Jeopardy! Player Caught Admitting Unwanted Feelings Towards Host Mayim Bialik

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Mayim Bialik
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Sitcom star and Jeopardy cohost, Mayim Bialik, had a pretty special moment with a contestant during a recent episode of the show.

On an episode of the High School Reunion Tournament which aired last Wednesday, one contestant admitted that Bialik was his crush growing up.

The Contestant, Dan Oxman, First Appeared On 'Jeopardy' As A Teenager.

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Now a college senior, Oxman had returned for another chance to become a Jeopardy champion.

During His Conversation With Bialik On The Show, The Truth Came Out.

Bialik, on Jeopardy, saying, "I need to know, tell me all of the things."
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"I don’t really want to talk about what we’re going to talk about," Bialik began. "But apparently I was your celebrity crush growing up?"

Oxman Admitted That It Was True.

Bialik as Amy on The Big Bang Theory.
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Oxman agreed, and referenced her appearance as a series regular on The Big Bang Theory, playing the scientist Amy Farrah Fowler.

Bialik's Portrayal Of A Scientist Was Inspiring For Oxman.

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"This is a long time ago, Mayim, but you know, when I was a little kid, I saw you on TV and I really admired how you played, like, a super awesome scientist," he said.

He Was Even More Impressed By Her IRL Smarts.

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"Then I found out that you were a scientist and a doctor in real life," he continued, pantomiming his mind exploding.

In Fact, Bialik Is Incredibly Smart And Accomplished In Real Life.

Bialik pointing with a pen while saying, "Great answer, it's very helpful."
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In addition to being an actress in shows such as The Big Bang Theory and Blossom, as well as her latest sitcom Call Me Kat, Bialik has a Ph.D. in neuroscience.

And Of Course, Oxman Had To Pay Bialik Some Compliments.

Bialik speaking into a mic, saying, "For reals yo."
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"And you haven't aged a day," Oxman added at the end of the conversation. Bialik, 47, couldn't help but laugh.

During The Commercial Break, The Two Snapped A Few Pics Together.

Bialik and Oxman snap a happy pic together on the Jeopardy stage.
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The wholesome moment ended with an equally wholesome photo op.

'Jeopardy' Posted The Moment To Their Social Media Channels.

The clip ended up on the show's official Twitter and Instagram pages, where fans weighed in on the adorable moment.

Many Related To Oxman's Fanboy Moment.

Fans, including Sharon Stone, were obsessed with the clip.
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Fans and celebs alike, including Sharon Stone, expressed how relatable the fanboy moment really was.

Some Mentioned How They Remembered Bialik From 'Blossom.'

Other fans remarked at how young Oxman is.
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Before The Big Bang Theory, Bialik rose to fame as the titular character in Blossom. Many users were quick to point out that they were fans of her during her Blossom era. Oxman remembering her from a more recent show made some fans feel old.

Of Course, Not Everyone Was Feeling The Love.

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While plenty of fans love seeing Bialik host the show, alongside cohost and Jeopardy champion Ken Jennings, not everyone is on the same page.

In Fact, Some Fans Of The Show Are Unhappy That The Two Hosts Are Splitting Duties.

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With last week's Inside Jeopardy podcast came the news that, following the conclusion of the High School Reunion Tournament, Jennings would be back as host from March 10th to April 28th.

From There, Bialik Will Be Taking Over As Host.

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Bialik will return as Jeopardy's host from May into the summer.

Some Fans Have Been Vocal About Their Dislike Of Bialik For Months.

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Last year, it was announced that Jennings and Bialik would split host duties, rather than have a single host for all Jeopardy episodes.

Since Then, Some Fans Have Been Threatening To Boycott The Show.

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Certain fans online were very vocal about their desire to not watch the show so long as Bialik is hosting.

Both Hosts Have Been Criticized For Their Hosting Abilities.

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Both hosts have had their fair share of criticism, with some thinking neither of them is suited for hosting the show.

But Many More Are Happy With Both Jennings And Bialik.

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More often than not, lifelong fans of the show are happy with both hosts splitting duties.

But Like It Or Hate It, They're Here To Stay.

Alex Trebek, longtime Jeopardy host who passed away in 2020, giving a thumbs up.
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While a vocal minority may not love it, both hosts are set to stay on Jeopardy for the foreseeable future.

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