Close Call: Who Won the Jake Paul and Tommy Fury Fight?

Chukwudi Onyewuchi
Tom Fury and Jake Paul
Getty | Francois Nel

A few days ago, YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul told the world he wanted to prove himself by beating fellow boxer Tommy Fury in Saudi Arabia. True to his words, Jake put up a tough fight but sadly lost after a split decision. Here are the details.

Tommy Fulfills His Promise 

Tommy Fury the champion
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Tommy promised to take away Jake's undefeated boxing record on Sunday, and the talented boxer did just that against his heated rival in Saudi Arabia.

Tommy Wins By Split Decision

After two failed attempts to book the fight, Jake and Tommy finally got into the ring, and Tyson Fury's younger brother clinched the victory by a split decision.

Details Of The Match

The pair engaged in a messy encounter with no fighter enjoying any success, with the referee playing just as big a role as the two fighters.

Tommy Picks Some Points

Tommy Fury vs Jake Paul
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After plenty of embraces and holding in the opening stages, Tommy began to find momentum with his jab as he picked up some early rounds. 

Jake Sends Tommy To The Canvas 

Jake later secured some solid points, one of which was in the eighth round, when he landed a jab that almost left his opponent unconscious.

Tommy Recovers From The Punch

Despite the punch's severity, Tommy recovered quickly, got back on his feet, and remained competitive for the remainder of the round.

Tommy and Jake's Punches

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After eight rounds and 24 minutes, Tommy was by far the more productive fighter as he landed 88 shots from 302 throws, while Jake threw 157 punches and landed 49.

The Results

In the end, Tommy was victorious with the narrow scores of 74-75, 76-73, and 76-73, separating the boxers. It was indeed a fight of a lifetime.

Tommy Gives A Speech 

After the match, an emotional Tommy shared his thoughts, revealing that he and Jake's feud dominated the last two years of his life.

Tommy Establishes His Legacy

Most importantly, Tommy was proud of stepping out of his heavyweight champion brother Tyson Fury's shadow and making a name for himself.

Tommy Praises Jake

Tommy further spoke about his opponent, revealing that Jake took some good shots and that the YouTuber was a far better boxer than Tommy thought he was.

Tommy Says Jake Is Tough

Tommy Fury and Jake Paul
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Tommy said Jake was tougher than he expected, and there was no way people would say the social media sensation wasn't a proper boxer.

Jake Blames Illness And Injury 

On the other hand, Jake got on the crowd's bad side when he made excuses, blaming illness and injury for his loss. The boxer revealed his performance was flat because of issues he experienced in his training camp.

Jake Disagrees With The Results 

The 26-year-old YouTuber also said he disagreed with the judges' scores but admitted it was a close fight. Speaking in the ring, Jake paid respect to the victorious Tommy.

Jake Asks The Crowd Not To Judge Him

The boxer also asked the crowd not to judge him by his wins but by his losses. Afterward, Jake said he would return, adding that he and Tommy deserved the rematch.

Fans Are Unimpressed 

Unfortunately, the fans in Saudi Arabia were clearly unimpressed with Jake's excuses and booed him while he gave his post-fight interview.

Jake Shares Post After Defeat

After the interview, Jake took to social media to share a video he filmed inside his locker room. In the clip, the boxer said he never thought he would make such a video, but sometimes, life didn't go as planned.

Jake Thanks His Supporters

The young boxer concluded his message by confessing that boxing is the best sport in the world. He thanked everyone for their support, adding that it was an amazing event.

The Duo Is Ready For A Rematch

Meanwhile, Jake has tagged his loss as a humbling experience. The young star is ready to prove himself in a rematch, and Tommy has accepted the challenge.