A New Baby On The Way With Matthew Lawrence And Chilli

Dani Sanders
Matthew Lawrence

It's official; love is in the air as Matthew Lawrence and Chilli prepare to welcome a little one into the world. The 43-year-old Boy Meets World star confirmed the news recently, saying, "having a baby with Chilli is definitely the game plan." 

They Seem Much in Love

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Matthew called Chilli "really, really special" - so sweet! The TLC member and her beau have been dating since late last year, and it's clear that their relationship has quickly blossomed into something special.

The Beaus Let Their Fans Know

These two lovebirds seem to have an incredible connection that started from the beginning of their relationship. Shortly after they began dating, the couple took to Instagram to share photos from their romantic trip to Hawaii, which made it clear that they were madly in love.

Their Dating Is Confirmed

Since Chilli's rep, Christal Jordan, confirmed that two 90s icons were in a romantic relationship on 3rd January 2023. Their fans have been elated. 

The Couple Looks Rocking

Not only do they look super cute together, but they also seem to genuinely enjoy each other's company, which makes their announcement even more special!

Life Is About Finding Love

The couple is living proof that age doesn't have to limit you regarding relationships or having children. Both Lawrence and Chilli have had successful careers in music and acting, respectively, while still managing to prioritize each other and find time for romance.

No Ring On The Finger Yet

No Ring On The Finger Yet

The duo is not yet engaged but plans to have a baby together soon. They haven't shared any other details about when they plan on starting a family, but we can only assume it will be pretty soon.

Matthew Is Having The Time Of His Life

While talking to Deidre Behar from Entertainment Tonight, Matthew also added that "my life is in full bloom right now. I've got to spend time with an amazing woman like Chilli. I've never gotten to be able to experience that kind of relationship before. She is really, really special".

The Sad Lawrence-Burke Fall-Out

Matthew had a fall-out with his wife, Cheryl Burke, in February 2022 and took his time to heal. However, when Deidre inquired about his break-up, Matthew added, "it tested me, you know."

Matthew Grew Out Of the Trauma

Matthew also said in the interview with ET, "I learned so much about myself. And I'm so thankful and blessed for the opportunity to grow. And that's what came out of it".

The Brotherly Love Is Back

The Lawrence brothers rose to fame because of a 90s sitcom Brotherly Love and have pursued slightly different paths ever since. The Trio now does a podcast on Apple Products named, unsurprisingly, Brotherly Love, where they talk about life, behaviors, relationships, and more.

They Have Plans To Keep Going 

The Brotherly Love podcast is gaining good traction, and the fans surely want more from the ever-so-talented Lawrence brothers. They also have plans to keep these chit-chat sessions going so their fans can keep in touch!

The Trio Is Excited About The Podcast 

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The youngest of three Lawrence brothers, Andrew, said 'I was just excited about sitting across the table from my brothers and hanging out". The fans are delighted to see this fun team back on screen.

Matthew Vows To Never Do People Pleasing

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In one episode of Brotherly Love, Matthew said, "I wound up getting involved with people that I was trying to please. Never frickin works". We'll have to agree with Matt on this one!

The Demise of Lisa Lopes

Lisa Lopes

Chilli, the former 90s popular rock band TLC member, kept herself busy after their group disbanded. The sudden death of Lisa Lopez (known by her stage name Left Eye) shook the other two group members.

Chilli And T-Boz Are On An Upward Journey

After losing a key group member, Chilli and Tionne pursue their entertainment careers by dabbling in international performances and acting gigs.

They're Moving On

Moving On

With Matthew's declaration that they are "definitely" moving forward with their plans to have a baby together, we can only speculate how excited they must be for parenthood.

They Have Had Their Fair Share Of Struggles

Chilli and Matthew have been through many years of experiences and life changes, but now they are ready to take on parenthood together. Their past relationships and career journeys have helped them emerge from grief and tough circumstances.

Bracing For Parenthood

Bracing for Parenthood
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Having a child is rewarding but also comes with its own unique set of challenges. Parenthood brings immense joy but also requires many sacrifices, such as giving up free time and sleep - both of which can take quite an adjustment period for new parents. However, Matthew and Chilli seem ready to take this challenge head-on!

Fingers Crossed For The Future Plans

Fingers Crossed
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We wish them all the best in this exciting journey of parenthood and can't wait to see what comes next for this beautiful couple.