A Bride's Controversial Joke Sparks Unexpected Drama the Day Before the Wedding

Shocked bride.
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It's a time of joy and celebration when it comes to weddings, with all the excitement and anticipation of the big day. But for one bridesmaid, the events surrounding her sister-in-law's wedding took a dramatic turn when the bride made some controversial comments.

The bridesmaid, who has been with her fiancé for five years, was left feeling uncomfortable when her sister-in-law began to praise a female ex-friend of her fiancé's who had caused a lot of damage in the past. The bride then proceeded to say that she wished her brother had ended up with the female ex-friend instead of the bridesmaid.

Unable to stay in the role of bridesmaid, the woman chose to step down and give her dress to the bride so that she could still contact the female ex-friend to be the new bridesmaid. Her fiance's family was supportive of her decision, but her actual family was not so understanding.

Now, the bridesmaid is questioning whether she was wrong for walking away from the role of bridesmaid, or if the bride is the one in the wrong for making such comments. She posted her story on the AITA subreddit to find out what Redditors would think.

A joke gone wrong and unexpected drama on the day before the wedding!

specific_opening_881 | specific_opening_881

On the day before the wedding, a bride's joke caused unexpected drama! 🤦‍♀️

specific_opening_881 | specific_opening_881

The bride's joke caused unexpected drama the day before her wedding after her fiancé's family tried to set him up with an old friend.

specific_opening_881 | specific_opening_881

Tension arises when the bride's joke puts her future sister-in-law in an awkward position.

specific_opening_881 | specific_opening_881

The bride-to-be had close ties with her fiancee's brother and sister before her wedding day - but a joke sparked unexpected drama!

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The bride's unexpected joke about an ex-friend sparks some unexpected drama just one day before the wedding 🤯

specific_opening_881 | specific_opening_881

A bride's joke causes unexpected drama right before the wedding, leaving her fiancé feeling hurt and angry.

specific_opening_881 | specific_opening_881

Unforeseen drama arises when a bride's joke takes a sour turn

specific_opening_881 | specific_opening_881

Drama erupts the day before the wedding when a bride's joke backfires and she is forced to apologize.

specific_opening_881 | specific_opening_881

The bride's joke sparks drama as the bridesmaid withdraws, offering her dress to the former friend.

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Fiancé's joke sparks unexpected drama the day before the wedding 😱

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The bride's joke caused unexpected drama, with the bride's in-laws trying to convince the bridesmaid to stay

specific_opening_881 | specific_opening_881

Family drama erupts when a bride's joke doesn't go as planned. Is the bride TA or not?

specific_opening_881 | specific_opening_881

A joke gone wrong causes unexpected drama for a bride the day before the wedding

specific_opening_881 | specific_opening_881

The bride's joke sparks unexpected drama, with a note to commenters to be brave in the comments and not private chat.

specific_opening_881 | specific_opening_881

A bride's joke sparks unexpected drama the day before the wedding. 🤯

At a family lunch the day before her sister-in-law's wedding, the bride made a controversial joke about her brother's ex-friend. This joke caused the brother and his fiancé to feel uncomfortable, and the fiancé became angry. The bride then said that it was a shame her brother never got to date his ex-friend because his fiancé 'took her place' and that she could not call her a sister because of this.

The fiancé withdrew as a bridesmaid in response to the bride's words and left with her fiancé. The bride's family attempted to convince the fiancé to stay but respected her wish to walk out. Is the fiancé in the wrong for responding the way she did?

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Bride's “joke” sparks unexpected drama 👀

Historical-Soup | Historical-Soup

Bride's 🤔joke sparks 💥drama 🤷‍♀️


😲 Dramatic family tensions 🤯

LewisHamilton2008 | LewisHamilton2008

🤔 What happens when a bride's joke backfires?

DK_Boy12 | DK_Boy12

⚖️ Bride's joke sparks drama!

