Son And Fiancée Decide To Exclude His Own Parents From The Wedding, One Of Them Takes A Hard Stand

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Whether or not you’re a parent, you’ve probably heard the oft-quoted saying “you’ll never understand what it’s like to be a parent until you have your own kids.” Well, I’m gonna guess you won’t fully understand until you’re on the receiving end of a dastardly move made by your own offspring. This father wants to know whether he was in the wrong for kicking his son and his fiancée out of the house he bought for them, which they were living in rent-free, after they decided to uninvite him and his wife from their wedding, labeling them ‘not good enough’ to be in their presence.

Son & Fiancée choose to leave parents out of their wedding, one parent takes a hard stance

in-law-issues | in-law-issues

Son and fiancée decide to not invite his parents to the wedding, one parent takes a hard stance

in-law-issues | in-law-issues

Son and fiancée take a big step in their relationship, with one parent taking a hard stand.

in-law-issues | in-law-issues

The bride and groom's family drama comes to a head as the wedding approaches

in-law-issues | in-law-issues

Family bond tested as son and fiancée exclude his own parents from the wedding 🤔

in-law-issues | in-law-issues

Family drama takes an unexpected turn as the son and his fiancée exclude his parents from the wedding.

in-law-issues | in-law-issues

Son's parents are excluded from the wedding due to "not being their kind of people". 😔

in-law-issues | in-law-issues

Son's fiancée's family excludes his parents from wedding, leaving them stunned.

in-law-issues | in-law-issues

Son's parents take a hard stand against being excluded from the wedding.

in-law-issues | in-law-issues

The father's hard stance: "I lost it, and told them that they had 30 days to get out." 💔

in-law-issues | in-law-issues

A parent's tough love in the face of exclusion from their son's wedding

in-law-issues | in-law-issues

His parents' ultimatum: 'get out' in 30 days or face eviction

in-law-issues | in-law-issues

The father shows his disapproval of his son's decision by taking a hard stand.

in-law-issues | in-law-issues

A father takes a hard stand when his son and fiancé exclude his own parents from the wedding 🤔

When a father and son bought a four bedroom house in PA for the son to live in, everything seemed to be going well. That is until the son got engaged. The son and his fiancé decided to exclude the son's own parents from the wedding and this didn't sit well with the father. The father was so angry that he told the son and his future in-laws they had 30 days to get out and he was selling the house. Is the father an a**hole for taking a hard stance on this? In this post, we'll explore the reactions of the readers and see what they think.

👩‍👦 Son excludes family from wedding 🤔

Poppycorn144 | Poppycorn144

The comment and replies debate if the son's decision to exclude his parents from his wedding is NTA or not. The comment asks several questions such as 'how was your son ok with excluding his whole family?' and 'are we missing some info, OP?', while the replies suggest that it might be a religious thing or a case of brainwashing. Ultimately, the replies agree that it's NTA regardless of the lack of information.

NTA for taking a hard stand! 💪

happy_meow | happy_meow

The original poster (OP) is 'not the a**hole' for taking a hard stance against their son and his fiancée for excluding them from the wedding. They suggest that the OP needs a lawyer now, and should video tape the property with a time stamp to hold any potential damage accountable. Replies agree that the OP is 'not the a**hole' and provide suggestions about speaking to their son, as well as advice about eviction notices in some states.

NTA: Squatters🤣

pepperpat64 | pepperpat64

The comment says that the fiancée's parents moving in to the son's house is bizarre and suggests to tell them that they are not the son's kind of people, or 'squatters'. Replies discuss how the parents don't think the son is good enough and that it could be a sign of an abusive relationship.

NTA: 🤣 A hard 🤚 to the son!

shooter0213 | shooter0213

The comment said NTA (Not the A-hole) and found the son's entitlement to the house hilarious. The replies gave the possibility of the son being taken advantage of and the father extending him benefit of the doubt and emotional support. A good and necessary thing to remove everyone from the house, but the son shouldn't be cut off just yet.

NTA: 👎 No Free Rent!

pnutbuttercups56 | pnutbuttercups56

The comment suggested that the son is not very smart for letting his in-laws stay rent-free in a house he owns, and the reply mentioned that they would have tried to make the wife part owner of the house after the wedding. Both commenters agreed that it was a no-a**hole situation here (NTA).

NTA: Son's family excluded from wedding 🤬

ShiloX35 | ShiloX35

The comment states that the son's decision to exclude his family from the wedding is a 'pretty big FU' to his family. Replies suggest that the fiancé's family may be controlling and abusive, and that there is more to the story than the original poster has let on. 🤔

🤔 NTA: Don't let toxic relationships keep going forward

One_Hawk8396 | One_Hawk8396

The commenter is not the a-hole and believes that the son should not exclude his family from the wedding. They suggested that if the son and his fiancée are looking for an easy life, they should find another house together instead. A reply speculates how long the fiancée will stick around.

🤔 NTA: Son's questionable move

SatelliteBeach123 | SatelliteBeach123

The comment questions the son's decision to exclude his parents from the wedding. Replies suggest the possibility of abuse or a con, and the commenter agrees with the sentiment.

