Police Intervention At Adelaide Oval leaves Ed Sheeran Fans Stunned

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Ed Sheeran
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Things got heated between Ed Sheeran fans and police outside the Adelaide Oval. Also, the Shape of You singer spent some time with fans in hospitals in between giving performances to record-breaking audiences around Australia. Here are the details!

An Unusual Sight

Unusual Sight
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Enthusiastic fans waiting to attend Ed Sheeran's concert were left in shock after seeing a shirtless man being brought to the ground by cops. Everyone was quite shocked, as at the time no one could make up a reasonable explanation.

Location Of The Arrest

The Arrest
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On Tuesday night, just before seven o'clock, the man was arrested in front of a group of female spectators at Southern Plaza at the Adelaide Oval.

The Video Footage

In the dramatic footage of the altercation, the man can be heard saying that he hadn't done anything wrong as up to four police officers take him out of the main gate. The man claimed himself not guilty, in front of all the shocked fans.

The Cause Of Arrest

After being apprehended for disorderly conduct, the man was sent to the hospital for drunkenness, a police spokesman informed Daily Mail Australia.

How The Situation Was Handled?

Just before 7 o'clock, the guy was spotted wearing no shirt in public and was placed in handcuffs in front of a group of cheerleaders outside Southern Plaza. It was also noted that the man's elbow seemed to be sliced and bleeding.

Repeating History

Repeating History
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Later that day, Ed Sheeran will play at the Adelaide Oval with a crowd of 60,000 spectators, accurately five years after his previous performance there in 2018.

Memories In Making

After he touched down in Adelaide, the British pop legend posed for selfies with fans while donning a yellow sweatshirt and was ever ready to perform his songs.

Bringing Joy At The Hospital

According to The Advertiser, the 32-year-old with a kind heart performed a surprise concert for patients and his family at the Women's and Children's Hospital using just his voice and a guitar.

A Good Deed: Making People Happy 

He explained to the media that making someone smile is a "powerful gift." He continued by saying, “Who am I to say I shouldn’t use this every day? I’ve talked to my wife about it, it’s like if you have the ability, you should use it because you’re given that for a reason. Not only is it a perk for me to have a good time at these shows… I just hope it makes people happy.”

The Visit

Ed Sheeran made time in his tight upcoming tour to do a little concert for kids, and as he performed a happy crowd of patients, their relatives, and staff members gathered around.

Normalise Having Hospital Concerts: A Trend

He showed his fans another way of spreading love and harmony throughout the world. Ed told Adelaide Now that he 'genuinely found a lot of enjoyment' from visiting the sick children. 

Ed’s Thing From The Starting: Performing At Hospitals

“I've done it since the beginning of my career and I feel like it's a really powerful gift to be able to come in and make someone smile,” he continued. “It's not just to benefit me, to have a lovely time doing these shows. I just hope it does make people happy.”

The Sydney Surprise Visit

Surprise Visit
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As it turns out, Ed isn’t new to playing his songs to the sick and has always found joy during his visits. Ed visited Sydney Children's Hospital Randwick in February to delight sick children there.

The Crew

He was accompanied by his crew, who were all disguised, as one of them held his guitar before the spontaneous performance. Ed’s crew has been super helpful in managing his surprise visits and making them possible.

The Lucky Ones

Lucky Ones

Logan Alchin and his mother Jess were among the fortunate ones to catch the singing superstar live last week when he appeared at Sydney's Randwick Hospital.

Logan’s Experience

Logan told Today that it was a good time and that he enjoyed singing along with a couple of Sheeran's songs. Even though Logan enjoyed singing along when Ed Sheeran spent time at the hospital, Karl and Sarah were unable to get him to perform for them on Today.

Grateful For The Unforgettable Memories

Unforgettable Memories
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Logan did, however, wish to express his gratitude to Sheeran, the Randwick Hospital staff, and Starlight for creating the visit such a memorable experience for him along with the other kids.

Another Visit: Queensland Children's Hospital

When performing in Australia, he has decided to make it a point to meet children at Queensland Children's Hospital, just like he did the weekend before. A young girl's wishes came true when she got to perform with a pop star during a Queensland hospital visit. 

A Dream Come True 

Dream Come True 
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Keasine Latu, now cancer-free, had the good fortune to greet her idol and hear a few of his best hits. She also had the opportunity to sing a duet with him, which allowed them to share a wonderful moment.