Woman Goes To Her Late Husband’s Boss To Report His Creepy Colleague For Sending Her Inappropriate Pictures, Gets Him Fired

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Right after losing your spouse, you don’t expect to get inappropriate messages from your colleagues. Especially ones that start getting even more inappropriate the longer they go on. Redditor lost her husband 3 weeks ago. and all of a sudden, she’s getting unsolicited messages from one of their co-workers. A man named Ted thought he could get away with sending them because he “knew” she was lonely. But she wasn’t having any of it. And decided to take things to the next level. After she filed a report against him, Ted wasn’t happy about it. He tried convincing everyone that she was the one who wanted to ruin his livelihood. And she started doubting her own decision of getting involved. So she turned to the AITA community on Reddit to see what they thought of the whole ordeal. Here’s what she wrote.

A grieving widow takes justice into her own hands and gets her late husband's creepy colleague fired

throwra799577 | throwra799577

Woman discovers her late husband's colleague was sending her inappropriate messages, takes justice into her own hands to get him fired

throwra799577 | throwra799577

She warned him to stop, but he crossed the line and got himself fired.

throwra799577 | throwra799577

Woman goes the extra mile to ensure her late husband's colleague is held accountable for his inappropriate behavior, gets him fired.

throwra799577 | throwra799577

She took a stand against her late husband's colleague and got him fired for sending inappropriate pictures.

throwra799577 | throwra799577

The woman felt guilty when her late husband's colleague got fired for sending inappropriate pictures, despite being in the right.

throwra799577 | throwra799577

A woman takes justice into her own hands and gets an inappropriate colleague fired. 🔥

After the passing of her husband, a woman experiences inappropriate messages from her late husband's colleague. Despite warnings, the colleague sent her a lewd picture at 3 am, prompting her to take action. She went to the company and filed a report to get the colleague fired. His boss took her seriously and the colleague was terminated. However, the colleague argued that the woman was aiming to get him fired and that his workplace had nothing to do with the dispute. Despite his arguments, the woman stood her ground and spoke up for her late husband. Although her actions were met with mixed reactions, she took justice into her own hands. Now, comments and reactions to the story await.

💔 Widow targeted by late husband's colleague gets him fired! 🔥 NTA

wee_idjit | wee_idjit

NTA: 🤬🤬🤬

PeteyPorkchops | PeteyPorkchops

👏 A grown-man's inappropriate behavior

notlucyintheskye | notlucyintheskye

NTA. 🚫 He messed with the wrong widow 💔

Romantic_AroAce | Romantic_AroAce

NTA: He deserves consequences for his creepy behavior 😠

[deleted] | [deleted]

Mom's got a point🤔

Axtwyt | Axtwyt

🤬Woman takes action against creepy colleague!

No_Load1682 | No_Load1682

🤬 NTA: don't feel bad about slapping down an a-hole!

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👏 NTA: Small price to pay 💸

gastropodia42 | gastropodia42

👏🏽 Hero confronts late husband's inappropriate colleague & gets him fired! 🔥

stannenb | stannenb

👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Woman stands up for her late husband!

CrystalQueen3000 | CrystalQueen3000

Standing up for her late husband 💪

shemichell | shemichell

👏 Standing up for yourself!

Lumpy_Ingenuity1287 | Lumpy_Ingenuity1287

🚨📝NTA: Report this!

Mamertine | Mamertine

Woman stands up to 💪🏼 inappropriate colleague

jesaispas1988 | jesaispas1988

NTA: Woman takes🔥action against creepy colleague🤮sending inappropriate pictures

Specialist-Rope7419 | Specialist-Rope7419

Woman reports creepy colleague ✅

aunteemame | aunteemame

Woman takes action💪

Knittingfairy09113 | Knittingfairy09113

NTA! Reporting 🤬 pics got him fired 🔥

Loki--Laufeyson | Loki--Laufeyson

Standing up for herself💪

cadaloz1 | cadaloz1

NTA! 🤬

Apprehensive-Fan-250 | Apprehensive-Fan-250

Protecting a widow 💪

TwoCentsPsychologist | TwoCentsPsychologist

NTA👊🏽 Woman stands up for herself!

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👏🏼 NTA!👏🏼

Curious_Discussion63 | Curious_Discussion63

🚫 No sexual harassment 🚫

messker | messker

NTA: 🤬🚨You weren't the first

AnonymouslyObvious5 | AnonymouslyObvious5

NTA: 🔥 Fired! 🔥

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Woman Gets Inappropriate Colleague Fired For Sending Pictures 😡

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👊🏽 Op takes swift action against a widow harasser!

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NTA 👊🏼 Woman stands up to her late husband's creepy colleague

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NTA 🚫👎🏼 He deserved what he got.

missangel21 | missangel21

💪 NTA! You did the right thing!

Harmlessoldlady | Harmlessoldlady

NTA: someone shouldn't risk their career by harassing a widow 🤬

arseholierthanthou | arseholierthanthou

NTA: 🚫 No Pity For Harasser 🚫

barhrun | barhrun

Woman takes stand against 🤬🔥🚫

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👏🏼 NTA: No mercy for predators!

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🤔 What a familiar story!

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Mom 👩‍👦 takes 🔥 action 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA 🙅‍♀️💥: Woman stands up against predatory behavior.

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NTA! 🚫 The company made the decision to fire the a**hole.

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👏👏👏 Woman takes action!

Bakecrazy | Bakecrazy

NTA: He sent inappropriate pics after her husband's death

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Woman protects late husband's honor 💪

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Kudos to her 💪

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