Family drama? 🤔 Can't be too choosy!

HistoricalDelay8260 | HistoricalDelay8260

The comment suggests that the couple's decision to exclude the OP's parents is because they are not 'their kind of people.' The replies suggest that it could be due to religious bigotry or racism in the couple's community, or that the couple's community is 'super duper conservative.'

NTA! 💔 Son needs family support.

me0mio | me0mio

The comment advises the son to tell his fiancé's family that he is concerned about them isolating him from his own family and that he will have his back no matter what. It further suggests that the son should reconsider why he is with someone who is so hell bent on separating him from his family and living off his financial freedom. The replies provide three choices to the son's parents regarding their property and a suggestion to tell the future in-laws that they won't be financially supported.

Parents excluded from son's wedding? 😔

Prudent_Border5060 | Prudent_Border5060

Commenter claims the son is a 'spoiled brat' and the fiancée is a 'gold digger'. Replies suggest the couple is trying to isolate him from his family and that their fast moving in was a 'huge red flag'.

😠 Parents evicted by son and fiancée

Drewstosay | Drewstosay

The comment suggests that the parents should get a lawyer and officially evict the in-laws, as they are technically squatters. They should also take pictures and videos to protect themselves from any damages that the in-laws might do to spite them.

Family drama 🤷‍♂️

Glittering_Joke3438 | Glittering_Joke3438

The comment speculates that there may be more to the story of the son and his fiancée's decision to exclude his own parents from the wedding. Replies suggest that the parents may not be the same 'sort of people' and could be from a different culture or be a same-sex couple. Another reply suggests that the parents may have assumed they would get a good house after the wedding and assumed the son owned it since he had no bills.

NTA - 💔 Parents excluded!

Zykium | Zykium

The comment states that the parents are 'NTA' (not the a**hole) and that they 'just lost a cushy situation' due to the son's decision to exclude them from the wedding.

🔥 NTA: Evict Rent-Free Tenants 🔥

LouisV25 | LouisV25

The comment is making a strong statement that the son and his fiancée's family should be evicted from the house, as they are taking advantage of the situation by living rent-free and excluding the son's parents from the wedding. The comment advises the son's parents to start the eviction process immediately and to be there for their son when the family tells him he is not their kind of people.

Family drama turns 🔥🔥🔥

GoHomePovvo | GoHomePovvo

The section comment questions the authenticity of the story and suggests that the son may be the a**hole. Replies discuss possible issues that could be behind the family's decision to shut out the parents, and conclude that the story is fake.

🤔 NTA, but an interesting situation

notastepfordwife | notastepfordwife

The commenter is not the a**hole, but suggested that 30 days was too long for the in-laws to move out. Another reply suggested that proper channels must be followed since the son and fiancée established residency.

👎 NTA: Son's bed made?

fhornofvalere | fhornofvalere

The comment author says that the son, who is excluding his parents from the wedding, is 'not the a**hole', and is taking responsibility for his own decisions. No replies were found.

A 21-year-old's struggle

sidnandbls | sidnandbls

A 21-year-old struggles to pay for their own wisdom teeth surgery and mentions how much better their mental health would be if they could stay at their parents' second home for free.

NTA: selling the house 🏠

[deleted] | [deleted]

The comment expresses that the commenter is not the a**hole (NTA) and suggests that the son and his fiancée's decision to exclude his own parents from the wedding is wrong, and that the commenter is selling their house before it is 'tainted' by them.

🤔 Excluding family from wedding? YTA

Yes-nt | Yes-nt

Commenter labeled the post as "rage-bait" and called the poster YTA (you're the a**hole). Replies agreed with the comment and suggested this sub has become a creative rage bait writing sub. Pretty sad, according to one reply.

Parents excluded from son's wedding 👀

maat89 | maat89

The commenter calls out the son and fiancée for excluding his parents from their wedding and then asking for housing. According to the commenter, they got what they deserved and are not the a-hole in this situation.

A case of 🤔 or 🤬?

amateurbeard | amateurbeard

The comment expresses a feeling that the article might be an example of rage bait. No replies found.

🤔🤔 Is it real?

ohmy_omg | ohmy_omg

OP has not replied to the comment, leading to speculation if the comment is real or not.

Is it wise to exclude 👪?

Awkward-Bicycle9252 | Awkward-Bicycle9252

The comment questions the wisdom of the couple's decision to exclude the son's parents from the wedding and suggests that their relationship may not last, due to them having to move in with the son.

High stakes family drama 😱

d_i_g_g_i_n_g | d_i_g_g_i_n_g

The commenter questions why their own parents were uninvited from the wedding, wondering what about them could be so embarrassing that it warranted exclusion. No replies found.

😱 A shocking wedding 💔

Zupheal | Zupheal

In this comment, the user is questioning the situation, asking if there were any previous issues or beliefs that led to the exclusion of the parents from the wedding. No replies were found.

NTA: 🤯 Excluding parents from wedding

puckinggoalie | puckinggoalie

Commenter calls out the couple for excluding the parents from their wedding, suggesting that the couple may be driven by snobbery since they don't own any homes.

