Madonna Rocks a Multicolored Scarf and Pink Shorts for Her New Beau!

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Madonna shows off her signature style with a multicolored scarf and pink shorts. Find out all the details of her new romance. 

The Queen Is Back

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Madonna, 64, has been making headlines lately, and we are back with some new details about her love life. After creating a craze since her Grammy performance, the pop star has a new love interest in the town, according to the Daily Mail!

Rumors Of A New Beau

During her brand-new relationship with athlete Josh Popper, Madonna displayed her distinctive aesthetic in a string of recent photos on her Instagram on Wednesday. She added a knitted beanie with ears, stockings, and gloves without fingers to finish her quirky look.

Madonna Takes To Instagram To Share Deets

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"Why is it impossible to believe that we are as many-headed as monsters, as many armed as gods, as many-hearted as angels?" was the caption of her post while she crossed her arms to form an X.

Eccentric Book Quotes On Her Stories

The quote is from the top-rated book: The Impossible Lives Of Greta Wells, which Andrew Sean Greer wrote in 2013. The book is about a woman who transports herself to the alternative lives she may have lived!

Going Through A Rough Patch

Madonna had to receive electroshock treatment for the demise of her twin brother. It indeed is tragic, and she was also upset due to her most recent breakup.

Miss Movin’ On!

She's glowing

The artist has moved on from her previous breakup boyfriend and modeling star, Andrew Darnell. We are happy to see her glowing and growing!

Flaunts New Love On Instagram

In various photos posted on Instagram last month, Popper, who was allegedly training one of her children for boxing at Breadwinners, appeared friendly with Madonna. The two were getting very cozy with each other!

A Very Intimate Post

Madonna appears to be gripping Popper's muscular tatted-up forearm and pushing her mouth by his collarbone in a photo taken during training sessions. Popper is making his fists at the gym and looking as great as ever.

Madonna Is Making Some Headlines Recently

The images were released only a few days after Madonna received flak for the almost unrecognizably bizarre performance at the Grammy Awards. Her face looked extremely weird, but she reassured fans it would be fine soon. 

Her Healing Journey

 I am healing
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The Material Girl singer is currently grieving the passing of her brother Anthony Ciccone, who passed away last weekend. This sad incident also happened at the same time as her recent breakup with Darnell.

Popper Is Poppin’!

Another image of Popper holding the rock diva in his arms while 3 of his colleagues stand on either side of them as they stand in front of a kickboxing ring was also posted on his social media handles.

This Has Been Going On For A While

It's been a while
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Yet, insiders tell us that the two lovebirds have had intimate relationships and that their apparent expression of devotion wasn't for the cameras. It is genuine, and we are here for it.

A Little Background On Popper

Before setting up Bredwinners in Manhattan’s Flatiron District almost two years ago, the unpopular Popper sold insurance coverage. He is not as well-known as the pop icon that he’s dating.

Popper Also Coaching One Of Madonna’s Children

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It is known that Popper, a well-known sportsman who grew up in New Jersey, has been instructing one of Madonna’s children in boxing. He is from Southern New Jersey’s Egg Harbour Township.

Sharing Their Love On Instagram

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Madonna and Popper haven't discussed their relationship in the light; instead, they've shared pictures on Instagram of themselves working out with one another.

Not Confirming Their Relationship

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Popper would not confirm his relationship with the pop icon 36 years older than him. It is odd as they are actively posting with each other on social media.

Madonna Is Glowing

The pop star is happier than ever, and we are very excited for her to drop new music. She is, was, and will always be an icon.

Her New Ensemble

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Madonna’s new outfit has all fans buzzing! She is back to her iconic early stages of stardom with her exciting new getups. Let's say we are here for it!

Happy For Her

Happy For Her
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The musical icon has witnessed her share of losses, and we send her love and healing through it all. Let's hope Popper is the one for her!