Fan's Phone Thrown Into Crowd By Chris Brown

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Chris Brown
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American singer and dancer Chris Brown has made the headlines numerous times since he began his musical career. Recently, the Grammy Award-winning artist was in the news again, but this time for a surprising reason. Here are the details of the story.

Chris Leaves Fan Without Words

Chris Brown

On Wednesday night, during his concert in Berlin, Chris left one eager fan speechless after he grabbed her phone and flung it into the crowd while she repeatedly tried to film him.

Chris Attempts To Make Fan Have A Memorable Time 

The Give Me Everything hitmaker had attempted to perform a sensual lap dance around the female fan, who was sitting on the stage, but she seemed more interested in capturing the moment.

Details Of What Went Down

A video capturing the moment, shared on TikTok, showed the rapper repeatedly pulling the phone out of the fan's hand, but she continued to pose with the device high in the air.

Chris Performs The Lap Dance 

Chris then performed the lap dance for the fan, who was seated on a chair in the middle of the stage, surrounded by the singer's backup dancers.

Fan Appears More Preoccupied 

However, the lady was still more preoccupied with getting her moment in the spotlight and grabbed her phone again to film herself.

Chris Throws The Fan's Phone Into The Crowd 

Having had enough, Chris snatched the phone from the fan and hurled it into the crowd, leaving the lady in disbelief. Next, the stage plunged into darkness after the end of the performance.

Fan Allegedly Retrieves The Phone

Thankfully, despite having her device hurled into the crowd, it was revealed that the fan got her phone back, as she managed to track it down in the audience after the concert.

Chris Lashes Out On Social Media 

Chris's surprising action comes shortly after he took to social media to lash out about being criticized again for his history of domestic violence.

Chris Shifts Blame To White Celebrities 

Following the latest criticism, which began after Chloe Bailey revealed that her new single will be with the With You singer, Chris tried to shift the blame to other white celebrities he believed had been given a pass for past domestic abuse claims.

Chris Tells Haters Off

Chris Brown rants
instagramStories | Chris Brown/Instagram

The music icon began a series of text posts he shared on Instagram Story by asking those who still hated him for a mistake he made 14 years ago to "kiss his a**."

Chris Makes A Comparison 

Chris Brown

Chris continued to rant by noting that he was tired of the narrative, pointing out that the same individuals criticizing him tuned in every week to see Blueface and Chrisean beat each other in front of the world in the name of entertainment.

Chris Diverts Social Media Users' Attention 

Further expressing his annoyance, the rapper tried to divert attention by naming other celebrities accused of similar crimes to the one he pleaded guilty to in court.

Chris Asks A Rhetorical Question 

Chris asked for the cancel culture with white artists who dated underage women, beat their wives, and gave women AIDS. 

More Details About The Singer's Post 

"Oh. That's right…they are your buddies 😏. No more fake love from me…Stay out of my way or get ran over. Simple as that," the songwriter added.

Chris's Final Words

Chris concluded his rant by letting social media users know nobody could mess with him. Overall, his domestic violence incident with Rihanna was a thing of the past, and people needed to move on. 

Chloe Receives Backlash 

Meanwhile, the rapper has not been the only one involved in the recent wave of criticism, as the backlash has also engulfed Chris's duet partner, Chloe, after she teased their song How Does It Feel.

When Did The Criticisms Begin?

The outrage came immediately after the actress announced the track as the second single in her upcoming debut album, In Pieces.

Social Media Users' Thoughts

Many argued that collaborating with the Ayo hitmaker was a massive misstep in her career due to Chris's long history of extreme violence against women. Those comments prompted Chris to lash out.

When Will Chloe's Album Drop?

Meanwhile, Chloe's album, In Pieces, will be released on March 31, 2023. One can only wonder if the album will be a success following the outrage that greeted her song with Chris.