Tom Schwartz Asked to 'Make-Out' with Raquel Leviss, Kicks Katie Maloney Out

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Tom Schwartz
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The recent episodes of Vanderpump Rules, Season 10, show a continuous string of drama, whether it’s between exes, couples, or friends. Get your updates on the reality show’s latest feuds below.

Season 10, Episode 4

It seems like Raquel Leviss has taken a newfound interest in newly single Tom Schwartz as she asks to make out with him on Wednesday’s episode.

Hard To Say No

Tom, who said he “would love to,” turned down Raquel’s proposal, explaining that he wouldn’t want to upset his ex-wife, Katie Maloney. Despite Raquel telling Tom she wasn’t close to Katie, the latter didn’t budge.

A Confession Out Of Respite

After a few days, Raquel confessed what went between her and Tom to Katie and told her that it was Sheana Shay who planted the idea in her head, to which Katie responded, “This is why she is dead to me.”

Demeaning Confessions

Demeaning Confessions
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In a confessional, Katie revealed knowing that Raquel couldn’t devise such a plan simply because she wasn’t smart enough to do so, “she is literally the human equivalent of a cotton candy,” Katie responded.

A Frustrated Rant

As Tom Sandoval and his band Sandoval and the Most Extras put on a show, Katie confided in Adriana Madix, “I don’t belong here,” she started in frustration.

Best Friend Discussions

Katie shared her recent revelations with Ariana, telling her about Sheana’s interference, “she’s telling Tom everything I’m up to. Why is it her place?”

Time To Pick Sides

Time To Pick Sides
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In another confessional, Katie shared her worries, “for the last 12 years in Tom and our relationship, we’ve been a package deal within this group, but I’m worried that because of this divorce, people are really going to start choosing sides, and they’re going to choose Schwartz.”

Sneaking To Reveal Secrets

As the scene shifted to DJ James Kennedy going up on stage, Raquel took his girlfriend, Ally Lewber, outside and confronted her about James sleeping with Lala Kent. Adding fuel to the fire, Raquel asked Ally if she trusted her boyfriend, and Ally opened up that James’ recurring drinking habit and going on tour made her a “little worried.”

Keep Your Eyes Open

Keep Your Eyes Open

Ally declared that she’d just have to trust her gut on this, and Raquel asked her to keep her eyes open, after which the two returned inside.

The Boyfriend Loses It

Ally revealed her conversation with Raquel to James, which did not sit well with him. James announced that he would go to Raquel’s boyfriend and warn him about Raquel, “great girl, very sweet, but she doesn’t suck d**k very much or at all.”

Sharing Gossip

Raquel informed Charli Burnett how James had to be thrown out by security after his fight with Ally escalated. She told Charli how she made moves toward Tom and confronted Ally about James’ cheating scandal, which led to a huge fight between the couple

A Home Wrecker

A Home Wrecker

Charli told Ally it wasn’t her place to inform Ally and that the people would start branding her as a “homewrecker.” But ally replied, “How am I a homewrecker? There’s no home to wreck.”

Starting Business Soon

In another scene, Sandoval and Schwartz pressed Greg to open their bar by August 26th. Greg did not share the same enthusiasm as the other two and said, “I just don’t have time for bulls**t.”

A Confession Of Love

A Confession Of Love
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While meeting Lisa Vanderpump for tea, James told her about switching back to alcohol and being in love with Ally. When Lisa reminded him that he had said the same when he was with Raquel, James started crying.

Hide The Pain

Hide The Pain
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In her confessional, Lisa revealed, “I don’t think he wants to let everybody know about how badly he was hurt by Raquel dumping him.”

Spilling The Beans

Spilling The Beans
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At a family event in the bar, Katie showed up with Ariana and Kristina Kelly and told them how Sheana had picked sides after the divorce and said that she had to talk to Schwartz so that their post-divorce friendship was not ruined.

The Boundaries Don’t Exist

The Boundaries Don’t Exist
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When Katie opened up to Schwartz about how Sheana’s meddlesome behavior troubled her, he replied, “you are trying to set boundaries, your imaginary boundaries that don’t even exist.”

An Upsetting Turn Of Events

Turn Of Events
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During their conversation, Tom continued to wave at passersby, which pissed Katie, who complained that he was treating her poorly. Realizing that the conversation would bear no fruit, Tom said, “I think you should leave. I would actually prefer it if you left. Bad energy in here. Emotionally entitled bad energy.”

The Final Showdown

The Final Showdown
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After Katie left the club, Lisa inquired Tom and Sandoval about the reason for the delay in opening their bar. After figuring out that the two were being played by Greg she advised them to stay away from him and promised to help them sort things out.