Looks Unrecognizable: Alex Murdaugh Has Shaved Head In Prison Mug Shot

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Alex Murdaugh is an infamous name that everyone knows these days. Joining the news as one of the most disturbing crimes to happen recently, Alex Murdaugh has now officially been sentenced to life on Friday Morning. 

The Criminal Has A New Look 

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If you’ve been following the news and have seen his trial, you might not recognize the man in his new mugshot. Alex is off to prison with a shaved head, making him look almost unrecognizable.  

What Was the Sentence He Received? 

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Alex Murdaugh was declared guilty on the charges of murdering his wife and son. Considering the severity of his crimes, the judge gave him 2 life sentences.  

 Was The Hair Cut a New Choice? 

The new look that Alex Murdaugh has is not by choice. He probably got a new haircut right after he was walked out of court in handcuffs. That’s a standard procedure followed by the court after a conviction. 

When Was Alex Murdaugh Convicted? 

The former attorney was convicted by the jury on Thursday on 2 counts of murder and possession of a weapon. The verdict was reached after three hours of deliberations 

What Happened? 


Alex Murdaugh’s wife and their 22-year-old son, Paul, were found dead on the family’s property in Islanton, SC. The murder happened back in 2021. Both of them had been shot with two different guns. 

Alex Murdaugh Was Seen As A Victim At First  

Most people initially saw Alex as a poor man who just had his world destroyed by the death of his wife and son. However, things changed when the law enforcement authorities began their investigation. 

Murdaugh Claimed He Was Innocent  

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The disgraced attorney pleaded not guilty. He maintained his statement that he had found the bodies of his family after coming back home. Alex claims that he was visiting his sick mother on the night of the incident.  

Why Didn’t Alex Murdaugh Receive the Death Penalty? 

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Many people assumed that Alex would receive the death penalty for his crimes. But not pursuing the death penalty was the decision of the state. “"I don't question at all,” Judge Newman said. 

Alex Murdaugh’s Family History 

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Murdaugh comes from a family that always had a significant legal reach. During the court proceedings, Judge Newman had the portrait of Murdaugh’s grandfather removed from the courtroom.  

Judge Newman Seemed Reflective 

Even though Judge Newman accepted the decision of the state to not pursue the death penalty, he seemed reflective about the decision.  

Why Didn’t Alex Murdaugh Get The Death Penalty 

The state had credible reasons for not pursuing the death penalty: there was no direct evidence. That was the only reason why the state had this punishment taken off the table. 

No Eyewitnesses 

According to South Carolina lawyer, Joe McCulloch, the state needs someone in the witness box “Pointing the accusing finger as an eye-witness.”  

Judge Newman’s Withering Rebuke Of Murdaugh 

Judge Newman mentioned how Murdaugh and his family had been prosecuting people in the same courtroom. “Many have received the death penalty, probably for lesser conduct,” he reflected.  

Alex Murdaugh’s Testimony  

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While Alex maintained that he wasn’t guilty, the disgraced attorney wasn’t able to convince anyone else of his innocence.  

How His Defense Broke Down 

Murdaugh's case had been in his favor at the beginning as he had an alibi. However, the prosecutors submitted audio and video evidence providing that Alex was on the property just moments before the murder of his family.   

Alex Murdaugh Admits His Lies  


After new evidence, Alex admitted that he had lied to the authorities about where he was the night of the incident. Though he maintained that he did not kill his wife and child, the damage was done.  

Alex Murdaugh Financial Wrongdoings

What further strengthened the case against Murdaugh was his alleged financial wrongdoings. Once the fact was revealed in the courtroom, whatever credibility he had was gone.  

Why Alex Murdaugh Was Told To Take The Stand  

According to Defense attorney Dick Harpootlian, Alex had to take the stand. The jury saw him as a “Thief” and a “Liar”. Taking the stand could have changed that opinion. 

How Did Alex Murdaugh React To The Verdict? 

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Harpootlian mentioned how Alex had expected the verdict but he was “not happy” with it. Murdaugh left prison wearing a jumpsuit into the South Carolina Department of Corrections.