Man Wonders If He Is A Jerk For Refusing To Walk His Daughter Down The Aisle After She Left Him Because He Wasn’t Her Real Dad

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When you raise a child, you promise to love them unconditionally. But what happens when that love is broken? Whether it’s because you find out you aren’t a child’s biological parent or because they decide they no longer want to have a relationship with you — how do you move on? One man turned to the AITA subreddit for advice after his daughter reached out to him, asking him to walk her down the aisle. They haven’t spoken in a while, and the daughter blames her dad for breaking the family apart. But the dad feels it’s her fault for the way she treated him and doesn’t want to get back into the relationship. The tension between them only grew after the daughter reached out to him and the internet had different opinions about this complicated situation.

A father must decide whether to walk his daughter down the aisle after she left him due to her real father's reemergence.

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After learning the truth, his daughter pulled away from him, leaving him to wonder if he was a jerk for refusing to walk her down the aisle

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A father reflects on his daughter's ultimatum, leaving him conflicted and questioning his actions.

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He was heartbroken after his daughter chose her biological dad over him

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After his daughter left him, his son's rejection of her helped him find peace

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The daughter wanted her father to walk her down the aisle, but he refused after she left him for her real dad.

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After being hurt by his daughter's actions, this man was forced to make a difficult decision.

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The man struggles with the difficult decision of attending his daughter's wedding after she left him for not being her real dad.

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Man debates if he is wrong for not walking his daughter down the aisle after she left him for her real dad 🤔

herweddingday_ | herweddingday_

Is refusing to walk his daughter down the aisle an act of love or an a**hole move? 🤔

A man (26m) is at odds with his daughter (26f) and is being judged by his family for not wanting to walk her down the aisle. Years ago, the man found out his daughter wasn't his biological daughter and his wife had cheated on him. His daughter pulled away from him after learning the truth and their relationship further deteriorated when she moved out of his house at 20. Now she's engaged, and has asked him to walk her down the aisle. After a long message from her, the man chose to decline the offer, citing that she no longer wanted him to be her father. His family is now accusing him of being an a**hole. We dive into the reaction and comments to this story to see what people have to say.

NTA - He respected her decision 🤝

ClothDiaperAddicts | ClothDiaperAddicts

OP's heartbreaking story 💔

NotARobotHonest | NotARobotHonest

NTA, daughter's motivations are questionable 😕

Grumar | Grumar

NTA: Not The A**hole!

RaymondBeaumont | RaymondBeaumont

👉NTA: Family ❤️ doesn't mean unconditional self sacrifice

SSTrihan | SSTrihan

🤔 Is NTA Dad wrong for refusing to walk his daughter down the aisle?

Misenica | Misenica

🤔 Is OP Not The A-hole? 🤔

shiloa-sings | shiloa-sings

🤔 Dad wonders if he's the a-hole


NTA: 🤷‍♂️ She had two dads, but chose one. 😔

stormcloudbunny | stormcloudbunny

🤔 Is NTA? Father's dilemma...

iaincaradoc | iaincaradoc

❓ Is reconciliation possible? 🤝

AntipodeanRabbit | AntipodeanRabbit

NTA: 🤔 Do what's best for you!

7hurricanes | 7hurricanes

👨‍👧‍👦 Should this man walk his daughter down the aisle?

asfpakt | asfpakt

Setting boundaries 💪🏼

BroadElderberry | BroadElderberry

It's not the father's fault 💔

Fergus74 | Fergus74

NTA: She left him & now wants something

Embarrassed_Order319 | Embarrassed_Order319

Is it wrong to refuse to walk his daughter down the aisle?

Walktothebrook | Walktothebrook

Is refusing to walk her down the aisle a**hole-worthy?

StAlvis | StAlvis

NTA: You're not the a**hole 💔

LoveBeach8 | LoveBeach8

🤔 Is OP a jerk for refusing to walk his daughter down the aisle?

Diane9779 | Diane9779

NTA: 🤷‍♂️ She doesn't want him!

PomeloPepper | PomeloPepper

🤔 Is it wrong to refuse?

Lusaun96 | Lusaun96

Should he forgive and 🤔walk her down the aisle?

PerformanceGeneral85 | PerformanceGeneral85

The father-daughter bond is 💔


Love comes with boundaries 🤔

Merlinia | Merlinia

A heartbreaking 💔 situation 🤕

Ivymoon89 | Ivymoon89

🤔 Father's dilemma: NTA

Breadcrumb-Forest | Breadcrumb-Forest

Healing and understanding 🤔

KyeIsClasssy | KyeIsClasssy

👋 NTA: You don't owe her anything!

Ranix88 | Ranix88

🤔 Is YTA the right call?

Past_Fig_379 | Past_Fig_379

🤔 Father refuses to walk daughter down aisle

yupanotherone12345 | yupanotherone12345

🤔 After 15 years, a dad must decide if he should forgive his daughter for leaving him.

KirbyRock | KirbyRock

NTA: adapting to ❤️

MimeyWimey | MimeyWimey

NTA: 💔 He reached out but she said no contact.

sidness20 | sidness20

NTA: He was rejected, 💔 and now she wants him back.

MaybeAWalrus | MaybeAWalrus

NTA - 🤷‍♂️

DrSaks | DrSaks

NTA - He deserves better!

integranda | integranda

😔 Dad isn't the a**hole here

QuirkySyrup55947 | QuirkySyrup55947

🤔 Father's struggle over daughter's decision

GrWr44 | GrWr44

👏🏼 Don't let anyone define your choices. NTA

AllOutofFs | AllOutofFs

🤔 NTA: Dad was right!

daniel4ido | daniel4ido

NTA: He's not the a-hole🤔

Befub14435 | Befub14435

NTA: 🤷‍♀️ She's using you!

GothamsWarrior11 | GothamsWarrior11

🤔NTA but...🤔

1TrueKnight | 1TrueKnight

It's hard to pick an AH with so much emotion 🤯

lipcrnb | lipcrnb

🤔 NTA: Not the A-hole

Cultural_Remote_6314 | Cultural_Remote_6314

Should he forgive and forget?

twinkleswinkle_ | twinkleswinkle_

A chance to make amends 🤝

rob2060 | rob2060

NTA: 🔥 She wanted no contact

RossignolDeCosta | RossignolDeCosta

NTA: Not wanting to be used

mskikgeek | mskikgeek

NTA: 💔No matter how hard it was for her, she didn’t think of him.

Invisibleamber | Invisibleamber

NTA - it's not your chance to have a relationship with your daughter, it's her chance to have a relationship with you.

misstrety | misstrety

Not the a**hole 🤔

Rocco-tocco | Rocco-tocco