Celebrity Split Followed By Surprising Reunion: Ray J & Princess Love

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Ray J & Princess Love
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Ray J and Princess Love are giving love yet another try after heading to the divorce court. The latest development on the couple showed that Ray J asked the court to dismiss his divorce petition.

Ray J Calls Off His Divorce

On Thursday, March 2, the TV star filed to put an end to his divorce proceedings. This came after he and his on-and-off partner, Princess Love decide to reconcile. He filed the resolution at a Los Angeles courtroom.

He Wants To Fix Things With His Wife

Ray J & Princess Love
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Earlier in January, Ray J celebrated his 42nd birthday with his wife right by his side. Taking to Instagram, the Love & Hip-hop star made his intentions known concerning fixing his love life.

Ray J Plans To Start Afresh

The music star penned his plans to start afresh with his wife and their little family. Ray J wrote that he had to get his wife back. Concluding his revealing post, the star added that he loved his family. The One Wish Crooner also wrote that he would fight over and over again for his loved ones.

The Couple's Ups And Downs

Ray J and Princess Love became man and wife back in 2016, and in the next few years, they welcomed two children, Epik and Melody. Their woes started a little while later when Princess Love filed for divorce in May 2020.

The Duo Had A Huge Fight

Ray J & Princess Love
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Princess Love had filed for divorce at the time after the duo got into a fight in Las Vegas. At the time the pair stopped living together. During the upheaval, they had just welcomed their second child, Epik.

What Happened In Vegas?

According to TMZ, Princess Love was left seething after Ray J allegedly abandoned her and their daughter in the city. She revealed on social media that she did not want to be with him any longer.

Ray J Kept Trying To Make Amends

Ray J & Princess Love
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As Page Six reported, the Another Day In Paradise crooner tried to make amend with his wife and spent two romantic nights at her place for Valentine's Day. It appeared Princess Love warmed up to him as they openly flited on social media.

Figuring It All Out

In 2020, Ray J granted an Us Weekly interview where he opened up on how he and his wife were navigating parenting as well as their tumultuous union. He stated that while they were figuring things out, parenting seemed to be more amicable.

He Described His Wife As A Great Mother

While divulging how they managed their parenting lifestyle, Ray J made it known that princess was a great mom. He talked about the hard work she put in every day to keep their family running. The singer added that he was more present, and trying to do his bit.

He Also Filed For Divorce

Ray and Brandy
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Things seemed to simmer down between the warring couple in the same year Princess Love filed for divorce, but by September, they were back in a spiral. Ray J filed for separation this time. This was followed by another filing in October 2021.

He Was Hospitalized In The Same Month

In the same month, he filed for divorce a second time, Ray J was in the news for being admitted to the hospital. The star was said to have been put on medication for pneumonia. Many also felt like the divorce was final because he filed amid a health complication.

Speaking On Their Rocky Union

Ray J
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A few months before filing for divorce in 2021, Ray J sat with the hosts of The Breakfast Club to discuss the terms of his marriage. He explained how much he and his wife grew over the years even as they weathered ups and downs before the public eye.

He Detailed The Situation

The star recalled how they went through a tough time to keep things running, he noted that he felt that once they stopped residing in Los Angeles and moved to Miami, they were able to "listen to each other more in a different way."

He Spoke Of A Turnaround

The dad-of-two recalled the point he and Princess Love were sure there was no coming back together. He referred to this as the point when they were on the verge of being over. Ray J relayed that things suddenly changed. He described it as a "360-degree turnaround.'

Love Seemingly Confirmed Their Separation In 2022

Ray J & Princess Love
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Towards 2022, Princess Love took to her Instagram page where she hinted to fans that she was back in the singles club. According to an Instagram post from The Jasmine Brand, the reality TV star stated that she would be officially single in August 2022.

Fans Weighed In On Their On-and-off Love Life

Many social media users stated that the couple could not be taken seriously, as they were known to often fix their rift at the last hour. Someone wrote that the celebrity duo was not tired of incessantly announcing their relationship status.

Ray J's Woes With The Kardashians

Kim Kardashian
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The third time might be the charm for Ray and his wife, but their marriage woes are not the only recent drama he has been enshrouded in. Back in 2022, Ray J adult tape drama with Kim Kardashian was pretty much in the spotlight.

He Called Out Kris Jenner

Back in September, the songster called the Kardashian-Jenner matriarch while tagging her the mastermind behind the sex tape release. This had been amid Kim and her ex-husband Kanye's divorce saga. Ray J claimed Kris introduced him to Vivid boss. The production company was the one that release his and Kim's intimacy clip.

A Peek Into His Entertainment Career

Ray J seems to find himself in more drama than he bargained for these days, but back in the late 90s, he was at the top of his music game, the younger brother of music maverick Brandy released his debut album in 1997, before venturing into reality TV n more recent times.