OP has 😱 a hard decision!

jenna_grows | jenna_grows

The comment suggests that OP has taken an action that caused them to not respond to any comment, either fake or real. The comment concludes that the OP is the a**hole in this situation.

️Strange theory or not, this comment's speaker is confused.

Weary-Bandicoot-2282 | Weary-Bandicoot-2282

The comment's speaker expresses confusion at the parents' theory that they will embarrass the couple at their wedding, despite having no home to live in and having to move in with their child.

Is something missing? 🤔

bokatan778 | bokatan778

The comment questions if something else is going on in the situation, such as "cultural\/political\/religious differences", in order to understand why the son and his fiancée have decided to exclude his own parents from the wedding. The comment suggests that there may only be a few possibilities that would make the son the a-hole.

Family drama 🤔

Amberleh | Amberleh

Commenter senses missing reasons for the son and fiancée's decision to exclude his parents from the wedding. A reply suggests this could be due to greed and entitlement. The reply also encourages the original poster to kick out the 'too classy to mingle' son from his home, since he was the one who provided the money to maintain it.

A hard stand taken 🤔

escargeaux | escargeaux

The comment asks what transpired before the family's decision to exclude the son's parents from the wedding, suggesting there might be more information to the story than initially presented.

🤔 Suspiciously vague — info needed!

ruggeddave | ruggeddave

The commenter asked for an elaboration on 'not their kind of people' and expressed suspicion due to the fact that someone left their house visibly upset without a seriously good reason. The commenter reserved their judgement.

NTA: 🤔 Get a lawyer! 💼

Affectionate-Fee-437 | Affectionate-Fee-437

The comment suggests that the son's parents should not be allowed to attend the wedding, and that the couple should consider hiring a lawyer to protect their interests. No replies found.

NTA, but be there for your son 💙

Mag1cDonutGahd | Mag1cDonutGahd

The commenter advises the original poster not to take the side of the fiancée's parents and to be there for their son, as their intentions may not be as innocent as they seem. They mention that the parents may have been trying to get the house they bought for him, by having their daughter marry him and then divorce him a few months later to get the house free, and potentially even lie and slander the original poster's family in the process.

NTA: Son's future in-laws are 🤬

lizmzimm | lizmzimm

The commenter is not the a**hole (NTA) and believes the son is under the influence of his future in-laws who are trying to separate him from his family and control his decisions. The commenter suggests the parents should kick them out and the son should learn to set better boundaries and show respect to his actual family.

Parents excluded from wedding 😮

gofigure62 | gofigure62

The commenter is Not The A**hole, expressing shock at the entitlement of the couple to exclude their own parents from the wedding.

Believing the truth 🤔

tomtomclubthumb | tomtomclubthumb

The comment questions the validity of the story, asking if we're expected to believe it or not.

A hard take on 🧐 an 🤔unbelievable 🤥situation

adonis4life | adonis4life

The comment takes a hard stance, calling the son "the AH" if the story is true. It also suggests that if the story is indeed true, then it's time to "forget you have a son". If the story is a lie, then the comment suggests the author should "work on [their] creative skill".

🤔 What do you think?

sworcha | sworcha

The comment expresses skepticism about the article's premise, questioning the couple's decision to exclude their parents from the wedding. No replies were found.

Tough Love: 🔥 💔 🔥

jameson245 | jameson245

The comment advises the son to reconsider his marriage before it turns into a nightmare. They also warn him to be careful or else his family might destroy his property before leaving.

Parents take hard stand 💪

RandomSleepyPanda | RandomSleepyPanda

The parent commented NTA (not the a**hole) after their son and fiancée excluded them from their wedding. They suggested making sure they aren't violating anything with giving their son 30 days to move out, and advised to sell the house instead of keeping it for their son, since he showed he doesn't care about them.

No tenant's rights 😱

SingleAlfredoFemale | SingleAlfredoFemale

The comment suggests to check with a lawyer ASAP to avoid having a "worse mess". The reply mentions that the parents likely have tenant's rights due to having lived there for a while, and advises the OP to follow the law where they live.

NTA: 🥴 Son's in-laws think you're hillbillies 🤨

lillybelles | lillybelles

The commenter is NTA (not the a**hole) as they describe themselves as generous and well-off people. They express disbelief that their son and his fiancée would think they would be okay with being barred from attending their own son's wedding. They suggest kicking their son out of their house and selling the baby they purchased for him.

🤔 A possible case of abuse?

downvotingprofile | downvotingprofile

The comment suggests that the son may be in an abusive relationship, which could explain why his fiancée is trying to keep his parents away from the wedding.

Parents excluded from wedding 😲

RuggedKittyKat | RuggedKittyKat

The section comment states "This is a made up stupid story". No replies found.

NTA: 🤔🤔

TallBobcat | TallBobcat

The comment's author believes the couple's decision is not wrong and suggests they learn a valuable lesson. The comment also suggests to talk with the son's friends to see if he is being isolated from them too.