Real Housewives Battle: Michael Darby Fires Back at Candiace Dillard Bassett

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Michael Darby
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Real Housewives of Potomac” alum Michael Darby is suing Candiace Dillard.

Micheal Denies Allegation Levied Against Him

Ashley Darby’s estranged husband, Michael Darby, 63, files a defamation lawsuit against Candiace Dillard, 36.

Why Is Michael Suing Candiace?

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This happened after she claimed he offered up cash to perform oral sex on another man, TMZ declared Thursday, citing court documents.

How Did It Happen?

How Did It Happen?
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According to the cited docs reported by TMZ, Michael is suing Candiace over comments she blurted out during the recent season of the reality series during a heated argument with Ashley, the estranged wife of the plaintiff.

When Did This Happen?

When Did This Happen?
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In a November 2022 episode of the HROP reality show, Candiace alleged that Michael “likes to leave [Ashley] and go to a man named [censored]’s house and suck his d–k.” She also claimed he pays for sex.

What Is Micheal's Reaction?

Michael Darby

Micheal is not letting the slander slide, mentioning he sent her a cease-and-desist letter earlier this year regarding her vile comments, but she is yet to retract her story.

Michael Asks For Damages Fee

According to TMZ,  the real estate executive is seeking $2 million in damages for defamation.

Does Michael Have A Case?

Michael Darby

However, it will interest you to know that courts have ruled in the past that describing someone as gay is not defamatory.

It’s Not Candiace First Rodeo

Fans of the Real Housewives shows know that Dillard’s strained relationships with both Michael and his estranged wife have been portrayed over the years with her calling Michael and Ashley out numerous times.

Ashley Gunned For Candiace Husband Too

Most recently, Ashley, 34, accused the “Drive Back” singer’s husband, Chris Bassett, of flirting with her friend Deborah Williams and sending inappropriate messages online.

But Things Are Not Lining Up

It doesn't look good
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When January footage “contradicted everything,” Ashley said in the November 2022 episode, she told “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” viewers that she was in a “difficult” spot.

Ashley Defends Deborah

Ashley explained that while she knows Deborah Williams “to be truthful,” she needs to “have a discussion” with her pal. Deborah maintains that some things were not lining up,” she said at the time.

Chris Basset Clears The Air

Clear the air
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Candiace's husband, Bassett, 44, denied flirting in a tweet.

Here Is His Tweet

"I would just like again, thank #rhop production and the team in the editing room for continuing to show LIES these women continue to tell about me,” he tweeted.

Are Ashley And Candiace Friends?

Subsequently, Ashley revealed that her friendship with Candiace is a “work in progress,” while Candiace referred to her as a flop in December 2022.

But That Wasn’t All Candiace Said

There's more
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She also accused Ashley of “skating by” on their reality show, giving the viewers nothing to savor or talk about.

Here Is Her Tweet! She Went For Ashley's Head

“Can’t pimp your children out for two-minute scenes forever,” she tweeted, referencing Ashley and Michael’s sons, Dean, 3, and Dylan, 2. She further added, "My whole family & my friends have shown up for me season after season on the show. & this bitch skates by having shown us nearly nothing. It’s a wonder she hasn’t scripted her own (yt) Karen-esq misconduct story sooner."

Did Ashley Respond?

While no tweets are indicating Ashley's response to Candiace, some fans were not having it and told her the bullying  “was getting too much.”

Oops!! She Went Too Far

She went too far
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Nevertheless, it looks like Candiace crossed the line with her recent slander, though, according to Micheal’s reaction.

What Is Candiace Saying?

Media has reached out to Candiace about her take on the lawsuit, but she is yet to respond.