Chaka Khan Calls Out Adele and Mariah Carey Over 'Rolling Stone' List

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Chaka Khan isn't pleased with Rolling Stone's Top 200 Singers of All Time list which placed Adele and Mariah Carey above her yet excluded Celine Dion. The 69-year-old made harsh remarks regarding the entrants on the list, causing her to receive backlash and then double back.

Here's everything you need to know.

Resurrecting An Old Beef

Khan shared her thoughts on The Original Podcast. Her first quarrel was with the magazine listing her at 29 behind her old rival, Mary J. Blige, who was at 25.

They Need Hearing Aids

The I'm Every Woman singer said the rankers at Rolling Stones were deaf and had no musical ear.

"They need hearing aids! These must be the children of Helen Keller!"

Khan Berates the Queen Of Christmas

Mariah Carey's Top Four Albums
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The singer said Mariah Carey's ranking at No. 5 was a result of payola because she didn't believe the We Belong Together singer deserved a spot on the Top 5.

She Gives Up On Adele

Adele performs in Vegas
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The singer "quit" her criticism of Adele, saying, "Okay, I quit!" but she didn't stop there. After glossing over Queen Bey at No. 8, Khan moved to Christina Aguilera.

Aguilera Is Alright

Close up of Christina Aguilera in Black and White
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Khan doesn't have a problem with Christina Aguilera because most black people like her.

Rooting For Her Peers

Aretha Franklin performs at a Nightclub
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Khan wasn't "all criticism and no praise" as she cheered up when analyzing her peers. She thanked the publication for rightfully placing Aretha Franklin and Whitney Houston.

Reminiscing On Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston in the studio
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Khan reminisced on her moment with Whitney Houston when the singer recorded background vocals for her album.

Not Moved By The List

Despite her harsh remarks, Khan denied being affected by the list, saying Rolling Stone doesn't define her worth or success.

Netizens Compare Khan And The Others

Chaka Khan

The Queen of Funk received backlash from the internet for her negative reviews. Netizens on Twitter gave her reasons for Rolling Stones placing Khan low on the list. One user compared her to Mariah Carey with video evidence.

In Her Defense

Other users defended the singer, saying she's had a four-decade-long career and is worthy of offering her critique of other singers.

Admitting Her Wrong

Khan admitted her wrong after receiving backlash on the internet. She shared a lengthy tweet and Instagram post correcting herself and attempting to make amends.

Pitting Women Against Each Other

Khan said the interview was bait and she, unfortunately, rose to it. Instead of supporting the women on the list, the singer tore them down.

Music Is Art

Khan said being a musician was about talent and not supposed to be a competition despite the awards and accolades. The 10-time Grammy winner apologized for causing pain with her comments.

The Harsh Comment Directed At Mary J. Blige

Mary J. Blige accepts an award
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Khan suggested Blige was on crack when the latter covered her song, Sweet Thing. She said Blige's vocals were too flat on the song which wasn't impressive.

Empowering Women

Khan reminded her followers that she's always about empowering women and recently started a foundation to help. While we await more information on the women's foundation, Khan wants everyone to spread love.

History Of Bad Blood With Mary J. Blige

Blige covered Khan's 1975 Sweet Thing in 1992 and Khan felt she ruined it. Although they reunited for a joint song, Disrespectful, in 2007, the duo continue to have a tense relationship.

The Top Ten On The List

The Top Ten Greatest Singers per Rolling Stone from 1 - 10 were Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Sam Cooker, Billie Holiday, Mariah Carey, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Beyoncé, Otis Redding, and Al Green.

Top Twenty Singers

From Number 11-20, Rolling Stones listed Little Richard, John Lennon, Patsy Cline, Freddie Mercury, Bob Dylan, Prince, Elvis Presley, Celia Cruz, Frank Sinatra, and Marvin Gaye.

The Best Thirty Including Chaka Khan

The list from 21 to 30, which included Khan, has Nina Simone, Adele, Smokey Robinson, George Jones, Mary J. Blige, Paul McCartney, Dolly Parton, Mahalia Jackson, Chaka Khan, and Hank Williams.