Amara_Undone | Amara_Undone

NTA! 🤦‍♀️Fiancé stands by you!

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Bride's joke sparks unexpected drama 🤯

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An unexpected drama 🤯

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Holy cow! NTA drama 😱

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👊 A Bride's plea for courage!

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🤔 A bride's joke sparks drama!

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NTA: Big time drama⚔️

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👏 Kudos for attending!

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Bride's joke sparks unexpected drama✨

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😮Bride's joke sparks drama😮

quippers | quippers

A family drama unfolds✨

Whitestaunton | Whitestaunton

NTA 👏 Bride shows 💯 grace 🙌

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NTA. A bride's bold joke 🤭

BeBackInASchmeck | BeBackInASchmeck

NTA: Taking the high road 🤝

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👑 A Queen's grace 🐍

Rrralesh | Rrralesh

Bride's joke sparks drama! 😱

lizfour | lizfour

Brutal revenge 👀

EzrasWriter | EzrasWriter

NTA, but would you go? 🤔

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NTA: Unwanted in the wedding 🤔

Charlie_Parkers_Mood | Charlie_Parkers_Mood

Conflicting opinions 😕

lulhoofdFTW | lulhoofdFTW

The unexpected drama 🤯

Borgteddy | Borgteddy

Family drama on the wedding day 😳

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🤔 Stand-off between bride & bridesmaid

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Bride ✔️ NTA ✔️ NC ✔️

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👰🤵 Drama on the big day🤯

mboron021990 | mboron021990

👰🤔 NTA on bride's joke

jinxrn1975 | jinxrn1975

Not the a**hole 🤷‍♀️

spacegal777 | spacegal777

Bride's joke sparks drama 👀

Alert_Sorbet4016 | Alert_Sorbet4016

Bride's joke causes 💔 on her wedding day!

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Standing up to drama 👊

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Bride's joke sparks 🔥

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Family drama 🤯 the day before the wedding 💒

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What do you do when 🤔 your family & groom 🤷‍♂️ suck? 🤦‍♀️

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👏🏼 Standing up to bullying!

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Bride's joke sparks unexpected drama 🤯

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Bride's “joke” sparks drama 💔

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Handling awkwardness at its best 🙃

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The drama unfolds 🔥 when 🤵's SIL makes a 🤬 joke!

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Family drama on the day before the wedding 😱

Tralfamadorians_go | Tralfamadorians_go

NTA: Family ✋ Not Joking 🙅‍♂️

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👎🏽 Bride's 'joke' sparks unexpected drama!

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NTA! 💯The bride's family takes center stage 🎭

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NTA: Bride's joke not a joke?

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🤔 NTA: walking away

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A bride's joke sparks 🤯 drama!

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NTA, that was 🤬 rude!

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Bride's joke sparks 🤯 drama

Flaky_Fee8314 | Flaky_Fee8314

NTA: A bride's joke 🤷‍♀️

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NTA: 🤔 Her joke backfired!

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⚠️ Is the bride 🤐or 🗣?

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⚡️ NTA: Male Version?

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NTA: 🤷‍♀️😡👎

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🤔 Bride's joke sparks drama

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Fiance and family stand up for bride❤️

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🤔 Bride makes an unexpected and controversial statement that has unexpected drama the day before the wedding.

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Bride's joke sparks unexpected 🤯

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SILs + weddings = 🤯

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🤔 NTA? 🤔

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A bride's joke sparks 🤔

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Bride's bad joke 🤦‍♀️

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Controversial joke sparks 🔥

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Bride's joke backfires 👀

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Bride sparks drama 🤯


It's not funny to joke 😡

Vaidurya | Vaidurya

NTA - the future SIL is an a**hole 🤬

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NTA, you did the right thing 💯

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A bride's joke sparks 🤔 drama!

Tinamarie0414 | Tinamarie0414

🤦‍♀️ Bride's joke causes unexpected drama!