Rachel Weisz Takes On A Double Lead In The Newly Released Trailer For 'Dead Ringers'

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British actress, Rachel Weisz, serves double amazingness in her latest movie, Dead Ringers, as she plays the role of two identical twins. One Weisz is enough to deliver an Oscar-worthy performance imagine what two would do!

First Teaser

The first trailer from the Prime Video psychological thriller series released on YouTube earlier this week and it promises everything fans want and more.

The 2023 Movie

Dead Ringers is a remake of the classic David Cronenberg movie of the same name. She stars as the two lead characters Dr. Elliot and Dr. Beverly Mantle, identical twin sisters working as gynecologists.

The Original Plotline

Jeremy Irons in Dead Ringers
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The original 1988 Cronenberg movie starred Jeremy Irons in the lead role as he played Elliot and Beverly, identical twins with polarizing characters. Elliot, the outgoing brother, passed women to his meek twin when he lost interest without informing the women.

Gender Swap

In Cronenberg's movie, one of the women flipped the script on the twins causing Beverly to lose his mind.

Inspiration From Irons' 'Dead Ringers'

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There's no saying what direction the 2023 iteration would take but it'll tap inspiration from its predecessor. Already, there's a gender flip on the lead character although they retain their names and profession.

A Complicated Story

The teaser showed one of the twins pregnant while the other sat beside her in the hospital's waiting room. However, it didn't clarify which of them carried the pregnancy, and the gender flip already shows the 2023 remake is willing to tweak the storyline.

Familiar Favorites

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The official description says that Elliot and Beverly perform ethically questionable procedures on infertile women, which could explain the pregnancy seen in one of the characters. Canadian actress Britne Oldford is also part of the cast as Genevieve, the pivotal character in the 1988 film.

B-T-S Moments In NYC

Last year, fans captured Weisz kissing a co-star during a scene in NYC leading to curiosity and interest in the 2023 remake.

When And Where To Watch

Oldford described the Prime Video series as a late valentine's gift for her followers while sharing some stills, including a shot of Genevieve getting cozy with one of the twins. Dead Ringers is set for streaming release in April.

Pushing Medical Boundaries

The twins would push ethical medical boundaries "to challenge antiquated practices and bring women's health care to the forefront."

Tapping Inspiration From The Novel

The 1988 movie is also an adaptation from the double-authored novel, Twins, by Bari Wood and Jack Geasland.

Who To Expect?

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Other stars in this series include Poppy Liu, Jennifer Ehle, and Michael Chernus, who plays Tom, the twins' colleague who works with them on their controversial medical project.

Fans Are Excited

Fans are also eager for what's to come as one user reminisced on Irons' iconic performance while acknowledging Weisz's ability.

Staying True To The Source-Material

Weisz told Vogue that the characters stay true to Elliot's drug-induced impulsive behaviors and the twins' obsession with fertility. The actress enjoyed giving her input during Dead Ringers' production and working with Birch.

Weisz Discuss The Movie With Vogue

The studio shared first-look stills with British Vogue last year, while Weisz opened up further about what fans can expect. The first teaser has Weisz delivering a chilling speech on radicalism, saying,

"Radicalism always begins with something small."

Why She Took The Role

Jeremy Irons in Dead Ringers
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Weisz described the first movie as a twisted psychological thriller that, stuck in her memory, influenced her choice to take on the classic role. Although Dead Ringers (1988) didn't earn any big award nominations, it won ten Genie Awards, including Best Actor.

A Creative Masterpiece

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Dead Ringers (2023) came from the creative minds of Alice Birch (The Wonder, Conversations with Friends) and Megan Ellison (Annapurna Pictures). They collaborated with Amazon Studios (hence Prime Video getting the streaming rights), and Weisz is co-producing.

Every Detail Is In Place

Weisz said the movie is well-researched, and fans wouldn't be disappointed with the outcome. They spoke to people with experience in biomedical research and medical fundraising to learn how to work those stories into the plot.

A Conversation Starter

Dead Ringers would certainly have everyone talking once it hits Prime Video on April 21, and we're here for it.