A Little R&R For Jessica Simpson And Eric Johnson

Geri Green
Jessica Simpson
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Jessica Simpson and husband, Eric Johnson, aren't just making it date night. They're making it date vacay!

Stuns With Hubby During Break

Jessica Simpson
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The fashion mogul, 42, is fresh from an Instagram update, one showing her looking slim and stylish as she and her husband of eight years enjoy a kid-free getaway.

No Kids!

In her Monday night share, Jessica posed all smiles while on a fancy-looking lawn backing onto terrace seating overlooking scenic mountain views. The couples vibes were strong as she got a hug from the hubby, and the three kids have stayed home!

Showing Off 100-Pound Weight Loss

Jessica looked trendy as ever, showing off her tiny waist in tight dark pants, chunky and platform black leather boots, plus a shaggy and faux fur coat in animal print. She rested her head on Eric's shoulder while also clutching a gorgeous black purse.

'Stole My Lover'

Eric towered over the Dukes of Hazzard star while in jeans and a blue tee, plus a checkered shirt and sneakers. In a caption, Jessica wrote: "Stole my lover and friends for the weekend."

Hiking Up Her Leg!

The gallery showed more posed moments as the 2010-commenced couple showed they're rock-solid. Jessica and Eric had also brought along some friends. One snap even showed the mom of three hiking up her leg for a raunchier pose with Eric.

Sharing $11.5 Million Mansion

Eric and Jessica began dating in 2010 and married in 2014. Together with their three kids, they share a sprawling $11.5 milllion home in Hidden Hills, CA.

Her Porn Star Name!

In 2015, and in a gushing birthday post for her hubby, Simpson revealed something extra spicy. Yes, there's an adult name thing going on!

The Sexiest One, Too!

"Happy Birthday Eric Johnson!!! Thank you for giving me the sexiest porn star name. Love, your wife, Jessica Johnson," she wrote.

Married 12 Years

In May 2021, Jessica updated for her 5 million+ IG fans and to celebrate 11 years of marriage to Eric.

"11 years STRONG... 11 hearts filled in every passing year with unconditional, passionate, inspired, fascinating, supportive, beautiful, tempting, ravishing, exquisite, sublime, marvelous, honest, happy, adored, ideal, incomparable, powerful, mesmERIC, LOVE," she began.

Loving Growing Older With Him

The former reality star continued:

"Time goes by, the perfect children you gave me are growing older, but with you and I time does not exist for it only allows space to broaden...expanding beyond horizons just to love and be loved."

Kids Growing Up Fast

Jessica and Eric are raising kids Maxwell, Ace, and Birdie Mae. Their youngest arrived in 2019.

Showing Off Love On Insta

The clothing designer is also a regular when it comes to flaunting her marriage on IG. Hot date night pics!

Xmas Tree Cuddles

Jessica Simpson
Flickr | Keith Middlebrook

Jessica also makes sure to mark the holidays with her family, doing just this in 2020 as she and Eric snuggled by their decorated Christmas tree.

Failed Marriage Behind Her

In 2020, Jessica released her Open Book memoir, where she delved into her failed 2002 marriage to Nick Lachey.

He's The One!

Fans weren't too sure if Jessica and Eric would last, but these two are proving everyone wrong!

$65 Million Win For Business

Elsewhere, Jessica has been making headlines for buying her fashion brand back from bankruptcy, using $65 million of her own cash to secure the company.

Sales Are Up

Sales of Jessica Simpson Style seem stronger than ever. In fact, fans can even now shop homeware and cosmetics.

Celebrity Following On Instagram

Jessica's IG is followed by an array of celebrities, not limited to singer, Gwen Stefani, and socialite, Paris Hilton.

Who She Follows

Simpson, meanwhile, keeps tabs on singer, Britney Spears, and model, Gigi Hadid.