Matthew Lawrence & TLC's Chilli Make it Official with some Airport PDA

Dani Sanders

The flames between celebrity couple Matthew Lawrence and TLC's Chilli got hotter when they were caught packing on PDA at the airport. ✈️

Matthew Lawrence And Chilli's PDA At LAX

Matthew Lawrence and Chilli publicly displayed affection at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) on Tuesday. Matthew was waiting for her with open arms as soon as Chili arrived. The couple shared a passionate hug and a kiss on the lips, making it evident that they were head over heels for each other.

Boyfriend Duties for Matthew at The Airport

Matthew was clearly on boyfriend duties as he waited to pick up his girlfriend and all her luggage at the airport. He was seen helping her with her bags and ensuring she was comfortable before heading to his car.

Long Hug and Kiss on The Lips

Matthew and Chilli's affectionate moment at the airport didn't go unnoticed by the paparazzi. They were caught on camera exchanging a long hug and a kiss on the lips, further confirming their romantic relationship.

Matthew Helps Chilli with Her Luggage

Matthew was seen helping Chilli with her luggage at the airport. He made sure she had everything she needed before they left the airport together.

Chilli Meets Matthew's Family

Chilli recently met Matthew's family; they had nothing but good things to say about her. The couple's families approve of their relationship.

Matthew Meets Chilli's Family

Not only did Chilli meet Matthew's family, but Matthew also met Chilli's family. It's always a big step in a relationship when introducing your significant other to your family.

Matthew Lawrence And Chilli are Officially Dating

Matthew and Chilli are officially dating, and their relationship seems strong. They have been spotted together several times since they started dating, and their PDA at the airport proves they are still very much in love.

Holidays Together in Atlanta

Matthew and Chilli spent the holidays together in Atlanta, where Chilli's family is based. They had a great time together and enjoyed each other's company.

Matthew's Girlfriend "One of The Most Spectacular People" He's Ever Known

Matthew recently spoke highly of his girlfriend, calling her “one of the most spectacular people” he's ever known. He has strong feelings for her, and their relationship means a lot to him.

Genuine Smiles on Their Faces

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Matthew and Chilli couldn't stop smiling as they hugged and kissed at the airport. Their happiness and love for each other were evident in their genuine smiles.

Chilli Doesn't Want No Scrub

As TLC's hit song No Scrubs suggests, Chilli doesn't want a man who's not up to par. However, Matthew has passed her test and has cut her boyfriend.

Matthew Makes the Cut as Chilli's Boyfriend

Matthew has won Chilli's heart, and it's clear that she sees a future with him. Their relationship is going strong, and they have been seen together several times.

Picking Up Someone from LAX Is the Ultimate Sign of Being Hooked

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According to TMZ, picking up someone from LAX is the ultimate sign that you're hooked on them. Matthew's actions at the airport prove that he is hooked on Chilli.

The Couple's Red Light Special Moment

Matthew and Chilli's passionate embrace at the airport has been compared to TLC's hit song Red Light Special. The couple's love for each other was evident in their affectionate moment.

Passionate Embraces Continue in The Car

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Matthew and Chilli's PDA didn't stop at the airport. They continued to exchange passionate embraces once they were inside his car.

Public Display of Affection

Matthew and Chilli's public display of affection has caught the media's and fans' attention. They have been seen together several times, and their affectionate moments never go unnoticed.

Relationship Going Strong

Matthew and Chilli's relationship is going strong. They have been dating for several months and have been spotted together on multiple occasions.

Matthew Lawrence's Acting Career

Matthew Lawrence is a successful actor known for his roles in Boy Meets World, Melissa & Joey, and The Hot Chick, among others. He has been in the entertainment industry since childhood and continues to make a name for himself.

Chilli's Music Career

Chilli  TLC

Chilli is a member of the iconic girl group TLC, known for its hit songs such as Waterfalls, NoScrubs, and Creep. She has been in the music industry for several decades and continues to make music and perform for her fans.