Heartbreak High Star, Chloé Hayden, Allegedly Denied Access To Sensory Room At Harry Styles' Marvel Stadium Show: Didn't 'Look Autistic Enough'

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Chloé Hayden
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In a recent turn of events, the Heartbreak Hight star Chloe Hayden who is also a disability rights activist was enraged as she took to the internet to voice out the blatant disregard for her disability that took place at marvel stadium. Stay tuned to find out more about what exactly happened at the Harry Styles concert that triggered the Australian actress.

A Little About Chloe Hayden

Chloe Hayden, popular for her role Qunni in the Netflix series, Heartbreak High, is an author and a disability rights activist, using her fame to spread awareness about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Chloe’s Battle with ASD


During Chloe’s childhood, she changed more than ten schools due to the depression and anxiety she had to experience because of the constant bullying in school.

The Communication Handbook

Chloe likes to put it this way--- she says it's as if everyone was given a guide to communicate when they were born. However, she was an exception as she missed that orientation, implying that she lacks communication skills due to her (ASD)

Looking Back At The Horrors Of Her Childhood

Childhood horror

Chloe recalls her childhood birthday sleepover, where she bought  friendship bracelets for all her friends, and the next day, her friends threw those bracelets in the bin

Undiagnosed For the Longest Time

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As a young girl, she remembers being highly emotional, finding it hard to socialize and being terrible at math. No one ever considered that she could be autistic, leaving her undiagnosed.

Men Are Diagnosed Much Earlier Than Women

Hayden thinks that girls usually go under-diagnosed because one wouldn't imagine a girl going all the way out to a concert and have fun, as girls are expected to be emotional and not socialize that much anyway.

Making Her Disability Her Power

I won't give up
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After being diagnosed with ASD, Hayden refused to sit back and went on to use her voice to advocate for the right of the disabled, making her disability her power.

Making A Change

Making a Change
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Using her online platforms, Chloe made informative videos explaining the traits of autistic people and shared helpful tips to help them around their daily life.

The Efforts Reached Millions

The Efforts Reached Millions
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With her most viewed video reaching a million views on TikTok, Chloe has had many people, autistic and non-autistic, appreciating her efforts in helping them understand themselves and the autistic people around them.

With All The Love Came The Hate

With All the Love Came the Hate
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With Chloe’s online fame came excessive criticism from people saying that she is faking her autism as she goes to concerts and can handle the stimulus overload at concerts.

Addressing the Haters

When attending concerts, Chloe uses stims to calm herself by throwing her hands in the air and 'vibing' to the music. This lets her manage the overstimulation and gives people the illusion that she’s enjoying herself.

The Criticism Strikes Back

How is that fair?
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In a recent turn of events, when the 25-year-old actress attended a Harry Styles concert at the Marvel Stadium, she was denied access to the sensory room as she “didn't look autistic enough.”

What Is the Sensory Room?

Sensory Room
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For those unfamiliar with the term, a sensory room is designed to cater to the special needs of people with sensory issues. It helps reduce overstimulation caused by the concert environment.

The Marvel Stadium Sensory Sham

The sensory room at Marvel Stadium contained blankets, noise-cancellation headphones, and fidget tools to help people with over-stimulation.

Chloe Claps Back At The Marvel Stadium

back at you
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Following the blatant disregard for Hayden’s disability at the concert, she took to Twitter. She said, “Hey @marvelstadium, reminder you cannot preach inclusivity and then not let me into the sensory room because you decided I don't look autistic enough.”

Highlighting The Hypocrisy

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The Australian actress highlighted the stadium's hypocrisy in a tweet, “How g***amn disappointing the same venue has proven flying its woke flag and to tick the disability box is where its values begin and end.”

The Situation Only Worsens

Hayden targeted the stadium with yet another tweet “Demanding diagnostic papers to access sensory rooms & sensory packs, fat shaming disabled people, refusing to accommodate wheelchair access & laughing at autistic people who are in meltdown is complete and utter bullshit. This isn’t about inclusion. This is about human decency.”

The Heartbreak High Star Files A Complaint

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The advocate for the rights of disabled persons and awareness filed a complaint against the Marvel Stadium’s negligence and lack of human decency.

Hayden’s Efforts Start to Pay off

Two days after Hayden’s first tweet to Marvel, they reached out to Chloe and decided to meet with her on Monday. The star wrote, “Update: Marvel stadium has contacted me. We’re having a meeting on Monday.”