Madonna, 64, Breaks Age Barriers with Relationship with 29-Year-Old Boxer

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Age is undoubtedly nothing but a number for Madonna, as she strongly has a thing for younger men. The iconic singer, who lost her older brother a few days ago, seems to be finding solace in the arms of new special someone, according to reports from Daily Mail.

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Does Madonna Have A New Lover

According to the outlet, sources close to Madonna claim that she has a new lover in the form of boxing coach Josh Popper, who is 29 years old.

Popper Is Training One Of Madonna's Children

Daily Mail | Madonna/ Daily Mail

According to the report, Popper is training one of Madonna's kids at the Flatiron District gym, Bredwinners.

On Ending Her Relationship With Andrew

The 64-year-old and 23-year-old model and skateboarder, Andrew Darnell, recently ended their relationship.

Sharing Pictures On Instagram

But two weeks ago, Popper shared several images of him and Madonna working at his gym on his Instagram page.

One of the pictures shows the Queen of Pop with her arm around Popper's and her mouth resting on his bicep while she is dressed in a long, black coat.

She Follows Popper On Instagram

The Vogue superstar, who has a reputation for never "bowing down" to naysayers for her age-defying fashion, also follows Popper on Instagram.

Cuddling Popper

Madonna and Josh Popper
Daily Mail | Madonna/ Daily Mail

In an Instagram Story, the Material Girl singer posted an identical image of herself cuddling Popper's arm with the caption: "In a male-driven culture, there are always exceptions."

With another since-expired Instagram story photo of herself holding a punching bag, she added the caption, "Hard to ignore the reality... that most women get demolished."

He's Referred To As A Coach

Popper is referred to as a "lifelong athlete and a full-time coach" on the Bredwinners website.

Josh is not new to sports, but something about boxing goes beyond his love of movement; they continue.

Are They Public Yet?

Although, the two have not publicly announced their relationship and have not yet confirmed or denied it. But something is brewing there for sure.

Popper Featured In Summer House

Josh Popper in summer house
Daily Mail | Josh/ Daily Mail

Suppose Popper's face does, however, look familiar. In that case, he recently appeared in a cameo on Monday's Summer House episode, showing up to hang out with the gang via new cast member, Sam Feher.

His Partner In The Show

Popper, her trainer, had accepted Feher's invitation to visit the Hamptons. They were both attracted to each other, but the athlete declined to dance with the businessman on the kitchen island, so she dismissed the idea of romance.

Why Andrew And Madonna Broke Up

Madonna is currently single as well. According to insiders who spoke to Page Six last month, she and model Andrew Darnell ended their "very casual" fling after the 23-year-old found someone closer to his age.

Madonna's Not Heartbroken

However, a source told the outlet that the pop star was "not broken-hearted" about the breakup; they acknowledged that it came "at a bad time," as she had been "having a bit of a confidence crisis."

Where Andrew And Madonna Met

The pair first connected during a photo shoot last year, shortly after Madonna ended her three-year relationship with Ahlamalik Williams, a 28-year-old backup dancer.

Who Is Josh Popper?

From Rowan University in Glassboro, New Jersey, the former NFL prospect was a promising defensive end (DE). After graduating, he turned to boxing in 2015 after failing to fulfill his football dream. He was then left to open Bredwinners Gym in New York City.

His Dreams

Since then, Popper has become a boxing prodigy and even gained notoriety on television by joining the cast of Bravo's Summer House. The 6'4", 240-pound boxer has also stated that he hopes to compete professionally.

Grammy Drama

Recent events include Madonna's appearance at the Grammy Awards, where vocal fans described her as "unrecognizable" while speaking to introduce Sam Smith and Kim Petras's performance.

Getting Candid About Her Face

After publicly criticizing her detractors on social media a few weeks later, Madonna tweeted that the surgical swelling had subsided and described herself as "cute" while displaying a close-up of her face.

Madonna is Going Through It

Meanwhile, Madonna hasn't had it easy lately as she's been mourning for her brother Anthony Ciccone, who passed away on Friday. According to a source who spoke to Page Six, she was paying the bill for her sibling's stay in a Michigan rehab facility at the time of his passing.

On Not Giving Up

The superstar, who shared a video of herself in the studio getting ready for her celebration tour, isn't letting the circumstance get to her, though.