Mod Sun's Heartbreaking Confession on the Split With Avril Lavigne

Dani Sanders
Mod Sun and Avril Lavigne
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In a recent Instagram post, Mod Sun confirms the news we’ve all been dreading. The famous singing duo and engaged couple Mod Sun and Avril Lavigne have broken up, and here’s what we know about the couple’s romantic timeline and the surprising breakup.

News Of Breakup

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After spending two years of being completely smitten with each other, Mod and Avril have gone their separate ways, a representative of the rapper informed Page Six.

A Heartbreaking Confirmation

Derek Ryan Smith, more famously known as Mod Sun, shared a picture of himself wearing a white vest and messy hair with an emotional caption that read, “Verified

In 1 week, my entire life completely changed…I just know there’s a plan for it all. I’ll keep my head up + always listen to my heart, even when it feels broken.”

The Support Of Loved Ones

He continued to express his gratitude for his friends who’ve been helping him cope with the heartbreak, saying, “Being surrounded by love every night on tour has been an absolute blessing. I have the best friends in the entire world; thanks for always having my back.”

The Engagement Comes To An End

Engagement called off

It was revealed that Avril Lavigne was the one who called off the engagement since the couple had been “on and off” in the past months.

Pre-Grammy Party

Avril Lavigne
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The breakup news comes as a surprise since just a few weeks ago; the two were spotted together at the pre-Grammy party and chatting with other stars in attendance.

Unfaithful Till The Last Moment

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While we don’t know the exact reason for the breakup, sources reveal that the two had never been unfaithful to each other.

A Malibu Outing

One day before the breakup news surfaced, Avril was spotted with friends in Malibu, one of whom was Tyga.

Just Friends

Just friends
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Following their dinner in Malibu, Avril, and Tyga shared an embrace and left together in the same car. Their meeting speculated cheating rumors, but insiders have revealed that the two are strictly just friends.

An Important Feature

In early February, rapper Mod Sun released his album God Save The Teen, which features two tracks, Avril’s Song and Shelter, sung by his then-fiancee, Avril Lavigne.

A Real Woman

Real woman
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Before the album's release, Mod talked about Avril’s song being a “total metaphor” for how meeting Lavigne helped him “go through the chaos that life gives you.”

Inspiration For Shelter

Shelter, which is another track on Mod’s album, was inspired by Avril, who also features in the song. Talking about Shelter, Mod reveals it’s about “ 'when you find someone that you want to go through life with.”

Plans To Start A Family

Mod also revealed plans of starting a family of his own with Avril, “When you realize that success can be defined in growing old and creating a family….This is the first time in my life that I've started to think about defining success in that way. I want to grow old. I want to be a dad, and then I want to be a grandpa.”

A Workplace Romance

Workplace romance
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The two musicians started their romance through work meetings and significantly contributed to each other’s music careers. In 2021, Lavigne featured in Mod’s song, Flames, while the rapper was the assistant producer for Lavigne’s album, Love Sux.

The Romance Begins

The pair first ignited romance rumors in December 2020, and Mod later proposed to the singer in Paris in March 2021.

Proposal In Paris

Avril gushed about the proposal saying, “It was the most perfect, romantic proposal I could ever ask for.”

An Unstoppable Connection

Great connection
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Recalling her first meeting with the rapper, Avril said, “I knew we had a very strong unstoppable connection from the first week of writing and working together in the studio. Immediately.”

A Heartfelt Birthday Wish

birthday wish
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For Avril’s birthday in 2022, Mod shared a heartfelt birthday wish for his fiancee on his Instagram.

A Poem Of Love

In the passionate poem he shared, Mod wrote, “To my soulmate, you are such a gift to this world + to say I'm lucky to share a life with you is the understatement of the century...not to mention you are also the most beautiful woman that's ever walked this earth.”

Two Years Of Love

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While we’ll be shedding a tear or two at this beautiful piece, do tell us what you think about this unexpected breakup.