Brandi Glanville Demands Release Of Harassing Audio From Studio Execs

Chukwudi Onyewuchi
Brandi Glanville
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American television personality, Brandi Glanville, has been at the center of attention for the past few weeks. She was reportedly involved in a lewd incident while filming The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip. However, Brandi's lawyer is now demanding for the video and audio of the incident to be released to prove her innocence. Here are the details.

Brandi Allegedly Acts Inappropriately 

In early February 2023, reports revealed that Brandi allegedly showed inappropriate behavior toward her RHUGT co-star Caroline Manzo, 61.

When Did The Incident Occur?

The incident involving Caroline reportedly happened on the evening of January 25, 2023, while they were off-camera on the set of the Housewives spin-off in Morocco.

Details Of The Alleged Harassment

According to Caroline's claims, Brandi gave her unwanted kisses during a party, but things got out of hand when they went into the bathroom with two other castmates.

Brandi Allegedly Touches Caroline's Private Areas

The 61-year-old alleged that Brandi pinned her against the wall, after which she touched her in the intimate areas over her clothing, like her breast and genitals.

Brandi's Lawyer, Duncan, Sends A Letter To Warner Bros 

However, about two months after the incident allegedly occurred, Brandi's attorney sent a letter to Warner Bros asking them to release audio and video related to the incident.

Duncan Is Convinced Brandi Is Innocent 

RHUGT star Brandi Glanville
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According to the lawyer, he is confident that the audio and video will prove that Brandi didn't sexually harass her colleague while filming the show's spin-off.

Duncan Calls Warner Bros Out 

In the letter, which Page Six obtained, the television personality's lawyer began his argument in the letter by calling out Shed Media, a Warner Bros-owned production company that makes the show.

Duncan Says The Company Should Have Released The Audio 

Lawyer Duncan P. Levin, Esq, noted that Shed Media should have immediately released the audio from Brandi and Caroline's microphones to show the latter's claims were unwarranted.

More Details From Duncan's Argument 

Next, Duncan explained how unacceptable it was for the company to knowingly and willingly allow such a story to remain in the media without considering the truth or Brandi's reputation.

Duncan Says Warner Bros' Action Is A Ploy For Ratings 

Warner Bros
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The lawyer described the company's decision to withhold the tape while Brandi was accused in the press as a cynical ploy for ratings.

Duncan Asks For Video To Be Released Immediately 

Next, Duncan demanded that the video and audio be released immediately. According to the lawyer, the audio would confirm that nothing inappropriate or illegal happened.

Duncan Explains What Allegedly Happened 

The attorney then explained what he believed the audio and video would prove. According to him, the four women in the bathroom washed their hands and returned to the party to enjoy more food.

Caroline Didn't Feel Uncomfortable Around Brandi 

Duncan further confessed that Caroline seemed to be having a great time throughout the event and never showed any signs of discomfort around Brandi.

Duncan Claims What Happened Was Consensual 

The lawyer then relayed that if there was some flirtatious conduct and kissing between Brandi and Caroline, it was mutual and consensual.

Duncan Accuses Warner Bros And Shed Media 

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Further proving his argument, Duncan accused Shed Media and Warner Bros of knowing about three eyewitnesses who corroborated Brandi's actions but chose to remain silent.

Duncan Names The Eyewitnesses 

The lawyer listed two eyewitnesses as Gretchen Rossi and Alex McCord, adding that the third person's identity remained unclear.

Caroline Allegedly Wanted Brandi To Touch Her 

Afterward, Duncan claimed that Caroline did nothing to stop Brandi from touching her and was outspoken about her liberal views on sex. 

Caroline Has Allegedly Asked Castmates To Touch Her Breasts

The attorney also alleged that The Real Housewives of New Jersey alum previously offered to allow castmates to touch her breasts to confirm they weren't implants.

More Accusations From Duncan

Duncan has also accused the companies of sending Brandi home unjustly after egging the events of that night by asking the reality TV star to bring some excitement. In the meantime, the public awaits a possible response from Warner Bros.