Ask Yourself Before Flirting with Madonna's Toyboys, Is Dignity At Risk?

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If men can get away with dating women who are much younger than them, why can't women do the same? Madonna, 64, has taken this question a lot more seriously than the rest of the women out there and has recently got herself a new boy toy. 

Here's what we know about the mysterious young guy and their rumored relationship.

Back In The Game

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Madonna is back in the dating scene and keeps up with her tradition of dating much younger men.

Who Is The Mysterious Guy?

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Josh Popper, 29, is the new guy in Madonna's life who is currently working as a trainer at his gym, Bredwinners.

The Kids Are In On It

It's been revealed that Josh trains one of Madonna's kids and this could be how the two of them got to know each other.

An Affectionate Pose

The rumored couple posed for a picture where the singer can be seen tugging at the athlete's biceps while he flexes them. 

A Viral Affair

The picture has since then been shared by both parties on their respective Instagram handles and has once again landed Madonna under public scrutiny.

Male Driven Society

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Apart from the side cuddle, Madonna shared another picture on her Instagram story where she is embracing a punching bag and captioned it saying, "In a male-driven culture, there are always exceptions..Hard to ignore the reality... that most women get demolished."

The Dream Team

Josh shared another picture with his arm around the singer as the two pose with three members of his team, and captioned it, "I wanna thank my coaches, my team and my Bredwinners family for pushing me to be my best in and out of the ring. I got some good people by my side."

Not By Choice

Sharing her opinion on why she's been after younger guys, Madonna commented, "I didn’t choose to have a relationship with a younger man. That’s just what happened, that’s the romantic in me."

A Recent Breakup

The pictures come out just days after Madonna announced her breakup with Andrew Darnell, 23, who she dated for 3 years.

Romance Budding From A Photoshoot

Andrew and Madonna met at a photoshoot shortly after the singer's relationship with Ahlamalik Williams, 28, had hit the rocks.

Love Deserves A Chance

new start
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Although her split with Andrew left Madonna with a confidence crisis it seems like the singer is ready to give love another chance.

A Promising Defense Lineman

Popper went to Rowan University in Glassboro where he was a promising defense lineman. After graduating he tried for a couple NFL teams but didn't make the cut.

LinkedIn Spills

According to the athlete's LinkedIn profile, he made a career in sales, selling life insurance at New York Life.

The Pandemic Presents Opportunities

After the pandemic, Popper decided to open his gym, Bredwinners where he teaches adults and children how to box.

The Best There Is

The trainer has several stellar reviews with one of them praising him saying, "For Josh, boxing isn't just about teaching you to move in the ring but teaching you how to move throughout life."

A Reality Star In The Making

Josh is all set to enter the sphere of reality TV with the latest season of Summer House.

Not A Match

On Monday's episode, Popper was introduced to a potential new love interest, Samantha Feher, who later declared he was not the right match for her.

No Confirmation Nor A Denial

Several newsagents have approached the boxing coach for comments about his relationship with the pop star but Popper has neither confirmed nor denied the rumors.

Mourning A Loss

The new relationship comes at a good time for Madonna who was recently mourning the death of her brother, Anthony Ciccone.