Emily Ratajkowski Made A Huge Fashion Statement At Paris Fashion Week

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Close-up shot of  Emily Ratajkowski
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Emily Ratajkowski is unbeatably the queen of the runaway! Out of the experience of constantly walking the runway, the mom of one has picked up some fashion inspiration along the line and knows how to make a loud statement on and off the red carpet, as there's never a boring outfit day with Emily!

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Does Emily Have A Super Power?

Emily Ratajkowski in Loewe
Buzzfeed | Emily/ buzzfeed

During Paris Fashion Week, Emily turned heads at Loewe's show. Even though Emily's top was a real flower, she still looked stunning!

She must possess a superpower because how else could she make everything look so good?

Her Outfit's Inspiration

The outfit's inspiration
Buzzfeed | Emily/ Buzzfeed

The anthurium flower, which has the same distinctive shape and vivid multicolor pattern as in the photos, inspired the top.

Emily Kept Her Hair In A messy Bun

In addition, Emily wore her hair in a messy bun with loose-fitting black pants and sandals in the naughty state.

Zendaya Has Also Rocked A Similar Outfit

You may have noticed Zendaya wearing a pattern similar to one you saw her wear for a photo shoot last year, but hers was a different color and a dress version.

Emily's Outfit Is From Loewe's Latest Collection

The outfit Emily is wearing is from Loewe's spring/summer 2023 collection, which debuted there last September.

Who Designed The Collection?

Jonathan Anderson, a Northern Irish designer who created Rihanna's all-red ensemble for the Super Bowl half-time show on February 12, has led the way in incorporating surrealist designs like this one into Loewe's aesthetic.

Other Models Showed Their Stuff At The Event

Ratajkowski wasn't the only celebrity in the front row of Loewe's wearing an eccentric outfit.

Naomi Campbell wore a pair of the fashion house's divisive balloon pumps, while Mia Regan paraded around in a strapless dress with an enormous face emblazoned on the front.

Emily Slayed At The Courrèges Show

The My Body author killed it at the Courrèges show two days earlier. She wore a dark studded jacket and high-waisted jeans that accentuated her figure while keeping her look classic and understated. Ratajkowski's face-framing strands were noticeably absent, and her hair was styled in the middle part.

Her Traumatizing Experience

Emily Ratajkowski said having her private nude photos exposed in 2014 was "traumatizing" for her.

Her Body, Her Choice

In a new episode of her podcast, High Low, she claims that despite having aided in developing that narrative by posting explicit pictures of herself on social media, it is ultimately her body to share how she sees fit.

On Exploiting Her Notoriety

She claims that because of her notoriety, however, people believe they can exploit her body and reputation for financial gain without her knowledge.

Her Photos Were Sold Without Her Consent

In the episode, which debuted today, March 2, she claims,

"I've had books of photos of me sold without my consent, I've had people profit off of my image—usually men—and I've got no cut off it; actually a lot of the times it's cost me money,"

She Thought Her Career Was Over

She goes on;

"I thought my career was over—it was at a point where I really wanted to be a serious actress and everyone was telling me that I'd been photographed naked so much that it was gonna be hard for people to take me seriously."

About The Leaked Picture

She added;

"And there was a lot of conversation that these photos had been leaked intentionally, a lot of slut shaming. And they were extremely intimate photos; they were intended for someone that I was in love with. And it was horrible. I can't tell you."

Emily And Azalea

The rapper, Iggy Azalea, and the author of the podcast episode "Should I Start an OnlyFans?" discuss how the site, where users pay for views of their images or videos, helped Azalea feel in control her sexuality and body image.

Azalea On Her Body

Azalea informed Ratajkowski that she had frequently been the last person to profit from her body. As a result, she launched her Only Fans to reclaim her body and earn money.

What She Uses Her Only Fans For

In the most recent episode of the podcast, EmRata makes it clear that while she doesn't believe using the platform would be a manifestation of modern feminism; she does believe it might give her a sense of empowerment once more.

On Using Her Platform

She has been actively using her platform in recent years to talk about important social issues, most notably misogyny in Hollywood.

On Her Personal Relationship

After divorcing her ex-husband Sebastian Bear-McClard in July 2022, Emily Ratajkowski has been candid about life as a newly single woman. Few weeks after she first made the relationship public on social media, Ratajkowski and Bear-McClard exchanged vows in a secret ceremony at a courthouse in February 2018.

However, on Valentine's Day, Emily Ratajkowski and Eric André seemed to formally announce their engagement.