Kids Make Rare Public Appearances

Matthew and Camila share two sons, Levi, Livingston, and a daughter, Vida. Over the weekend, Camila enjoyed a special visit to Paris from her eldest kids, Levi, 14, and Vida, 13.

A Stylish Family

Matthew McConaughey
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The trio attended the Stella McCartney Womenswear Fall Winter 2022-2024 Show. The excited model and her kids all looked stylish and posed to document the memory.

Camila And Matthew Flaunt Their Kids On Instagram

 The 41-year-old model was very excited to show off her kids' special appearance and posted additional pictures on her Instagram Stories. In the pictures, Camila announced the arrival of her kids in Paris.

Alves Is A Proud Mama

In the first image, the model introduced Vida who was holding a box of pastries. The next image showed her eldest son, Levi, and Camila's mom at a restaurant. The mother-of-three was not the only one who recently flaunted the kids on Instagram.

Matthew Recently Gave Life Updates On His Son

Matthew McConaughey
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Before Levi went to Paris, Matthew updated fans about his son by showing off some of Levi's surfing injuries on Instagram. The actor posted a picture of Levi's back covered with bandages and bruises which Matthew tagged as "Surf souvenirs." It is safe to say the Hollywood star is proud of his son's progress despite the scars.

The McConaugheys Reveal Their Parenting Style

Matthew McConaughey
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The actor and his wife, Camila, who he has been married to since 2012 revealed their parenting style. In June 2020, the couple had an interview with Town and Country where they spoke about parenthood.

How Matthew Channels Parenting

In the interview, the Interstellar actor shared that he was more consistently the "yes guy." He continued that sometimes loving your children means giving them what they want.

It's Tough Love Sometimes

However, at other times, it means tough love. The actor added that rich people could give their children what they want but the children will not get what they need. 

Matthew Shares The Activities He Engages In With His Kids

Matthew McConaughey and his kids
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In 2013, the proud father-of-three shared the activities which he does with his children. While speaking with People, the Greenlights author shared his favorite thing. He revealed that he was reading a five-minute story that turned into a never-ending story.

Their Typical Past Time

The actor continued that a story does not have an end when it comes to his kids. The Amistad actor added that he was able to learn that kids think in four dimensions. The smitten dad described his young ones as his "living legacy."

The Most Honorable Thing To Do

Matthew relayed that he believed in nurturing his kids until adulthood. To him, the most honorable thing he could do was raise three "autonomous, conscientious, confident children.'

Getting To Know Matthew And Camila's Kids

Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves
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Here is all to know about Matthew and Camila's three kids. The couple welcomed their eldest son, Levi on July 7, 2008. At the time, Matthew announced his first child's birth via a statement.

Matthew's Adventure Through Fatherhood

He described the birth of the newborn as "the greatest miracle in the world." He noted that raising a child was the greatest adventure. One year after his birth, The Wolf of Wall Street opened up about the bond he shared with his look-alike son.

His Father-Son Bond With Levi

He noted that they had inside jokes which Levi did not share with his mom. In October 2020, Matthew shared with People that Levi had a passion for music since he was little. The now 14-year-old is also into surfing. The couple's second child and Daughter, Vida, was born on January 3, 2010.

Vida Is Super-talented

Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves
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In 2021, Vida earned her first acting credit with a small role as a piglet with a couple of lines in Sing 2. Aside from acting, Vida also enjoys painting and drawing. The couple's youngest child, Livingston, was born on December 28, 2012. The 10-year-old enjoys writing stories. 

Matthew Gushed Over His Kid's Creativity

The Magic Mike actor has always been proud of his kids' creativity. Amid the quarantine during COVID-19, the actor gushed over his kids' creativity. Matthew shared that the kids developed creative ways to ward off boredom.

How The Pandemic Impacted the McConaughey Kids

He added that the quarantine period made the kids more self-reliant. The actor shared that one of his kids' interests was photography. He also joked that the three of them were becoming a production crew. 

Matthew Shares That Being A Father Was His Only Dream

Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves
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The actor holds the responsibility of being a father in the highest regard. Watching the kids grow into adults is a privilege for Matthew and Camila. The actor told the same publication in 2020 that the only thing he ever wanted to be was a father.

Matthew Has Achieved A Longtime Dream

He relayed that being a father was always his only dream. The proud father-of-three and award-winning actor also shared that there was nothing more important than being a dad.