Katy Perry Experiences Surprising Moment With Bebe Rexha After Kids' Choice Awards

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Katy Perry
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After being slimed at the Kids' Choice Awards, Katy Perry gets a pep talk from Bebe Rexha! The two fan favorites were seen together after an incredibly long time, and let's read on to learn more about their interaction.

Katy Perry Expresses Empathy For Bebe Rexha's Sliming

Katy Perry
Giphy | Katy Perry

Katy Perry expressed empathy with Bebe Rexha after the latter was slimed at Saturday's 2023 Kids' Choice Awards. Bebe performed her Billboard Hot 100 hit "I'm Good (Blue)" solo during the event.

Perry’s Comment

In response, Katy, who sang When I'm Gone, left a humorous comment on the Instagram post. She wrote, "They were kind to you sis."

Perry’s Sliming

Perry's comment was a nod to her memorable moment at the Kids' Choice Awards in 2010.  During her Teenage Dream era, she was unexpectedly slimed and knocked to the ground.

Fan Recalls The Incident 

Many fans also recalled this incident after seeing Perry's remark on social media. One fan tweeted that they tried to take her out for wearing a blue wig and making pop hits, while another commented that Perry would never return to the Kids' Choice Awards after that experience. A third fan joked that the sliming was an attempted murder. 

Miley Cyrus Won And Perry Got Slimed 

Miley Cyrus
Giphy | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

In 2010, while co-presenting the Favorite Movie Actress award with Jonah Hill to Miley Cyrus for Hannah Montana: The Movie, the Teenage Dream singer opened a box to announce the winner, and suddenly green slime blasted into her face. This caused her to fall and drench her yellow dress in slime.

Rexha’s Reaction To The Sliming 

Giphy | Bebe Rexha

Despite being slimed at the event, Rexha maintained a positive attitude and even shared the moment on her Instagram account. Along with the post, which included a picture of her in her red carpet outfit, a video of the sliming, and a still photo of the iconic moment, she wrote the caption "kids choice awards before and after.."

Reaction On Stage 

Rexha appeared to be entirely caught off guard by the sliming. However, one of her dancers seemed to be enjoying it, sporting a big smile on their face.

Rexha’s New Album

Bebe Rexha released a new single titled "Heart Wants What It Wants," along with a music video that pays homage to the '70s, at the end of February. She also announced a US tour in late May 2023, so fans can anticipate updates on her highly-anticipated new album's release shortly.

Fan's Reaction To Rexha’s Sliming

Fan's Reaction
Giphy | DICK'S Sporting Goods

Despite getting slimed at the Kids' Choice Awards, the experience has only made Bebe Rexha more endearing to her fans! One joked, "YOU SLAYED! one of the best moments.

NickRewind Shares the Video of the Sliming 

Rexha's surprised response to the signature vivid green slime from the Kids' Choice Awards was captured in a clip. It was uploaded to the official NickRewind YouTube channel.

Sliming Is Regarded As Iconic 

Giphy | Paris Hilton

Being slimed at the Kids' Choice Awards is a rite of passage. Katy Perry's sliming moment is regarded as one of the most iconic in KCA history.

Adam Sandler’s Hilarious Sliming

This year Adam Sandler, dressed as a king and sitting on a throne, jokingly thanked the event organizers for not sliming him, as he couldn't stand the slimy substance. However, moments later, he was slimed, jinxing himself.

Melissa McCarthy Was Also Not Spared

Melissa McCarthy
Flickr | 1000Girls

Melissa McCarthy was also slimed while wearing goggles and inside a box. She questioned, confused about why she was the only one in a box, stating that she thought everyone would be in those little box seats. McCarthy said the organizers had assured her that everyone would be slimed, but the audience members were not in slime boxes.

Other Stars Slimed

Adam Sandler

In addition to Rexha, Sandler, and McCarthy,  other stars, including Michelle Rodriguez, Chris Pine, and Adam Sandler, were also slimed. However, they did not leave the event after getting drenched.

KCA’s Hosts

Charli D'Amelio
Giphy | The Streamy Awards

Former NFL star Nate Burleson and reality TV personality Charli D'Amelio hosted Saturday's Kids' Choice Awards. Young fans voted for their favorite movies, shows, and artists.

Performances At The KCA 

Alongside Bebe Rexha's performance, Lil' Baby and Young Dylan also took to the stage. The event also saw Transformers: Rise of the Beasts stars Anthony Ramos, Pete Davidson, and Dominique Fishback as presenters.

Families Joined The Stars

Lil Baby
Giphy | DJ Khaled

Family was a theme for some artists at the Kids' Choice Awards. Lil Baby had his children with him during his performance of "California Breeze." The event's hosts, Burleson and D'Amelio, also brought their families on stage for a final sliming.

Seth Rogen Shared A Sneak Peak Of The Upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie 

Seth Rogen appeared on stage during the Kids' Choice Awards to present the voice cast for the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem movie. He also gave viewers a sneak peek of the film.

Biggest Winners Of The Night

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles were among the significant victors at the 2023 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards. Along with them, Sonic The Hedgehog 2 was named Favorite Movie, while the Favorite Family TV show was Wednesday, with Jenna Ortega taking home the award for Favorite Female TV Star.