Breaking Up Was The Best Thing For Her: How One Woman Escaped An Overbearing Relationship

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Break up
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No one deserves to be in an unhealthy relationship, and sometimes it takes a little nudge for us to realize that. For one woman, it was seeing her post on Reddit's AITA board that gave her the push to break up with her controlling partner. Here, she shares her story and how her life changed for the better after leaving.

One woman's journey to finding freedom after escaping an overbearing relationship

minaowl | minaowl

One woman shares her story of breaking free from an overbearing relationship and reclaiming her life

minaowl | minaowl

Escaping an overbearing relationship is hard but liberating!

minaowl | minaowl

Friends gave her the support she needed to escape an overbearing relationship 💗

minaowl | minaowl

She escaped an overbearing relationship and found the freedom to live her life and make her own choices! 🙌

minaowl | minaowl

After realizing the toxicity of her relationship, one woman escaped to find freedom.

minaowl | minaowl

Breaking free ✊🏼 and reclaiming her life! 💪🏼

It's been a year since the original post was made, and the poster is now living an hour away from her parents and working as a caregiver. She also has a new boyfriend who doesn't try to control her life. Many commenters gave her a revelation about her unhealthy relationship, and she was able to break free and reclaim her life. However, it was no easy feat; it required her to stand up to her ex's controlling behavior and make decisions for herself. In this section, we will explore comments and reactions to her story.

🤭 Ex-lovers fighting?

co_fragment | co_fragment

The comment takes a sly jab at an ex-lover's overconfidence. Replies argue that the ex may not be as smart as they believe themselves to be and point out the lack of emotional maturity and empathy. All jokes aside, the conversation offers a glimmer of hope for anyone in an overbearing relationship.

👏 Congrats on breaking up! 💪

mr_beannn | mr_beannn

The comment congratulated the woman and asked how her ex took the breakup. The replies described her ex's reaction as him initially claiming she was not mentally stable, and later admitting she was right and they wanted different things, without understanding that he was abusive.

Coffee, tea, and instant?! 🤯

Megmca | Megmca

Commenter expresses confusion at the idea of pre-ground coffee, to which replies include the idea of instant coffee and single serve coffee bags. One reply even remarks on the idea of microwaving water for tea! 🤯

OP's 🆘 relationship update 🙌

BendingCollegeGrad | BendingCollegeGrad

OP shares an update on escaping an overbearing relationship and many commenters chime in to support them. One commenter shares a weird quirk that was indicative of a larger problem, and another commenter shares their hope that OP left the relationship.

"We all 'hate' guys like your fiancé" 😠

TheHierothot | TheHierothot

A barista of 12 years reveals why coffee snobs are insufferable and offers a few tips on how to make coffee. Replies offer their own insights and experiences, such as why decaf has different rules and the importance of knowing what you like when it comes to tea.

👏 OP celebrates 🤩 freedom!

Ok-Bus2328 | Ok-Bus2328

OP is happy to be free and encourages the reader to enjoy life however they please. Commenters agree that divorce was the best option.

One woman's 🙌 story of ❤️ and 💪 escaping an overbearing relationship

excel_pager_420 | excel_pager_420

The comment reflects on whether commenters should jump to conclusions on seemingly small posts and if the comments prompt someone to reflect and leave an abusive situation. The replies discuss how someone's seemingly minor post can be the straw that broke the camel's back and it's usually worth asking the question as it could be the tip of a-hole iceberg.

Escaping an unbearable relationship 🔥

adapech | adapech

One woman shared her story of escape from an overbearing relationship, where she was criticized for even the most simple tasks. The comment reads, "I can't even decide how I want my coffee" and the commenter is glad she's moved on and doing much better.

Love conquers all! 💖

lcole303 | lcole303

The comment author expresses their admiration for their relationship with their partner, as they both have different coffee preferences but are willing to make the effort to make each other happy. The comment replies are heartwarming and show even more appreciation for the love the comment author has for their partner.

🎉 Enjoying freedom ☕️ & 🍝

Laines_Ecossaises | Laines_Ecossaises

The comment praised the woman for breaking up and wished her a happier life with coffee and pasta.

Experiencing the same 🤔😔

Born_Ad8420 | Born_Ad8420

The section comment talks about an experience of growing up with an overbearing parent who would get mad if their kid was too well behaved. The comment reply agrees and provides an example of how if you don't make mistakes, the parent will find something to berate you for anyway.

👏 Breaking free from an overbearing relationship 🤗

IllustriousBedroom91 | IllustriousBedroom91

The comment expresses a feeling of liberation after leaving an ex who used to mock the amount of creamer the commenter drinks. In the replies, one person shares feeling of joy while just driving, being free from stupid fights.

👏👏 OP's resilience and strength 💪💪

KnightMeg13 | KnightMeg13

OP had so much patience in an overbearing relationship and is now doing much better. The comment replies reveals that the OP was slowly conditioned to accept the partner's behavior, and only realized how exhausted she was after leaving the relationship.

