Paris Hilton Opens Up About The Pressure To Make A Sex Tape With An Ex

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Paris Hilton
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Paris Hilton has opened up on the emotions she went through back in the 2000s, when headlines were filled with the 42-year-old's sex tape with then-boyfriend Rick Salomon.

2000s Sex Tape Reveal

Paris Hilton
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The socialite and reality star, 42, has been making headlines galore for her new memoir, and one area discussed is the pressure Paris felt under when she was 19. The tape was filmed before Paris turned 20.

Made Her 'Feel Pressured'

It's noteworthy that Hilton does not name the ex in question. She does, however, nickname him "Scum."

"I don’t remember that much about the night he wanted to make a videotape while we made love," she writes, also revealing that she felt "pressured" into doing it.

Felt 'Weird'

The blonde then noted that her ex had said that sex tapes are "something" he had done with other females, but for Paris, the feeling was both "weird" and "uncomfortable."

'I Can't...Too Embarrassing'

The California-born star, fresh from welcoming her son with husband, Carter Reum, continued:

"I always told him, "I can’t. It’s too embarrassing."

Said He'd Find Someone Else

While One Night in Paris did go viral, it also looks like the ex in question was quite happy to replace Paris with another lady, were she not willing to go through with it.

Find Someone 'Easily'

Per the excerpt, Paris states that the ex said he could "easily find someone who would."

Feared Being Dumped

Here, The Simple Life alum confessed that she feared being dumped unless she went ahead with filming.

Calling Herself A 'Stupid Kid'

"That was the worst thing I could think of – to be dumped by this grown man because I was a stupid kid who didn’t know how to play grown-up game," Paris writes.

13 Years Older Than Her

Paris' tape was leaked in 2003. Rick Salomon is 13 years Paris' senior.

Admits Taking Substances Beforehand

In keeping with her brave and honest account, Paris also revealed that she took substances prior to filming the tape. She drank alcohol alongisde taking Quaaludes.

'Begged' Not To Release

As to the aftermath, Paris was clearly not wanting this content released. She "begged" the "Scum" in question not to "release the full version," but he challenged her.

Said It's His Right

"Scum" came back with a giant no. In a nutshell, it was his right to sell. Paris here confessed that she felt her life "was over."

Knew She Was A Sex Symbol

Per The Daily Mail, Paris has separately stated that she knew she was a sex symbol, but that "anything sexual terrified me."

Drugged And Raped At 15

Paris: The Memoir, which will be released March 14, also outlines other horrors from Paris' youth, not limited to her teen sex abuse while at boarding school, plus a claim that she was drugged and raped at the age of 15.

Baby Boy In 2023!

Paris Hilton
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It's happy news now for Paris, though. She's fresh from showing off her beautiful baby boy!

See Her Baby Photo!

Baby Phoenix, welcomed via a surrogate, just made his Instagram debut. "Baby Phoenix. Our whole entire world," Paris wrote this month while holding her sleeping bundle of joy and posing with Carter, 42.

Celebs Are Loving It!

The post has topped 4 million likes. It's also received love from stars including Gigi Hadid, Heidi Montag, Chanel West Coast, and Denise Richards.

Wants A Baby Girl!

The memoir also sees Paris discussing more kids!. See her chosen baby name below!

Reveals Ideal Girls Name

Paris reveals that if she has a daughter, she would love to name her London. For more from Paris, check out her upcoming memoir or her Instagram.