A Cultural Clash At The Dinner Table: Should I Call My Husband "My Honored Husband" In Front Of His Parents?

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Navigating cultural differences in marriage: honoring in-laws' traditions 🍴

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Navigating cultural differences with in-laws: a delicate balance 🥢

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Navigating cultural differences in language proficiency 🌏🗣️

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Navigating cultural differences in a marriage: calling your husband *goshujin sama*?

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Navigating cultural differences in a relationship can be challenging 😳

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Navigating cultural differences at the dinner table 🍴

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When cultural differences affect simple conversations 🤷‍♀️

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Wife ignored by husband at dinner party. 🤷‍♀️

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Naming dilemma at dinner table leads to awkward confrontation 😬

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Navigating cultural differences in relationships can be difficult 😕

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Feeling gaslighted by spouse's behavior in front of in-laws 😕

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Navigating cultural differences with in-laws. Edit shows gratitude for feedback.

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Learning cultural sensitivity: acknowledging my mistake and improving myself 🌍

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A couple navigates cultural differences in their marriage with compromise.

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Reflecting on marriage and cultural differences, a heartfelt conclusion 🥰

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Cultural differences and anime collide at the dinner table 🍚🍱

When cultural differences and personal preferences clash, it can make for an awkward dinner party. That's exactly what happened when a woman's Japanese-American husband requested she call him *goshujin sama* or "my honored husband" at a dinner with his native Japanese-speaking parents. While it's a common term in anime and Japanese pop culture, it's not typically used to address one's own spouse. The woman, who lived in Japan and speaks fluent Japanese, initially refused but eventually realized she was in the wrong and apologized. She and her husband have since come to an understanding, but the incident highlights the challenges of navigating cultural differences within a marriage. In the next section, let's take a look at some of the reactions and comments to this situation.

Calling your husband "my honored husband" in front of his parents? NTA, but it's cringe 😬

Jckun31 | Jckun31

Calling your spouse 'my honored husband' in front of parents: cringy kink?

Dinklemcfinkle | Dinklemcfinkle

Is he regressing? 🤔 Couple faces cultural differences.

Romanbuckminster88 | Romanbuckminster88

Cultural clash or not, husband needs to step up 😒

dmarie2101 | dmarie2101

Using pet names in front of parents - a cultural clash

gnimmuc6898 | gnimmuc6898

Husband tries to force wife to use outdated honorifics; NTA.

Celerycheesepeanuts | Celerycheesepeanuts

NTA for stopping the use of "my honored husband". Commenters agree it's a power play by the husband and not a healthy dynamic.

Damn_Dutchman | Damn_Dutchman

Husband wants to be called "master" like in anime, NTA

Monkipoonki | Monkipoonki

Calling your husband 'my honored husband' is not culturally appropriate 🙅‍♀️

Best_Cryptographer22 | Best_Cryptographer22

A sarcastic comment suggests using a Japanese term for 'my sex slave' 😒

mikekingmoore | mikekingmoore

Setting boundaries with in-laws: NTA for feeling uncomfortable.

CitrineLeaf | CitrineLeaf

Commenter expresses concern and skepticism over OP's update.

MiddlingMe | MiddlingMe

Calling your husband "my honored husband" in front of his parents? NTA.

Desert-Native | Desert-Native

Questioning husband's request to be called "honored husband" raises concerns 🤔

Infamous-Wasabi-9007 | Infamous-Wasabi-9007

Not the a**hole for not calling husband 'honored' in-laws presence 🙅

Lucario1209 | Lucario1209

Calling your husband "my honored husband" is super cringe 😬

AUniversalTruth | AUniversalTruth

Ask his parents in Japanese if it's appropriate 🤔

Nia3088 | Nia3088

Don't let anyone pressure you into submission. You're NTA 👍

Arbor_Arabicae | Arbor_Arabicae

Equality at the dinner table? 🤔

RedditUser123234 | RedditUser123234

Avoid subservient references, talk to him or consider counseling.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Engaging with in-laws doesn't mean compromising your identity 😎

Violet351 | Violet351

Speculations arise about the husband's possible authorship 😏

icalyn80 | icalyn80

Embrace your kinks, but maybe try a different safe word.

JakDaLad01 | JakDaLad01

Disbelief at a questionable edit 🤨

Foreign_Brother_855 | Foreign_Brother_855

When your husband is out of touch with cultural norms 😒

Endurable_Alex | Endurable_Alex

Don't let your husband degrade you. You're NTA 🚫👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

steeke82 | steeke82

NTA commenter's hilarious analogy about respectful language.

netechkyle | netechkyle

Explaining cultural nuances to your spouse can avoid misunderstandings 😊

BestestGoodest | BestestGoodest

Spousal drama at the dinner table - NTA and seriously?! 🙄

greenbastardette | greenbastardette

When NTA meets cultural differences 🤔

museisnotyours | museisnotyours

Don't let cultural norms ruin your relationship 😒

stun17 | stun17

Navigating cultural differences in our relationships can be challenging! 😕

make-chan | make-chan

Navigating cultural differences in relationships. 🌍

Bambie-Rizzo | Bambie-Rizzo

Calling your husband 'honored husband' around his parents is cringey. NTA.

Lively_Sally | Lively_Sally

Debating the cringiness of using "goshujin sama" for husband 🤔


Commenter applauds OP's restraint in dealing with disrespectful husband.

Greyjack00 | Greyjack00

OP accused of bias towards downvoted comments. Drama alert! 🤔

wellshitdawg | wellshitdawg

Commenter rightfully questions why they are considered the AH.

Bbkingml13 | Bbkingml13

Is this post fake? The commenters think so 👀

iorilondon | iorilondon

OP is confused as to why her husband's cultural heritage comes before her discomfort. 🤔

pmdawnified | pmdawnified

Redditors slam update on calling husband "honored" in-laws' presence 🤦‍♀️

troublethetribble | troublethetribble

Suggesting a playful way to shut down the weird kink.

JeepersCreepers74 | JeepersCreepers74

Avoid calling your husband 'my honored husband' in front of in-laws.

robinhoodoftheworld | robinhoodoftheworld

When cultural traditions clash, communication is key. 👥🏻‍👨🏻🤷🏻‍♀️

KelzTheRedPanda | KelzTheRedPanda

OP acknowledges mistake and agrees to continue calling husband goshujin-sama.

NurserySchoolTeacher | NurserySchoolTeacher

Commenter defends themselves against YTA verdict with confusion 🤷‍♀️

xdevilsadvocate | xdevilsadvocate

Comment confusion, agreement, and no resolution in sight 🤷‍♀️

Crohnies | Crohnies

Confusion over OP's edit sparks suspicion among commenters 🤔

electricbumbleb33 | electricbumbleb33

Cultural nuances in Japan can be tricky. NTA for clarifying.

Emotional-Ebb8321 | Emotional-Ebb8321

Don't let his culture control you, you're NTA 🙌

HyruleLowrider | HyruleLowrider

Japanese speakers call out husband's behavior, OP apologizes unnecessarily.

Extension_Ad_972 | Extension_Ad_972

Redditor questions husband's request to be called "honored husband" in public

Suspicious-Cherry408 | Suspicious-Cherry408

Communicating with your spouse is key in cultural conflicts 👍

myheadisbumming | myheadisbumming

Don't let him force you to call him 'honored husband', NTA 👍

DannySorensen | DannySorensen

Have you read almost all comments? 🤔

imaginarybestfriend | imaginarybestfriend