Vanderpump Stars Filming Drama-Filled Cheating Scene!

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Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix
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Tom and Ariana publicly discuss their infidelity issues in front of the camera.


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The producers of Vanderpump are doing their best to film the epic separation between Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix.


The two separated when he cheated on her with their co-star, Raquel Leviss.

How Long Have The Couple Been Together?

Tom Sandoval, 39, and Ariana Madix, 37, have been together for over nine years.

Who Is Tom Sandoval?

Tom Sandoval
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Tom Sandoval is an American Actor and Musician. He has starred in numerous successful movies, including Alien Presence (2009), playing with fire (2008), Vanderpump, and many others.

Who Is Ariana Madix?

Ariana Madix
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Ariana Madix is an American personality, model, actress, and author. Her prominent role was in the reality show Vanderpump. 

Who Was Tom Dating Before Ariana?

Ariana Madix
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According to several rumors, the two came together while filming the reality show Vanderpump. At the time, it was said that Tom was still dating Doute.

What Year Did They Kick-off Their Relationship?

In 2014, after Tom split with Doute, he and Ariana started to see each other. 

The Storm Before The Storm

The Storm Before The Storm
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The situation was tense on the Vanderpump set for the three: Tom, Ariana, and Doute. According to Ariana, the situation affected her mental health. The main struggle was for Ariana to constantly see her boyfriend's ex on set with her.

The Main Storm Came!

In 2016, another actress came into the picture: Raquel Leviss. She joined the series as a co-star and Tom was rumored to have cheated on Ariana with the actress.

Who Is Raquel Leviss?

 Raquel Leviss
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Born in 1994, Raquel is a famous American Actress and on-screen personality. She starred in the reality series Vanderpump.

A Haunting Past

In the past, Raquel Leviss has been accused of making out with Tom Schwartz during his split with his ex-wife, Katie Maloney.

Documenting An Heartbreak

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Tom and Ariana were together at their residence on Friday morning to discuss the end of their 9 years relationship.

Camera Rolling…Action

Camera Rolling…Action
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Everything for Hollywood stars is a source of commerce and art. And even in their saddest moments, they had a camera rolling in their apartment recording the situation.

Emotions Flaring 

Emotions Flaring 
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According to reports from TMZ, the emotions were high while the actors discussed their breakup and separation.

A Reality Turn Into A Show

According to several reports, the plan is for the series to go into 10 series. The show would be aired weekly. Producers of the show believe they can split this into segments and even send them out before the end of the season.

Ariana Madix Was Always There

Ariana Madix
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As of Wednesday, Ariana was still found in one of Tom's shows, where his band was playing. The band had just released a new single, and Ariana was found in there still cheering.

But…Were They In An Open Relationship?

Open Relationship?
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The rumors were always there. And it was that both Ariana and Tom were in an open relationship. On several occasions, the Actors had both commented on this rumor.

What Did Ariana And Tom Both Say?

Season 10 of the series revealed that the couple could be in an open relationship; however, they both thrashed that speculation. In an interview with E! News, Tom responded to the rumor by saying: "We are doing good. We are not in an open relationship". Ariana also responded to the rumor by saying: "we don't have an open relationship."

What Next For The Stars?

We are all curious to see what will happen next. But one thing is sure; the whole world would be in jubilation if all this is a dream and our darling stars returned together.