Fan's Phone Thrown During Chris Brown's Lap Dance Session On Stage

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Chris Brown
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Chris Brown has been making rounds in the news for a few days following his Berkin show on Wednesday, March 1. The star was caught on camera doing away with a fan's phone while trying to perform a lap dance.

Breezy Takes Berlin

Chris Brown had his fans in a frenzy during his Berlin concert when he beckoned on one of them to come on stage. The camera showed the R&B crooner performing his classic 2007 hit single, Take You Down. The star had been meaning to display a lap dance with the fan, and she could not hold back the rush of excitement

No Phones Zone!

Chris Brown
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Brown, 33, could be seen setting a chair as the fan sat down giddy with excitement. Just as he straddled the chair and started whining his waist, the lady whipped out her phone in a bid to get the once-in-a-lifetime moment on camera. However, this did not seem okay with Brown.

All Seemed To Be Going Fine At First

Chris Brown

The lady who was dressed in a black jumpsuit rocked a blunt-cut hairstyle as she blushed while Brown danced around her, and sang into the microphone. At first, the female fan kept her phone on her lap as Brown who was dressed in a T-shirt and cargo pants, slowly danced highly touching her and at one point going down to perform a quick whine.

He Flung Her Phone

Just as the No Guidance singer started her chair again to tease the lap dance the lady picked up her phone. He whined for a while on her lap, as she filmed the moment. When Brown got off her lap, the smiling lady kept filming. Toward the end of the clip, Brown reached for her phone and flung it into the air.

She Got Her Phone Back

In a later update, the lady in question was seen retrieving her phone after the concert. It was unclear at the time if the phone was damaged.

Brown Breaks His Silence

Chris Brown
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After the event, the Blow My Mind singer took to his Instagram stories to address what transpired. He sent a short, but shocking message as he penned "F**k that phone."

Brown Has Faced Backlash In Past Weeks

For some weeks now, Brown has been in the news again after fans called out his collaboration with mainstream singer Chloe Bailey. The attacks were majorly centered on Bailey as many targeted her music collab with the controversial musician.

Bailey And Brown's Woes

Chris Brown and Chloe Bailey
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It all started on February 16 when Bailey took to social media to announce her new single, How Does It Feel, featuring Brown. The information which was shared on Twitter immediately roused fans' reactions, and many were not accepting. Many music lovers became angry as they expressed shock and disappointment.

Why Were Fans Angry?

Most of the negative reactions alluded to Bronw's history with domestic violence and the ladies who have been in his life. However, the domestic violence case with the most precedence was his 2000s relationship with billionaire Rihanna.

Brown's Longtime Issue With Rihanna

Chris Brown
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Back in 2009, the No Air singer made headlines with the Work crooner after gruesome images of her brutalized face surfaced on the internet. Rihanna looked unrecognizable as her face was swollen and covered in splashes of purple and red colors from punches Brown meted.

What Happened Between Them

Reports at that sensitive period showed that Brown has repeatedly punched her in the face as they rode in a rental Lamborgini. The singer was arrested and sentenced to community service. He was also made to attend domestic violence counseling.

Brown Expressed Remorse

Chris Brown On stage
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Years later in 2017, the dad-of-two sat in an interview where he rehashed his past misconduct. The Grammy winner owned up to his mistakes while admitting that e felt like a "f**king monster."

There Were Other Instances

While he owned up to his mistake and appeared to be done with such a damaging reputation, his domestic violence tendencies were far from over. The star has been accused of stealing phones from women, pushing them to the floor, and threatening to hit them in the face.

His Issue With Karrueche Tran

He further raised eyebrows when his relationship with singer Karrueche Tran ended. In 2017, Tran had to file a five-year restraining order against him which she won. He was said to have been threatening her to return all he bought her when they were together.

What Fans Had To Say

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In light of all of these, fans were disappointed that Bailey chose to have a music collab with Brown. Many felt the music industry needed to do better with African American women's music. Journalist Ernest Owens wrote, "We're failing Black women in music if they feel like they have to collaborate with a known abuser in order to chart." One person added that they would not be streaming the new song until another release gets out.

Some Defended Him

Despite the negative comments that Bailey's announcement received, some fans felt Brown already paid the price for his past misconduct. Some noted that he and Rihanna had reconciled and it was time for aggrieved fans to move on. Someone wrote, "The man literally took the accountability for his actions and y'all still hanging on to it."

Bailey Has Not reacted

Chloe Bailey
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Bailey kept her comments open, but she is yet to break her silence on the development. She also appeared to be unfazed while she keeps promoting her music.

How Chris Brown Reacted

Brown on the other hand was far from silent on the issue. He took to his Instagram stories to push back at the critics. The star relayed that he was tired of the narrative that kept prevailing. He noted that people still hated him for the mistake he made when he was a 17-year-old.

He Decried Cancel Culture

Chris Brown

The star added for good measures that he was grown but people seem to be holding on to his past. Brown also brought into perspective the violent episodes in rapper Blueface and his girlfriend Chrisean Rock's relationship. The singer also shared images of stars who have been accused of domestic violence and hadn't appeared to get much heat as he did.