Sally Field: Good Genes Or Good Docs?

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Sally Field
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Sally Field is 76 years old, but you would know that just by looking at her. There's a secret to that youthful glow of hers, and we're going to the details. Keep reading for more details.

An Iconic Actress

Sally Field has become this year’s winner of the Screen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award!

She Deserves The SAG Award

She deserves it

With her iconic performances in Places in the Heart, Brothers and Sisters, and Two Weeks, her win raises no doubt. The 76-year-old star certainly deserves the SAG 2023!

Words Brimming With Pure Awe

Andrew Garfield presented the award to Sally with words overflowing with awe and respect. He said, “You evoke awe in every actor’s heart,” as his way of introduction. “You never drink the Kool-Aid of your brilliance,” he continued.

Garfield highlighted how Field had led the way for actresses in a highly misogynistic industry. Conclusively, he spoke, “Sally, you show us how to live a life devoted to art, love, and service.”

Accepting the Award

Accepting the Award
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While receiving her award from her Amazing Spiderman costar, Andrew Garfield, during the SAG awards 2023 in Fairmont Century Plaza in Los Angeles, Sally talked about the roles significant to her career.

The First Role


In her acceptance speech, Sally talked about her first role by saying “In the fall of 1964, I was standing in front of a camera on a freezing cold beach in Malibu, and I said my first lines of dialogue as a professional actor,” in Gidget. “I first found a stage when I was 12 years old, in the seventh grade,” she referred to her school’s drama department.

Feelings Onstage

I love it
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“Offstage, I felt shy and careful and hidden. But onstage, I never knew what I would say or do. I would surprise myself. I wasn’t looking for the applause, or attention, even though that’s nice,” remembered Field.

Coming Alive

The star explained how acting made her come alive, saying, “Acting, to me, has always been about finding those few, precious moments when I feel totally, utterly, sometimes dangerously alive.”  She continued, “The task has always been to find a way to get to that.” 

Fighting Her Way To Top

Fighting Her Way
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Known for her cutesy, girl-next-door look, Sally talked about how difficult it had been for her to force herself out of the ’60s and ’70s comedy box. She recalled that changing genres in acting brought this fierceness out of her that she did not expect.

More Challenging For People of Color

It's more challenging for us

Amidst speaking about her struggles as a woman in the film industry, Field recognized that everything would have been severely tougher for a person of color. She noted  that her career's "fight, as hard as it was, was lightweight compared to some of yours."

Extensive Filmography

Among her multiple iconic roles in films, Sally talked about a few. “I’ve been Mrs. Doubtfire’s employer, Forrest Gump’s mother, Lincoln’s wife, and Spider-Man’s aunt.”

A Tad Bit Emotional

Sally Field emotional
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“Sometimes I have been lucky enough to be a part of projects whose screenplays were so good that my hands shook the first time I read them… They opened and revealed parts of myself I would not have known otherwise."

Beauty or Surgery

Besides her successful career, many of her fans, who have witnessed Sally growing up ever since 1965’s Gidget, wonder if Sally has undergone plastic surgery or is simply the woman’s beauty.

Comparing Photos

Sally Field
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If you put Field’s photos from decades ago side-by-side with a recent one, you will only notice the mere difference in shorter gray hair. It looks like the woman has had no surgery to change her looks!

Sally On Surgery

Plastic Surgery

Conversing with Good Housekeeping in 2009, she said, “Oh, I wish that weren’t happening to my neck. And your face is falling down, and your eyes are so puffy.” She continued, “But then I see some of the women [who have had plastic surgery] who I thought when they were younger were so beautiful. Now I think, Oh dear, don’t do that! And it seems so terribly disrespectful to who they are now.”

Focusing on Being An Actress

Talking about surgeries Sally had much to say. “I don’t want to look old and worn, but what can you do? “My real focus is being an actor. I care more about having the opportunity to play roles that I haven’t played than I care if my neck looks like someone’s bedroom curtains.”

A Tad Bit Lucky

Sally Field
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I’ve worked my whole life. In all of these almost 60 years, there is not a day that I don’t feel quietly thrilled to call myself an actor,” continued the star.

Greater Works

In terms of her humanitarian work, Field raised awareness about issues like nuclear proliferation with Lily Tomlin and another Brady co-star, Jane Fonda, and she was detained alongside them while condemning the government's failure to take action on climate change.

She's Worth the Praise

She's worth it
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It would be silly to diminish Sally to her good looks without taking into account the great work she has done.

Best Wishes For Sally

Best wishes
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Sally has had an illustrious acting career and she is another living example of the saying that age is indeed just a number. We wish her all the best for her future projects!