The Allegations Against Katy Perry For Bullying Idol Contestant

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During Sunday's latest episode of American Idol, Katy Perry was accused of behaving like a "mean girl" for telling hopeful, Sara Beth Liebe, that she wouldn't make it far after her performance. The Teenage Dream singer commented following Sara Beth Liebe's inability to impress all the judges with her singing.

Perry Facing Criticism 

Perry, aged 38, is facing criticism from "American Idol" fans for her treatment of Sara Beth Liebe, a cheerful 25-year-old mother of three, during the singing competition's episode on Sunday.

How The Interaction Started

Liebe, a native of California with red hair, confessed openly that she was not much of a musician except for her church choir and karaoke nights. Perry, who commented on Liebe being a young mother of three, interrupted loudly and asked, "Is this your dream?"

Perry Questioning Liebe’s Dream

Liebe appeared nervous. She replied hesitantly, "Um." Perry said, "If it's not your dream, you may need to leave because there are many dreams behind you."

Liebe’s Confession

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The nervous Liebe confessed that she was still trying to process that she was away from her children to perform in front of Perry, Lionel Richie (73), and Luke Bryan (46), the other judges. Meanwhile, Perry urged her to perform a song, saying, "Freak us out, Freaky Friday."

Liebe Sang Amy Winehouse 

During the competition, Liebe sang Amy Winehouse's "You Know I'm No Good," but Perry interrupted her performance unimpressed, saying, "Come on, we need more." However, Liebe continued with her song.

Perry Still Unsatisfied 

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Perry was still unsatisfied with Liebe's performance despite singing the suggested song.  She declared, "That's not enough." 

Liebe Asked To Sing Benny And The Jets

She then instructed Liebe to try singing "Bennie and the Jets." Perry claimed that Liebe had nothing to lose because it wasn't her dream yet.

Perry Asking Liebe To Push Her Vocal Range

Perry pushed Liebe to showcase her vocal range and urged her to "take it to the limit" and "show us what your voice can do." Perry added, "Sing it like it's your new dream."

Liebe Pushed Her Voice

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Following Perry's advice, Liebe pushed her voice to its wailing limits while singing Elton John's classic, "Bennie and the Jets." Her impressive performance impressed Perry. 

The Instructions Continued 

However, Perry continued to give Liebe demands during the second song. Perry shouted instructions such as, "More of that! Hold it out."

Judges Reaction

After Liebe's second performance, all three judges seemed impressed by her. All of them, including Perry, clapped for her. 

Liebe Almost Passed Out

As she pushed herself so much, Liebe felt drained after the performance. Finally, Liebe confessed that she felt like she would pass out from following Perry's suggestions.

Accidental American Idol

After Liebe's impressive performance, Perry called her "Accidental American Idol." Perry also felt like Liebe had come to life from a comic strip. 

Luke Bryan’s Reaction 

Bryan also showed appreciation for Liebe's performance. He, along with Perry, voted ‘yes’ for her performance.

Perry Stressing About Being Serious 

Perry stressed the significance of taking the competition seriously. Many other hopefuls also vied to win the coveted golden ticket to Hollywood. 

Lionel Ritchie’s Reaction to Liebe’s Performance 

Even with 2 ‘yes,’ Richie voted against her. He cited that he didn't think she was taking the competition seriously. 

Perry’s Encouragement 

Perry then encouraged Liebe to chase her dream and go after the golden ticket. She even added a playful comment, saying, "Hurry before the dream ends!"

Public Reaction To Perry’s Behavior 

Several Twitter users have criticized Katy Perry for allegedly mom-shaming Sara Beth. During an episode of American Idol, Perry suggested that Beth had been "laying on the table too much" to have three kids by age 25. 

Perry Criticized By Many 

Many people felt that Perry's comments were inappropriate and that she should have uplifted Beth, a young mother pursuing her dreams while raising her children. Some Twitter users also accused Perry of not caring about women in general and felt that she had bullied Beth on national television before the latter even started singing. Perry's behavior on the show did not sit well with some viewers.