Guy Gets Upset When A Mom Tells Him To Take His Autistic Brother To Another Aisle In A Toy Store, Snaps Back At Her

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What’s the quickest way to get yourself labeled as a jerk? Well, there are a lot of them, and in most cases, the answer is “by being a jerk.” But sometimes, things aren’t that simple. Sometimes, people get labeled as jerks when they actually did nothing wrong – they were just in a bad place at a bad time. A perfect example would be the situation that was recently shared by a 28-year-old caretaker to his mentally disabled brother. The story soon caught the attention of many internet users, inviting them to discuss the situation and determine who, in fact, was at fault.

28M takes on the responsibility of caring for his autistic brother when their parents leave them to fend for themselves

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This loving brother makes sure his autistic sibling's needs are taken care of and that he's not taken advantage of!

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A mom offers a unique reward system for a brother with autism and it brings out a lot of joy 🤗

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Guy takes his autistic brother out for a treat, but gets called out by a mom in the toy store

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Guy gets upset when mom asks him to move with his autistic brother to another aisle in a toy store

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Guy stands up for his autistic brother after being asked to move to another aisle in a toy store.

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Guy gets angry when mom scolds his autistic brother, snaps back at her with a harsh response

aitabigbud | aitabigbud

A mom asked a guy to take his autistic brother to another aisle in a toy store and he snapped back. Is he the a**hole?

aitabigbud | aitabigbud

A mom who had the wrong 👀 on a brother and his caretaker. 😡

This story, shared by a 28-year-old brother who is the caretaker of his autistic 21-year-old brother, Bill, is an example of the discrimination and prejudice that people living with autism often face. It starts with the caretaker taking Bill out for burgers and fries and to the toy store as a reward for doing his chores. When Bill expressed excitement for the barbies in the aisle, a woman and her daughter walked in and the woman suggested that they move to another aisle because she was uncomfortable with Bill's 'weird hand movements'. The caretaker was not happy with this request and so he told his brother to get what he wanted and the woman that her daughter could use a better role model. This story has sparked a lot of debate about whether or not the caretaker was justified in his reaction. Let's take a look at the comments and reactions to this Reddit post.

🤔 NTA: Unaccepting parenting

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NTA 🤗🤗 Brotherly love!

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👏 NTA King takes 🆙 on gendered toys 🔥

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👏 Spreading kindness!

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💪🏿 Bravos for standing up for brother!

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👇🏼A heated exchange about gendered language

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🙌 NTA: Awesome Brother 🙌

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🤬 A mom's response to judgement 💪

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👏 Brotherly love and NTA 🙌

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👉🏻 Doubts over a 🧑‍🎓 success story 🤔

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What's the scoop on this 🤔

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NTA: Teaching lessons on kindness 🤗

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Mom teaches an important lesson 🤔

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A brother's response 🙄

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NTA 💪🏻 Standing up for your brother!

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🤔 This comment has an obvious answer

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🤔 NTA, the guy was in the right

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NTA: Guy stands up for autistic brother 👊

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A brother's courage 💪

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🤔 Is this story real?

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A special person 🙌🏼

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👎🏼 Fake sob stories

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👏 Amazing brother 👏

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🤔 How can someone with autism get a GED?

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🤔 A curious question 🤔

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👀 A mom's request sparks controversy!

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🤬 NTA: Standing up for Autistic rights!

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NTA: 👊👊 No A-hole Here

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Mom of disabled daughter backs brother 👍

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👉🏻 Guy snaps back at a mom 🤦🏻‍♀️

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It's not always easy 🤔

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👏🏼NTA: Mom's behavior is wrong

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Defending a loved one 💪

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🤷‍♀️ NTA: Guy gets called out

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🤬Parent gets called out🤬

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🙌 Good for her!

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🤔 Is the brother being protective or the a-hole?

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Big brother with a 💛

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NTA: Handling a sticky situation

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😡 Restrained Words Needed

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Understanding the backstory 🤔

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NTA - a 3.5yr old ✔️ it!

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🤔 Guy gets 🤬 when mom tells him to move

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No one wrong here 🤔

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Big bro support 💪

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Mom gets called an a-hole 🤬

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NTA: Mom should wait or get her own aisle 😠

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Big brother ❤️

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🤦‍♂️ NTA: Teaching a lesson without name-calling

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🤔 NTA: Mom's rudeness

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