🥳🎉 Celebrating freedom!

CactusMcChicken | CactusMcChicken

The comment congratulates the woman on finding freedom from an overbearing relationship. No replies were found.

🤗 OP's writing is 🔥

suziblack | suziblack

The commenter expressed appreciation for the article's author's writing style, and the reply suggested that the author should write more in the future.

How one woman 💪🏾stood up 🗣to an overbearing 🤦🏾‍♀️relationship.

amaraame | amaraame

The comment describes a woman's experience with an overbearing partner who was particular about the direction of the toilet paper. She looked him in the eye and told him if that's how he wanted it, he had to do it himself. She hasn't been bothered about it since.

🤩 Escaping an overbearing relationship!

devlynhawaii | devlynhawaii

The commenter praised the woman for escaping an overbearing relationship, citing an example of how someone else's finickiness can be controlling and even detrimental to a relationship. The commenter suggested that doing a different activity while the other person is doing a chore can help maintain a healthy relationship.

Escape your overbearing relationships 👋🏼

fizzbangwhiz | fizzbangwhiz

The commenter is glad that the original poster is now free to have coffee the way they want it. They also share that they buy pre-ground coffee and use a drip machine. The first reply states that they mostly drink coffee that comes as a syrup and is mixed into milk.

🤔 Find out why 🤔

Kitty4Snugglez | Kitty4Snugglez

The section comment humorously remarks that they received a text from Sonic announcing a new product, and suggests the reader do with that information what they will. One reply responds with humor by googling Sonics near them and the other reply humorously suggests Sonic should ask where they heard about the new float.

👏 Congrats to her!

EmpressVixen | EmpressVixen

The commenter expresses their congratulations to the woman for escaping her overbearing relationship.

👑 A powerful 🙌

alysl | alysl

The commenter gives a powerful, encouraging message - 'Queen'.

👏 She 🆙️ and 💗 her life!

Oldgamerlady | Oldgamerlady

The commenter expresses their heartfelt support for the woman's decision to break up with her overbearing partner, encouraging her to enjoy the rest of her life.

She left an overbearing relationship and found a better way⭐️

granitebasket | granitebasket

The comment reflects the woman's appreciation for her ex-boyfriend's wisdom in teaching her that "when you're the one doing the dishes, you're the expert at dishwashing." This has helped her to recognize when she is being a "helicoptering micromanager." She also shared her method for making aero-press coffee with pre-ground supermarket decaf and tap water.

The joys of 🐈 ownership! 😂

Luciroth | Luciroth

The commenter jokes about the only time they are the smartest in the room being when they are alone, only to be outsmarted by their cat. They celebrate the woman's newfound freedom in the form of pre-ground coffee.

Escaping an 😡 overbearing relationship

Same_Command7596 | Same_Command7596

Commenter agrees that the woman's decision to break up was the right one, describing her partner as a "prick". Further, they relate by comparing a similar coffee snob experience and joke that if someone offers them coffee, it must be instant coffee.

👏 Go girl! 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

A comment encourages the woman to escape her overbearing relationship: "Fuck yea pre ground coffee! You go girl!"

Enjoying 👍 coffee and a good time 🎉

Experience-Cool | Experience-Cool

The comment celebrates the woman's newfound freedom after breaking up with her overbearing partner and encourages her to enjoy life with her new guy, coffee, and a sour patch kid.

🤔 Grounding a relationship to a halt?

Double_Lingonberry98 | Double_Lingonberry98

The comment questions the effects of breaking up, asking if it grounded the relationship to a halt. No replies found.

👉🏻 Narcissism on full display 👈🏻

whalesauce | whalesauce

The comment discusses the classic signs of a narcissistic relationship, with the example given being an attempt to gaslight the individual by making them confusion over the brand of pasta they had bought. The replies further explain how the partner was livid over the wrong brand of pasta being bought.

👀 Pretentious 🚨 or foodie ❤️?

Geesmee | Geesmee

The comment suggested that the person being talked about was not a real foodie, but a "pretentious a**" who was stuck in his ways. The reply agreed with the comment, calling the person a "pretentious a**" pretending to be a foodie.

🥳 Celebrating 💪 progress 🌎

flogginmama | flogginmama

Commenters praised the original poster (OP) for taking the steps to break away from an overbearing relationship, making the world a better place one toxic relationship at a time.

😆 Nailing it with a pun!

ragnarockyroad | ragnarockyroad

The comment jokes about the headline using a pun involving 'nail in the coffee' to suggest that the woman was able to escape from an overbearing relationship.

👏 A bright future ahead!

Maddie215 | Maddie215

The comment expresses appreciation and wishes the poster a bright future ahead.

Espresso ceremonies and ☕️ drip coffee: how one woman escaped an overbearing relationship.

kittybigs | kittybigs

The commenter commends the original poster (OP) for breaking up with an overbearing partner and expresses sadness that the ex couldn't or wouldn't realize their controlling behavior. They also emphasize that one should respect boundaries - such as the espresso ceremony being for one's self only - even in relationships.

