Christina Ricci Grabs Chicken and Poses with 'Evil Twin' in New Fashion Spread

Ashley Hunte
Christina Ricci rocks a blunt, black bob hairstyle and a deep burgundy dress on the red carpet.

Christina Ricci showed off multiple sides of her personality in a recent photoshoot for Harper's Bazaar Taiwan.

The former child star, now 43, graced the magazine's cover for March. Stylist Sarah Gore Reeves, hairstylist Stephen Beaver, and makeup artist Allan Avendaño all helped to complete Ricci's looks for the shoot.

The Actress Seemed To Have Fun With The Shoot, Too

Ricci appeared at an event in 2008.
Wikimedia Commons | David Shankbone [Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0]

"Me and my evil twin wearing hats for my favorite [photographer] Nino Muñoz," Ricci wrote in the caption for an Instagram post, showing off the photo she did for the cover of Harper's Bazaar Taiwan.

The Cover Of The Magazine Had Fans Seeing Double

In the photo, Christina Ricci poses in a white suit and matching hat, her back facing an identical copy of herself.

Ricci Showed Off A Few More Incredible Shots

Ricci later showed off more images from the magazine, which included several different, fabulous outfits.

And She Wasn't Quite Done With Them

It seems like Ricci's 1.6 million Instagram followers couldn't get enough of the incredible pics of the star in Harper's Bazaar Taiwan.

All The Pictures Are Amazing In Their Own Ways

One image, which was prominent on Harper's Bazaar Taiwan's Instagram page, showed Ricci holding a black chicken, which highly contrasted with the white outfit the actress was wearing.

The Magazine Even Shared A Snippet From An Interview With Ricci

"I deliberately took different types of jobs and played many different roles until the effort was enough to overwhelm my impression of being stereotyped," she said, which was translated from Chinese in the caption to their Instagram post.

Ricci, Who Rose To Prominence In The 90s After Portraying Wednesday Addams, Appeared In Netflix's 'Wednesday'

Christina Ricci played Wednesday Addams in the 1991 and 1993 Addams Family movies.

The titular character of the Netflix hit was played by Jenna Ortega, but featured Ricci in a prominent role.

The Harper's Bazaar Taiwan Post Continued To Discuss How Ricci Felt About Wednesday Addams

Wednesday Addams at a lake, in front of girls wearing orange swimsuits.

"When the whole world is crazy about the news of two generations of playing the same stage [in Netflix's Wednesday], not knowing it was once the hardest tag to take off Christina Ricci's drama career," the caption read, once again translated.

This Comes Shortly After Ricci's Most Recent Public Appearance

On Monday, Ricci attended the 25th annual Costume Designers Guild Awards, where she presented the award for Excellence in Period Television to Catherine Martin, according to InStyle.

The Outfit She Wore To The Event Was Absolutely Stunning

Posting a picture to Instagram, Ricci showed off the incredible long-sleeve burgundy dress with a high slit and gold pins shaped like birds. And of course, she rocked her signature bangs with a black bob hairstyle.

Decades After Her Rise To Fame, Ricci Continues To Act

Her acting credits over the years have included a number of large and smaller-scale projects.

She Continues To Regularly Work In Both Film And Television

In addition to 2022's Wednesday, Ricci has appeared in films such as 2021's The Matrix Resurrections and the upcoming films Unplugged and The Dresden Sun.

And Of Course, She Has A Prominent Role In 'Yellowjackets'

Yellowjackets, which first premiered in 2021, boasts an ensemble cast that includes Tawny Cypress and Melanie Lynskey.

Ricci Appears In The Show As Misty Quigley

Split between two timelines, Ricci plays the adult version of the character, with Sammi Hanratti playing her teenage counterpart. Ricci went on to be nominated for a Primetime Emmy for her acting in the show.

Ricci Will Be Back For The Second Season Of 'Yellowjackets'

Shortly after the show's first season began airing, it got renewed for a second season, which is set to premiere later this month. By the end of 2022, the show was also renewed for a third season.

Filming For The Second Season Began Late Last Year

In December, Ricci posted a photo of herself with a goat while on the set of Yellowjackets.

She Later Posted A Pic Of Herself With A New Costar

In January, Ricci posted a pic with Elijah Wood, who joined the show for the second season.

Ricci Then Confirmed That Filming Had Wrapped Up For The Show

Christina Ricci, along with Tawny Cypress, Melanie Lynskey, Juliette Lewis, Simone Kessell, and Lauren Ambrose for the wrap of Yellowjackets Season 2.
instagramStories | @riccigrams via TV Fanatic

In February, Ricci posted a pic with her costars, confirming that filming for Yellowjackets season 2 had been completed.

The Whole Cast Seemed To Be Excited

Sammi Hanratty, Ricci's teen counterpart in the show, also showed off a pic from the set of season 2, celebrating the end of filming.