Bagel Fans Go Berserk as 'Wheel of Fortune' Contestant Blows Answer!

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A contestant named Angie attempts to guess a Wheel of Fortune puzzle.
Wheel of Fortune | Sony Pictures via New York Post

Watching Wheel of Fortune at home and actually playing it in the show are two very, very different experiences. It's easy enough to know the answer on your couch, but it doesn't always come to you at the moment when you are on the show.

Of course, sometimes you might just not know a certain word or phrase, or might think it's spelled differently than it actually is. Either way, it can be embarrassing to get wrong. Which, unfortunately, is what happened to one Wheel contestant last week.

In A Recent Episode, A Contestant Was So Close, Yet So Far.

Angie had $6050 and a wild card at the time.
Wheel of Fortune | Sony Pictures via New York Post

During the episode, which aired on March 1st, contestants were tested with a puzzle under the "food and drink" category.

One Contestant Had Control Of The Board.

The titular Wheel of Fortune landing on a $5000 wedge.
Giphy | Wheel of Fortune

Angie Gautney, who works as a teacher in North Deland, Florida, had nearly all of the letters on the board.

In Fact, She Was Just A Few Letters Short Of The Completed Puzzle.

Vanna White attempting to put an H on the board.
Giphy | ABC Network

By the time it was her turn to guess, the puzzle read, "Warm toasted ba_els with lo_ and cream cheese."

The Time Came For Angie To Guess.

An animated man turning to another animated man and saying, "take a guess."
Giphy | Star Wars

And unfortunately, she got it wrong.

She Guessed Just One Of The Words Right.

A pile of sesame seed bagels.
Unsplash | Ryan DaRin

Her response was, "Warm toasted bagels with low and cream cheese." This was wrong, and the next contestant, Nina Lance, had a chance to guess.

Nina Guessed An X And Then Solved The Puzzle.

Several bagels cut open to reveal cream cheese and lox.
Unsplash | Girl with red hat

With the correct response of "Warm toasted bagels with lox and cream cheese," Nina won the house minimum of $1000 for the round.

Lox Is A Fairly Popular Food Item In Many Places Around The World.

Salmon, capers, cream cheese, and a lemon wedge piled onto a piece of bread.
Unsplash | Bakd&Raw by Karolin Baitinger

Lox consists of brined salmon fillets, which originate from Scandinavia.

But They Became Popular In New York City.

Bagels with lox, cream cheese, and capers on a diner table.
Unsplash | Christine Siracusa

The city's Jewish population popularized putting lox on bagels with cream cheese.

The Internet Reacted To Angie's Blunder.

The moment caused quite a stir on social media, with many reacting to Angie's inability to guess the correct response when she had so few missing letters in the puzzle.

Many Were In Disbelief That She Didn't Guess Correctly.

"I would never show my face again," a user said after watching the contestant guess "low" instead of lox."

People Were Very Concerned That She Didn't Know What Lox Was.

Another Twitter user asked, "Who's never heard of LOX." many other users agreed that the answer should have been a no-brainer.

However, There Were Some Who Sided With Angie.

As it turns out, not everyone knows what lox is. Some defended Angie, admitting that they had no idea what lox was, either.

But At Least They Got To Learn Something New.

If anything, some fans saw this as a teaching moment. After all, they got to learn what lox is.

It Seems That Angie Was A Good Sport, At Least.

A dog rubbing his face with is paws, almost looking embarrassed.

She made fun of her blunder on her Facebook account (which has since been moved to private), stating that her appearance on Wheel of Fortune would have "a few embarrassing moments."

Despite All Of This, She Still Went Home With Some Money.

A bruised Walter White saying "I won" on a cellphone.
Giphy | Breaking Bad

Angie may have lost out on the puzzle, but she still managed to win $7300 worth of cash and prizes, which landed her in third place overall.

'Wheel Of Fortune' Is No Stranger To Blunders.

Pat Sajak walking by Vanna White while carrying a yellow bicycle on the Wheel stage.
Giphy | Wheel of Fortune

There have been plenty of awkward or embarrassing moments and mishaps on the show over its decades on the air.

In Fact, Many Of The Shows Hilarious Moments Involve Its Host.

A very old episode of Wheel of Fortune in which Pat Sajak had been hit in the face with a pie.
Giphy | Wheel of Fortune

Host Pat Sajak, who has been Wheel's host for the majority of its run, seems to be at the center of many of its blunders.

Last Month, A Contestant Needed A Reminder Before Taking A Million-Dollar Wedge.

In the viral moment, a contestant moved to pick up the wedge before guessing a letter, and Pat had to awkwardly stop her and remind her of the rules.

And Late Last Year, Pat Had A Hilarious Moment With A Contestant During The Bonus Round.

"I kept thinking of doing something else with a leak, and I didn't think that was it," the contestant, Kate said, referring to the puzzle, whose answer ended up being "fixing a leak." This caused Pat to drop the prize card, prompting laughter from the audience.

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