Mom Refuses To Make Her 4 Y.O. Son Apologize To MIL’s Girlfriend’s “Goddaughter”, Family Drama Ensues

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Mother and son
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Mom stands her ground and refuses to apologize to MIL's unkind "goddaughter"

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Mom's son accused of misunderstanding, but she knows the truth. Family drama follows

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Mom defends her 4 Y.O. son in family drama

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Family drama erupts over mom's refusal to make her 4 y.o. son apologize 👀

throwramilgd | throwramilgd

Family drama intensifies when mom refuses to make her son apologize to MIL's girlfriend's "goddaughter" 🤯

throwramilgd | throwramilgd

Family drama erupts when mom refuses to make her 4 y.o. son apologize to MIL's girlfriend's 'goddaughter'

throwramilgd | throwramilgd

MIL's 'goddaughter' comment sparks family drama, mom refuses to make her 4 Y.O. apologize

throwramilgd | throwramilgd

Mum stands her ground 💪 when her husband insists their 4-year-old son apologize 🤔 to his MIL's rude “goddaughter” 🤬, family drama ensues 🤯

When a MIL's “goddaughter” said something mean to her 4-year-old son and her husband pressured him to apologize, the mother immediately intervened. Instead of apologizing, she stood her ground and told her son she believed him and he didn't have to apologize. This led to a huge argument between her and her husband, who blamed the mother for the son's reaction. Despite the family drama, the mother insisted she was not blinded by her dislike of the “goddaughter” and was standing up for her son. The family drama has left the mother wondering if she did the right thing. Read on to find out what the internet had to say!

🤬 32yo grown-a** woman bullies 4yo kid! 🤬

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👩‍👦‍👦Family drama alert! 🚨

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Learning an important lesson 🤔

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Family drama 🔥 when MIL's girlfriend's "goddaughter" is involved 🤔

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MIL's girlfriend has 🧠 issues 🤔

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🤬 MIL's bullying a 4 y.o.? 🤯

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Parents must 🤔 make the right decisions for their children

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🤔MIL's girlfriend's "goddaughter" 🤔

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Family Drama 💔

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NTA: Trust your kid 💯

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A mom's tough decision 🤔

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NTA: 🤬🔥😱 Family drama ensues

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🤔 How old is Amy?

PurpleMarsAlien | PurpleMarsAlien

MIL's girlfriend's antics exposed!

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Family drama 🤬 ensues!

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Family drama ensues❗️

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MIL's girlfriend's "goddaughter" causes family drama 👀

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A 4 y.o. 🤔 confronting an adult 🤔 Who's NTA?

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🤔 Is something more going on? 🤔

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Protecting her child 💪

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Mom refuses to make son apologize 🤔

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Not the a**hole 🤔

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Mom 💪🏼 takes a stand 📣 for her son 🤗!

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NTA: Mom refuses to apologize 👊

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Mom takes a stand 💪

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Mom defends 4 Y.O. son 💪🏼

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Mom refuses to apologize 💣

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NTA: 💯 No Convos Will Change It 🤷‍♀️

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NTA: Mom stands up against bullying 💪

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NTA: Husband's problem 🤦‍♀️

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🤦‍♀️ Mom refuses apology

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MIL's girlfriend's drama 🤦‍♀️

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NTA: 🔥 Adult bullying toddler 🔥

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Family drama 🤯 NTA 🤔

SwansAreLove | SwansAreLove

NTA: Kick out MIL's girlfriend!

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NTA! Mom #protects son from MIL's GF's 😫

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NTA: Protect your kid!

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NTA: ✋ Keep away!

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Time to get protective 🐻

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😱Family drama over a 4 Y.O.!

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NTA! 🤔 Reevaluate your relationship?

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Mom defends her son against MIL's 32 y.o. 'Goddaughter', 😮

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Is MIL's girlfriend jealous🤔

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MIL's girlfriend hurts 4 Y.O.! 🤯

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A 32 Y.O. bullying a 4 Y.O.? 😮

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Mom refuses MIL's demands 😱

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Teach your son to fight bullies💪

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Grandma's girlfriend's "goddaughter" demands apology from 4 Y.O., but mom ain't having it 😏

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🤦‍♀️ NTA: Who talks to a 4 year old like that?

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