🤔😊 Breaking free of an overbearing relationship 💪

Whysocomplicat3d | Whysocomplicat3d

The commenter was surprised by the story of how the woman escaped an overbearing relationship and expressed happiness for her new-found freedom.

💪🏻 A tale of strength and empowerment!

Affectionate_Salt351 | Affectionate_Salt351

The commenter celebrated the original poster's success in breaking away from her overbearing partner, and shared an all-too-familiar tale of control and manipulation. In reply, they were encouraged to find the strength and resources to do the same.

😂 Sour Patch Kid Connoisseurs Unite!

[deleted] | [deleted]

The poster shares their experience of still putting their toilet paper rolls on “backwards” due to their former partner's overbearing nature. Their comment is met with agreement from another Sour Patch Kid connoisseur.

Breaking free from an 🔪 abusive relationship 🙏

Mustangbex | Mustangbex

One woman's story of escaping an overbearing relationship. It all started with a seemingly insignificant misstep, like buying the wrong brand of pasta. She was an authority in her field, but her husband had complete control over her. She was eventually able to escape after recognizing the signs of domestic violence.

👏 A woman's 🆕 journey 🚶

blablamcbla | blablamcbla

The comment was a supportive remark for the woman for her journey of breaking up with an overbearing relationship.

👏 Breaking free from an overbearing relationship

GuardMost8477 | GuardMost8477

The comment praised the original poster for escaping their overbearing relationship, emphasizing that they were lucky to have dodged a bullet. The comment further shared that they were an Aeropress geek and grind their own beans, but would never insist their spouse make coffee their way.

One woman's 💔escape from an abusive 🤬relationship

Salt_Complex4321 | Salt_Complex4321

The comment discussed how the the commenter's ex was abusive, accusing them of lying about vacuuming and calling their child a lier for confirming the vacuuming. The commenter is glad to have escaped the relationship, as it was too overbearing for them and their child.

Finding joy in making coffee 🤗

Former_Matter49 | Former_Matter49

One commenter shared their experience of finding joy in making coffee after their coffee brewer quit. They congratulated the original poster (OP) on choosing happiness.

🐄 Overbearing ex-BF thought milk🥛 came from different dairies 🤯

pygmymetal | pygmymetal

The commenter's ex-boyfriend had an overbearing personality, thinking that milk from different dairies have different tastes. He also got mad if the commenter drove somewhere a different way. Such behavior was a huge waste of her time.

One woman's 🤩 escape from an overbearing relationship 🧐

ConcernedUnicorn19 | ConcernedUnicorn19

The comment talks about how the woman had to deal with her partner's overbearing attitude when it came to matters like grocery shopping, and being glad that she escaped from the relationship. One reply mentioned the confusion over how a brand of pasta could taste worse in a different state.

👏🏼 Breaking free from an overbearing relationship 💪🏼

attentionspanissues | attentionspanissues

The commenter was thankful for the article and shared that they had been in a similar situation of an overbearing relationship where 'my way is the only correct way'. They thanked the article for helping them understand the situation better and wished the author a wonderful day.

She chose herself 💪

FirebirdWriter | FirebirdWriter

The commenter is proud of the woman for escaping an overbearing relationship and hopes to offer others the same moment of clarity to escape similar situations before it's too late.

🤔 How to make coffee?

vkapadia | vkapadia

The comment suggested that it's up to the individual to figure out how to make coffee, and that one should not push their own preferences on others. No replies found.

🍜Ramen to freedom 🤩

SnootBooper2000 | SnootBooper2000

Breaking free from an overbearing relationship was the best thing for this woman. She found her freedom by making ramen, a small sign that her partner was controlling and unstable.

Caffeine freedom 😎

Daaylight | Daaylight

The comment encourages liberation from social norms, exemplified by snorting a smashed caffeine pill to drive home a point. One reply suggests that they carry caffeine pills in their purse to avoid having to work late shifts.

👏 The power of 💪🏾 living your ✨best✨ life!

KirinoLover | KirinoLover

The comment praises the original poster for breaking up with their overbearing relationship and encourages them to live their best life and do what makes them happy.

🙌🏼 Ex's level of obsession: 👎🏼

Terralia | Terralia

The commenter agrees with the article, expressing that the ex was a total tit and that the woman made a great decision to leave the overbearing relationship.

👏 Congrats on a new beginning!

Marzipan_civil | Marzipan_civil

The commenter sends their congratulations and sends love to the woman for finding a better life and better coffee.

🎉 Congrats on the breakup!

beyondtheonce | beyondtheonce

The commenter congratulated the woman on her breakup and added a cheeky comment about her ex's coffee-making preference.

Escaping an overbearing relationship✨

Leaquwa | Leaquwa

The comment praised the woman for having the courage to put an end to her toxic and abusive relationship, and congratulated her for finding someone who truly loves and respects her. No replies found.