Harry Styles' Hilarious Response To Aussie Fan's Wild Sign At Concert

Chukwudi Onyewuchi
Singer Harry Styles
Getty | Dave J Hogan

Harry Styles fans are well known for their unreserved love for the English singer and songwriter. Recently, a fan showed she was no exception, as she attended Harry's Australia concert with a risqué sign. Here are the details about Harry's response to the sign.

Harry's Tuesday's Performance

Harry's Gold Coast concert in Australia on Tuesday was filled with many amazing moments, one of which was when the singer reacted to a fan's wild sign.

Fan Shows Up With A Risqué Sign

Fans holding risque sign during Harry Styles' performance
TikTok | Frankie Fisher/TikTok

TikTok user Frankie Fisher captured the icon's hilarious reaction to her handmade sign: "I think of you when I shag my boyfriend."

TikToker Shares Harry's Reaction 

After catching the As It Was hit maker's live response on camera, Frankie took to TikTok to share the video, which has since caused an uproar.

Details Of The Video 

The clip showed the 29-year-old singer giving the audience a countdown to his next song while walking around the stage before inspecting the sign.

The TikToker Believes Harry Liked It

After spotting the sign, Harry raised his eyebrows before laughing and shaking his head in disbelief as he made his way down the stage to perform. Frankie captioned the post, "Safe to say I think he liked it."

Fans React To The Clip

Shortly after the post hit TikTok, other Harry Styles fans couldn't get over it and took to the comments section to air their thoughts.

Fan Says Harry Was Stunned 

One TikTok user noted that the singer couldn't believe what he read, while another added that they saw the handmade sign during the concert and hoped for Harry to see it.

The Words On The Sign Were Relatable

A third user confessed that the sign was funny to read and the singer's reaction was real, while a fourth noted that the sign was relatable as fans had fantasized him at least once.

Harry Leaves Fans Horrified 

Singer Harry Styles
Flickr | lana.r.altman

Frankie's post comes over a week after Harry left his fans disgusted by performing an Australian tradition during his live performance in Perth.

'Shoey' — The Disgusting Aussie Tradition 

On February 20, 2023, the Grammy Award winner brought a crowd member on stage and asked the man if he had ever done a 'shoey'— an Aussie tradition that requires a person to drink from their shoe. 

Harry Makes An Agreement With A Fan 

Afterward, Harry urged the fan to perform the act live on stage, promising that he would do it, too. Once the man agreed, drinking water from his shoe, the singer fulfilled his promise.

Harry Fulfills His Promise

Taking off his $1,170 Adidas x Gucci shoe, Harry poured water from a bottle and addressed the crowd saying, "This is one of the most disgusting traditions I've ever heard of."

Harry's Reaction Afterward

Next, he raised the shoe to his lips and proceeded to drink the liquid before dumping the rest on his face. Harry then revealed he felt like a different person.

Harry Jokes About Seeing A Therapist

The singer also said he felt ashamed of himself before confessing that it felt personal and sharing such a moment with many people was intimate. Harry ended by joking that he would discuss his actions with his therapist at length.

Harry Makes A Fan's Proposal Memorable

A few days later, Harry made the news again after he helped a fan propose to his girlfriend during his performance in Brisbane.

Details Of The Emotional Moment 

The star stopped his concert halfway through the set to hand Stevan Filiposki a microphone so he could pop the question to the love of his life, Connie Morrison.

The Crowd Share In The Couple's Joy 

Thankfully, the big proposal went well as Connie gave her man the answer he desired, with the crowd cheering for the couple as they kissed.

Harry's Final Days In Australia 

Meanwhile, Harry will continue visiting cities in Australia for the tour before wrapping things up in Sydney on March 3 and March 4.

Harry's Next Destination

Afterward, the star will proceed to New Zealand, where he is expected to perform at Mt Smart Stadium in Auckland on March 7.