Alex Murdaugh's Violent Assault on Unsuspecting Victim Shocks the Community

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Alex Murdaugh'
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The list of Alex Murdaugh's violent crimes doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon. Apart from murder and a truckload of financial crimes, Alex Murdaugh has now been charged with assault. Keep reading to learn more about the assault allegations against the once-powerful lawyer.

Four Disturbing Encounters

The former sex worker revealed that she met Murdaugh four times around eight years ago and called these encounters scary and traumatizing.

The Isle Of Palms 

Lindsey Edwards, who was 20 at the time of her first counter, said they met at the Isle of Palms in Murdaugh's hometown, South Carolina, when he was supposedly on a "guy's weekend."

Casual Fun

Recalling that night, Edwards said, "There was a bunch of guys there drinking, doing drugs. They had a fire going on the deck and eating food and just hanging out."

Attempts To Blend In

Edwards was a member of the group of sex workers hired that night and revealed that for the first hour, they were all trying to blend in and get to know the men around them.

Deceptive Appearances

Deceptive Appearances
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Coming towards Murdaugh she said, "He attached himself to me," and seemed rather nice and "gentlemanlike" while the two were still in public.

The Curtain Is Removed

However, her perspective soon changed when they went inside to have sex "you could just see his whole personality change."

The Eyes Never Lie

Eyes Never Lie
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Going into the details Edwards revealed, "You could see it in his eyes. Maybe it was the cocaine and everything. His pupils got so much bigger to the point his eyes were almost solid black."

A Dangerously Aggressive Scene

She recalled that moment as the one where Murdaugh became dangerously aggressive towards her to the "the point where I couldn’t breathe."

A Violent Act

Edwards described how Murdaugh violently handled her saying, "I was violently choked with both hands, being pinned down to the bed by my throat."

Struggling To Break Free

Struggling To Break Free
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As for her struggle to escape, she revealed, "I was beating and scratching on his wrist as much as possible to get him to stop because I thought at that moment I was going to die.”

Run For Your Life

Run For Your Life
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Once Murdaugh was done, Edwards "got up and ran out as fast as possible, even completely naked."

A New Case

Murdaugh, who already has a towering list of crimes, has not received charges for the alleged assault as an investigation for this case is still underway.

The Second Time

After the disturbing first meeting, Edwards' controller, who she refers to as "madam" scheduled a second meeting with her "personal friend," Murdaugh.

Breaking All Records Of Violence

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During the second session, Murdaugh forcefully pulled several strands of her hair, "I had bald spots in the back of my head."

Another Hellish Encounter

Although she escaped with breath in her lungs, that same day her traffickers forcefully arranged a second meeting with Murdaugh.

Utter Savagery

She explained her third encounter, saying “I got hair-pulling and choking. If he wasn’t choking me, I had a washrag shoved in my mouth and I was being slapped across my face violently for a good 20, 30 minutes."

Unknown To The Real Identity

During that time, Edwards was unknown to Murdaugh's real identity but the recent national coverage of his crimes helped her recognize that the man on TV was her assaulter.

Declared Guilty

Declared Guilty
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Last week, Murdaugh was declared guilty of the cold-blooded murders of his wife, Maggie, and his youngest son, Paul.

Another Visit To Court

Visit To Court
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Investigations regarding his financial crimes are still in progress and are likely to land him in court once again anytime soon.