Sassy Grannies Recreate Rihanna's Super Bowl Halftime Perfomance In Viral Video

Dani Sanders
Rihanna performance
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Twelve grannies from a Kentucky-based senior living facility set the stage ablaze with their performance as they recreate Rihanna's legendary Super Bowl half-time show.

Here’s what we know about the sassy women and their viral TikTok video that’s circulating on the Internet. 

The Trendsetters

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Ever since Rihanna gave her spectacular Super Bowl halftime show, people worldwide have taken to their respective social media platforms to share their rendition of the sensational piece. 

The Super Bowl extravaganza was viewed by 118.7 million viewers making it the second most-viewed performance in Super Bowl history. Katy Perry’s 2015 halftime show stands in first place with 121 million views. 

The Super Bowl trend has become so famous that even celebrities are jumping on the bandwagon and sharing their recreated versions of Rihanna’s viral performance. 

But one TikTok video that caught the eyes of the world is of residents of Arcadia Senior Living Bowling Green, a retirement living facility, shared on the organization’s official TikTok account.

Watch the full video bowl.

The Ladies Take The Stage

Rihanna Superbowl
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The Arcadia ladies matched outfits with Rihanna and her backup dancers, with 11 of the 12 women pulling off their killer moves in white (as were the outfits of the backup dancers) while the group’s very own Rihanna rocked in a red turtleneck and matching pajamas. 

The TikTok video lasted 12 seconds, depicting the most viral part of the star's performance. The grannies stood in pairs, and as the video proceeded, each pair started exiting the frame one by one, revealing leading lady Dora Martin dressed in her red outfit, lip-syncing and grooving on Rihanna’s hit single “Rude Boy.” 

“I’m just a silly person, and I like to do what other people want me to do," Dora told The Post.

The other showstoppers, Sue and Pat, 82 and 86 years old respectively, told the outlet that they were persuaded to make the now viral video by the 20-something-old employees at Arcadia Senior Living.

“They do a nice job at trying to change up the atmosphere here…by trying different things – and we enjoy falling for it," Pat said.

A Standing Ovation

A Standing Ovation
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The video, which was captioned “Our halftime show > Rihanna’s halftime show has now reached over 18 million views and around 3 million likes! The rocking ladies and their families were baffled at the outpour of love and appreciation their video had received.

Praising the energy of the star of the show, one person commented, “she had more energy and vibes than Rihanna,” while another shared her love for the young-at-heart performers saying, “they deserve the world.”

Fans are even asking the women to release a video of the whole performance, with one viewer commenting, “I’d love to see the whole performance.” Another user called their version of the viral trend “the best one I’ve seen yet.”

Big News Hits The Stage

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The Super Bowl was a star-studded affair, with most of the celebrities hitting the stands to see their famous pop star perform. From Adele, Jay-Z, Billie Eilish, Cara Delivigne to even Gordon Ramsay and more stars eagerly anticipated the pop diva to hit the stage.

But whether it was the viewers in attendance or those who watched from home, we can safely say that everybody got more than what they were expecting when Rihanna revealed her pregnancy at the end of her phenomenal performance. A pregnancy reveal, compelling moves, and so many of our favorite songs, but somehow the makeup mogul still left us wanting more!