23-Year-Old Model Shows Jaw-Dropping Transformation After Pit Bull Attack

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Brooklinn Khoury
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A 23-year-old model, Brooklinn Khoury, defeats the odds and shows off her new smile after a horrific pit bull attack. After her last reconstructive operation, a model whose top lip was severed by a pit bull two years ago, gave an update on her progress, stating she is “so blessed with the results.”

The Traumatic Incident

In November 2020, during a trip to her family in Arizona, she was attacked by her cousin's pit dog, tearing off her lip and a portion of her nose. Khoury, who had encountered the eight-year-old dog called Diesel countless times, was in the kitchen when the tragic episode took place.

What Went Wrong?

She explained in an interview, “I was like, ‘You're such a good boy.’ He literally sprung from a sitting position like onto my face. I was standing, and he was sitting — he literally just sprung up. And he was literally, hanging — literally like arms, legs hanging off of my lip. And my first instinct was like, 'Oh my God, get on the ground with him, hold his head, go wherever he goes.'"

The Worst Wasn’t Over

Just when she thought the worst was over, “something flew and hit the wall.” She continued stating there was “blood everywhere.” Then she discovered it was her lip when she noticed a pinkish mass on the ground.

And Then The Unimaginable Happened

Unimaginable Happened
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When Khoury went to the emergency hospital, she brought a piece of her lip with her, but the doctors were unable to reconnect it.

The Journey Starts

 Journey Starts
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Three days after being mauled, on November 6, 2020, she began posting updates about her rehabilitation on Instagram. She shared a picture of herself at the hospital with a cuddly bear.

Happy Healing

“Almost three weeks post-op! Everything is healing so well. Still pretty swollen but so blessed with the results!” She added captions to the pictures, which have gotten over 50,000 likes.

New Improvements

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She uploaded more photos of herself displaying her new grin a few days later, and she also revealed on her Instagram account that all of her sutures had been removed.

Staying Strong

Staying Strong
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Two days after the procedure, she posted a video of herself getting her quilting sutures out. She was happy to report that the blood flow was "still strong" in her upper lip during her recovery

Multiple Surgeries

After the incident in November 2020, the supermodel has undergone various operations. About 3 weeks following her most recent treatment, she was seen early in her improvement. She has demonstrated to her fans a remarkable recovery.

The Updates

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Khoury revealed on Instagram how her cupid's bow, lip, and central columns had all been rebuilt by her surgeon. The pro skateboarder revealed on Tuesday in her story that every one of her stitches had been removed. The renowned skater has been chronicling her recuperation on social networking sites, and her lip seemed to have almost totally healed in her recent series of photographs.

Takes Just A Second To Change Everything

“It’s crazy how your life can change so dramatically in a split second. I’m trying to stay as positive as I can about this whole situation, but I will be honest I am scared about my future, or if I’ll ever be able to smile again or eat normally,” she wrote.

Trusting The Procedure

On Saturday, Brooklinn Khoury, 23, of Mission Viejo, California, posted a picture of her surgeon at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center outlining her lips with a blue pen on Instagram. She also provided a photo of her smiling side profile.

Prayers Needed

“This is the beginning of a long journey to recovery. I hate asking for anything but It would mean the world if you would pray for me. Please remember to hug someone you love today.”

First Surgery

She underwent her first reconstructive treatment in November 2021, a 20-hour operation that supposedly cost $400,000 in total. To restore the flesh on her top lip, the surgeon prepared a skin transplant from her arm.

Content With Her Looks

She informed me that she was having the procedure done to preserve her exposed gums rather than to alter her look. She continued by saying that she is content to "rock her no-lip forever" and acknowledges that she will never "look the same."

An Example Of Self Love

She acknowledged that certain people had counseled her against posting any videos or 

pictures of her face due to "the way that it looks," but she nevertheless wanted to be transparent about the procedure to make other individuals going through similar things feel lonely and isolated.

Challenging Times

Khoury said that spending time at the hospital was challenging for her since it brought back horrific flashbacks from the incident. She had her family, as well as her fiancée, former Dancing Moms star Chloe Lukasiak, at her bedside across every procedure.

During her initial treatment, she was kept apart from her loved ones and friends due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

Khoury And Her Girlfriend

Lukasiak explained their unbreakable bond and stated how they had been only talking for five days before the incident took place and never she has once thought about leaving her girlfriend. “What makes me mad about this society is that some people have expressed surprise and praised me for not leaving her because of that and it just makes me angry,” she said.

The Last Visit To The Hospital

Since the incident a little over two years ago, Khoury has had several operations, but she thinks her most recent one will be her final.