Ariana Madix Unveils Shocking Discovery Of Tom Sandoval's Cheating

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Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval
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The cast of Vanderpump Rules has gone through some pretty messy breakups and divorces, but none of them have been as shocking for fans as seeing the strongest couple on the show call it quits. 

Read more about the breakup that no one saw coming and how Ariana Madix found out that Tom Sandoval was cheating on her with Raquel Leviss.

Sandoval Keeps Up The Act

Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix were spotted in Los Angeles to see his band, Tom Sandoval and the Most Extras, perform their new single.

An Explicit Video

It was there that Ariana saw a sexually explicit video of Raquel on Sandoval’s phone and became aware that she was being cheated on.

An Inappropriate Thread

That's inappropriate
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After coming across the video, Ariana started scrolling their chat history only to reveal a thread of inappropriate messages between her boyfriend and her friend. Following the nasty revelations, Ariana made an immediate exit from the venue, and Sandoval followed.

Didn’t See It Coming

A source revealed that Ariana was utterly “heartbroken” after learning about the affair and was completely “blindsided by the cheating.”

Keeping Up The Façade

False Feelings
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Moments before entering the venue, Sandoval talked about his relationship with Ariana, saying, “We definitely have our ups and downs for sure, but I think we’ve been really good about respecting each other.”

False Feelings

He continued the façade, saying that they’ve had “each other’s backs in a reasonable way … within reason. I think it’s just worked, ya know?”

Two Betrayals At Once

Sandoval wasn’t the only one who betrayed Ariana. Madix revealed that she had never expected Raquel to do something like this since she was always “there for her” after her engagement ended with James Kennedy.

Clueless About The Affair


Another source revealed, “She was supporting his new single. She had no idea any of this was happening behind her back."

Get Out Of My House!

The reality star has since kicked Sandoval out of the apartment they shared in Los Angeles as he is seen unloading his suitcases in a friend’s car before driving away.

Going On For Months

It has also been revealed that the inappropriate exchange of texts and videos between Sandoval and Raquel has been going on for months, starting from the time Raquel slept over at their house when Ariana was out of town.

Defending Wrong Decisions

Defending Wrong Decisions

On Wednesday, Raquel appeared on Watch What Happens With Andy Cohen alongside Scheana Shay, where she stood by her decision to make out with Tom Schwartz, Sandoval’s closest friend and business partner.

Living Life On The Wrong Terms

In her statement, she explained, “I'm just trying to live my life, and I'm sorry if that offends people, but it's not going to stop me from doing what I'm going to do.”

Extending Support

After news of their breakup became public, several Vanderpump Rules co-stars extended their support for Ariana via social media.

Plans To Boycott

While Lala Kent and James Kennedy asked fans to boycott Sandoval’s upcoming show, his ex Kristen Doute has shared that she’s “Team Ariana.”

Not The Real Villain

Jax Taylor, who had previously been branded the show’s villain, talked about Sandoval, saying, “I’ve called a lot of things on that show that people never believed… everything I say always ends being true.. #pumprules.”

Girls Night Out

Girls Night Out
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Following Ariana’s absence from Instagram, she was spotted out Scheana Shay attending a Tove Lo concert. Scheana shared a video of herself singing along to the lyrics, “ice cold, I roll my eyes at you, boy.” While Ariana can’t be spotted in the video, it gives us great relief that she’s being cared for.

Most Hated Man In The World

That same day Sandoval was spotted for a show in Anaheim, where he commented about the scandal, saying, “Have you ever been one of the most hated people in America?"

The Cast Assembles

We’ve heard that the cast has been called onto the set, and the “cameras are rolling right now” to catch the drama while it’s still fresh.

Hiding From The Truth

Hiding From The Truth

So far, neither Raquel nor Sandoval has shared any comments about their cheating scandal. As for us, we’ll be getting further deets from the upcoming episodes of Vanderpump Rules, which are reportedly going to be spicier than ever.