Love Is In The Air! See Amy Robach And T.J. Holmes At Their First Event Together

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Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes
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Love is in the air as ABC News anchors Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes make their first public appearance together. The couple, who have been dating for over a year, attended a charity event in New York City on Friday, February 24th. Fans of the news anchors were thrilled to see the couple together and were eager to learn more about their relationship.

Who Are Amy Robach And T.J. Holmes?

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes are both accomplished news anchors who have worked for various networks over the years. Robach is currently a co-anchor on ABC's Good Morning America and has been with the network since 2012. Holmes, on the other hand, is a correspondent for ABC News and has worked for CNN, MSNBC, and BET in the past.

How Did They Meet? 

How Did They Meet
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Robach and Holmes first met in 2014 when they both worked for CNN. However, it wasn't until several years later that they started dating. In an interview with People, Robach revealed that their relationship started as a friendship and eventually turned into something more.

Their First Public Appearance Together

Public Appearance
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Robach and Holmes made their first public appearance together at the "Discovery + FYC Event" in New York City. The event was held to support the non-profit organization "Dress for Success," which helps women achieve economic independence by providing professional attire, support, and development tools.

What Did They Wear?

Robach wore a stunning red dress by designer Christian Siriano, while Holmes wore a black suit and tie. The couple looked elegant and sophisticated, and their outfits complemented each other perfectly.“I couldn’t believe it was them! I didn’t even know they were in LA,” a source who attended the service told Page Six.

Their Relationship

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Robach and Holmes have been dating for over a year, and their relationship seems to be going strong. In an interview with People, Robach said that Holmes is her "best friend" and that she feels lucky to have him in her life. Both of them previously had spouses and, for a lack of a better word, were found cheating before filing for divorce and finally being open about their relationship.

Their Career

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Robach and Holmes are both accomplished journalists who have had successful careers in the news industry. Robach has covered major events such as the 2016 presidential election and the Olympics, while Holmes has reported on stories such as Hurricane Katrina and the George Zimmerman trial.

There were a lot of scandals involving Robach where she claimed to have exposed news regarding TV channels that spiked investigation on Jeffery Epstein rather than cover the 2016 elections.

Shared Passions

In addition to their careers, Robach and Holmes share a passion for giving back to their community. Both are involved in various charities and organizations and are committed to making a positive impact in the world.

Their Love Story

Love Story
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Robach and Holmes' love story is one that many people can relate to. They started as friends and eventually realized that they had feelings for each other. In an interview with People, Robach said that their relationship is "easy" and that they "just get each other."

Their Future

Robach and Holmes seem to be in a good place in their relationship, and fans are curious about what the future holds for them. While the couple has not revealed any plans to get married, they seem to be enjoying their time together and are focused on building a strong foundation for their relationship. Some people on Twitter, however, are of the opinion that they should “consider doing their own talk show.” 

Their Impact

Robach and Holmes are not only accomplished journalists but also role models for many people. Their dedication to their careers and their commitment to giving back to their community serves as an inspiration to many. Some people, however, do not seem to be impressed by this and instead choose to be hateful.

Support System

Support System
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Robach and Holmes are lucky to have a supportive network of family and friends. In an interview with People, Robach said that her daughters and Holmes' son get along well and that they all enjoy spending time together as a family.


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Robach and Holmes' relationship serves as a reminder that love can happen at any age and that true love often starts as a friendship. Their advice to others is to be patient and to focus on building a strong foundation of friendship before jumping into a romantic relationship.

Public Image

Public Image
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Robach and Holmes have always maintained a professional image in the public eye, and their relationship has not changed that. They continue to be respected journalists who are known for their integrity and commitment to delivering accurate news.

Their fans are happy for them and wish them all the best in their personal and professional lives. People were even concerned about how much coverage the couple got after officially announcing their relationship.

Their Hobbies And Interests

Their Hobbies and Interests gif
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Robach and Holmes have various hobbies and interests outside of work, including reading, traveling, and trying new restaurants. They also enjoy spending time outdoors and staying active.

Their Resilience

Resilience gif
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Both Robach and Holmes have faced challenges in their personal and professional lives, but they have shown resilience in overcoming them. Robach battled breast cancer in 2013 and has since become an advocate for cancer research and awareness.

Chemistry On Camera

Chemistry on Camera gif
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As colleagues at ABC News, Robach and Holmes have great on-air chemistry, which makes them a dynamic duo in the newsroom. Their ability to work well together has made them a popular pair among viewers.

Their Philanthropy Work

Philanthropy gif
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Robach and Holmes are passionate about philanthropy work and have supported various organizations over the years. They have also been involved in disaster relief efforts and have helped raise awareness for important causes.

Sense Of Humor

Sense of Humor gif
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Despite the seriousness of their jobs, Robach and Holmes both have a great sense of humor and enjoy making each other laugh. Their lighthearted moments help to balance out the stress of their work.

Professional Accomplishments

Professional Accomplishments
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Robach and Holmes have accomplished a lot in their careers and have received recognition for their work. Robach was nominated for an Emmy Award for her coverage of Hurricane Sandy, while Holmes received a Peabody Award for his reporting on Hurricane Katrina.

The public appearance of news anchors Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes sparked interest in their successful careers, inspiring love story, and commitment to giving back to the community.