Justin Bieber's Health Woes Looking Set To Delay Justice Tour

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Justin Bieber in concert
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Global As Long As You Love Me hit singer Justin Bieber has officially canceled his Justice World Tour. This announcement comes after a series of postponements from the star due to rising health scare conditions.

Finally Canceled

Justin Bieber's tour cancelled
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Bad news for Bieber fans as the Canadian singer finally announced the cancellation of his ongoing tour as he continues to battle for his health. The rare condition left the star singer paralyzed and might not heal as quickly as he hoped.

Fans Reaction

Fans have come out to support the star yet again while also expressing disappointment about the situation. One fan shared with BBC News that she was "upset" and "angry" but also felt "sad" for not being able to see the star despite her £140 ticket. The news about the cancellation broke, and another fan said, "I feel like he didn't even have the decency to tell fans himself."

It Wasn't His Decision

Justin Bieber

Insider sources from the star suggest the decision to end the tour didn't come from him. The source states he was "forced" to let go of the tour by his doctors amid growing health concerns. In words from the source, "Justin is fragile and has been worn thin lately. He was told that this needed to happen, and he was left with no other choice."

Family Concerns

Justin and Hailey Bieber
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According to the insider, Justin's doctors aren't the only ones worried about his health. His wife, Hailey, and other family and friends also show concerns about his declining health status. The source also shared, "for so many years, Justin felt like he was invincible and that nothing could hurt him. But after getting sick with Ramsay Hunt, it became so clear to him that he is not."

Unofficial Reason

Although there has been no officially announced reason from the star or any of his representatives on why the tour has been canceled, his health conditions are the likely suspect. After coming out last year in June to talk about his diagnosis, it's believed the star might not be completely free of the ailment. 

Yet To Hear From The Star

No words so far from Justin about his treatment or current state of health. But fans of the star are optimistic about his condition as they hope for a quick recovery from the Sorry singer.

Refund Happening

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Fortunately, fans have been informed of getting a refund for their purchased tickets. The announcement says they should check in with their point of purchase for refunds showing dates.

Announcing His Diagnosis

Justin Bieber
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In June last year, Justin announced his diagnosis in a three-minute video. While talking about it on Instagram, he says, "obviously, as you can probably see with my face. I have this syndrome called Ramsay Hunt syndrome, and it is from this virus that attacks the nerves in my ear and my facial nerves and has caused my face to have paralysis."

Several Postponement

Between his announcement of his condition and the cancellation of the tour, there have been five postponements. One incident in September, it was canceled due to mental and physical health issues arising. 

Fans Reaction

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When the Baby singer initially spoke on his diagnosis and called for rescheduling some of his tour dates, many fans showed complete support. Some fans offered encouraging words to the star, like, "So proud of him for putting his health first. He's an incredible artist." Another wrote, "Oh well. As much as I would live to see @justinbieber perform again, his personal health takes priority over my disappointment. Wishing him all the best."

Speaking On His Symptoms

In the video on his Instagram page, Justin spoke of his inability to blink his right eye and smile on the same side of his face. According to what he stated, the condition affecting him is the Ramsay Hunt Syndrome.

What's Known of Ramsay Hunt Syndrome?

The Ramsay Hunt Syndrome is a complication of shingles that occurs due to a similar virus shared with chickenpox. Since it's a rare condition, what's known of the ailment is that it can lead to facial paralysis. The virus causing the condition (VZV) is harmless unless activated, which could lead to inflammation or irritation of the facial nerves.

Not Transmissible


Based on what's known about RHS, it's not a transmissible disease, although it's a complication of the chickenpox virus. Doctors say stress is a likely inducer for people with weak immune systems and might be caused by a reactivation of the virus in people that once had chickenpox.

He Did Some Tours Though

A month after his announcement of having RHS in June, the star resumed his tour in Italy. During this time, he performed a total of seven gigs before he was advised to take some time out from touring the world with his music.

Email To Fans

Following the cancellation of the September tour, fans expecting to see the star received an email informing them of the postponement. The email received by fans read, "We regret to inform you that the Justin Bieber UK Tour has been cancelled. We understand you will be disappointed and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause."

Fashion Week Break

Justin Bieber
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Amid the medical crisis rocking Justin, he was spotted at last month's London Fashion Week. In his usual stylish sense, the singer wore puffer jackets made in collaboration with Adidas Originals and Jay-Z's Roc Nation.

Birthday Tribute From Hailey

Justin and Hailey Bieber
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Model and wife to Justin Bieber, Hailey, shared some lovely tribute to her husband during his birthday on March 1st. She uploaded a couple of photos of themselves together on Instagram and captioned the post with, "29 never looked so good."

She further added, "Happy Birthday to you best friend! Words couldn't possibly sum up all that you embody. So here's to more joy, more travel, yummy food, adventures, more peace, fun, and most of all more love."

About Their Union

Justin and Hailey's union will be five this year! The couple first got together in December 2015 and dated for a month until they broke up. By June 2018, the pair reconciled, got engaged in July and before the end of the year, got married.

Enjoying Their Time Together

Justin Bieber, Hailey, and their baby
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Following their post on social media, the couple can be seen enjoying their time together. At the start of February, Justin shared several pictures of himself, his wife, and their baby on Instagram. They look happy as a family as they go out for a late-night dinner.