Husband Goes On A Rage After Wife Returns The Shoes She Bought For Him Because They Were Not On The Shopping List

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Money is one of the most common sources of marital conflict. People often argue about how to spend it, who is in charge of it, how much of it is okay to spend, and many other aspects of handling money. It is especially hard for the breadwinner to trust their spouse with their money when they are not aware of how much they actually have and how it is spent. This woman on Reddit who stays at home with the kids wanted to buy her husband some sneakers. After she saw them on sale, she didn’t wait for her husband to buy them himself and bought them for him. She was happy to see him happy until he flipped out and called her stealing. She returned the sneakers, but the husband was still mad and avoided talking to her.

Wife's return of shoes causes husband's budget-driven rage

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The husband's list-making backfired when his wife returned the shoes she bought for him because they weren't on the list 🤨

campfire_bylake77 | campfire_bylake77

Husband gets angry when wife returns shoes not on the shopping list

campfire_bylake77 | campfire_bylake77

An unexpected shopping spree ended in rage when the husband rejected the shoes his wife bought him.

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Agreeing on what to buy can be tricky, even when the price is low.

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Tensions flare as husband accuses wife of "stealing" and being "irresponsible" with money.

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After the wife returned the shoes, tempers flared and the husband was livid!

campfire_bylake77 | campfire_bylake77

Wife returns the shoes she bought for her husband, but he goes on a rage instead of appreciating the "nice gesture"

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Husband's anger boils over when wife returns his shoes 🤯

campfire_bylake77 | campfire_bylake77

A loving wife wants to surprise her husband, but he's not too pleased 🤔

campfire_bylake77 | campfire_bylake77

He flipped out when she returned the shoes she bought for him - but was she in the wrong?

When a wife bought her husband a pair of shoes on sale, she thought she was doing something nice. Little did she know, her husband would go into a rage. He told her that her purchase was stealing and accused her of being irresponsible with his money. After a heated argument, she decided to return the shoes and take the money back. But was she in the wrong? We explore the situation and its repercussions in this post.

A**hole alert! 🚨 OP is in a toxic relationship, and needs help to escape!

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🤬 Financial abuse isn't ok!

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💔Financial & emotional abuse💔

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🙅‍♀️ Abusive relationship alert 🚨

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🤬 NTA: Financial and emotional abuse.

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NTA: 🤬 financial & emotional abuse is 🚫acceptable 🙏🏻

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NTA: Time to ❗share❗ finances

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A marriage breakdown 💔

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NTA: 🙅‍♀️ abuse isn't ok

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💰 Financial abuse? 🤔

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NTA: 🤬 Financial Abuse 🤬

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🤔 NTA: Legal rights 💰

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Living in a hyper controlling environment 😱

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😡🛑 NTA: Husband Abusing Financially

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NTA❤️ Wife stands up to controlling husband

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💔 A plea for help

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Wife NTA, but needs help 🤔

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🤔 Abusive marriage?

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An abusive 🤬 husband?

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NTA: You're not the a**hole!

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👍 Take control of 💰

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A case of financial abuse ❗️

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NTA: 🤬💸

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Protecting the helpless 🙏

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NTA: Unhealthy Relationship

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🤔 Abusive husband?

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NTA: 🤦‍♀️ Think about the dynamic!

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NTA: 💔 Financial abuse is traumatic 💔

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Victim of 💰 abuse? 🤔 NTA!

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😡 Husband goes on a rage

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Financial abuse? 🤔

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🤣 Wife refuses to do grocery shopping with a list!

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🤷‍♀️ NTA: Financial Abuse 🤔

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🤬 Abuse Alert! 🤬

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Control freak alert 🚨

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NTA: 🤬 Husband's Control 🤬

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Wife's independence questioned 🤔

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NTA: 🤬 Financial & emotional abuse.

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🔥 NTA: Escape from financial & emotional abuse!

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🤬 Husband is NTA!

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Financial abuse 🤬

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Financial 🚨abuse 🚨alert!

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😡 Husband's entitled rage

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NTA: 🚶‍♂️ Run from this 💰 and 💔 abusive relationship 🙅‍♀️

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NTA: 🤔 Is this an unequal relationship?

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👊🏽 Divorce him!

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🔥 Rage and control 🔥

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NTA: Financial Abuse? 🤔

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👎 Husband not NTA ⚠️

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🤷‍♂️NTA: It's both your money!

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Wife puts her foot down 😮

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NTA: consider getting a job💪

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NTA - 🙅‍♀️ Financial abuse? 🤔

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🚨Seek help. Get financially independent. RUN.🚨

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NTA: 🤬🤯 Controlling behavior won't last!

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Empowering 💪🏼 advice 💡for an 🤬abusive situation 🤯

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NTA! 🤔 Financial abuse?

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No one deserves to be 🤬 at for correcting a mistake!

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Free yourself from an irrational tyrant! 🤯

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No more controlling 🙅‍♀️

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🚩 Red flags everywhere!

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NTA: Get out fast! 💨

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Husband's abusive behaviour 🤬

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