The 'Supernatural' Bond Between Olivia Newton-John and John Easterling

Dani Sanders
Olivia Newton-John and John Easterling

Love is beautiful - read the enchanting story of how Olivia Newton-John and John Easterling found each other.

A Disheartening Departure Of An Icon

The Grease star, Olivia Newton-John, passed away at 73 in August 2022. Her death was heartbreaking to many, especially her husband, John Easterling.

Magical Love

Magical Love

Easterling described the magical love he shared with his wife during the icon's Sunday memorial. The 70-year-old shared pieces of their touching romance that restored our faith in love.

Looking Back Into The History

While reminiscing about his love story with his wife, Easterling looked back into his decades-long romance.

The First Meet

Easterling referred to the first time he saw Olivia, “You have to understand I wasn't an Olivia fan, I didn't know any Olivia music, I hadn't even seen Grease, and this was a small, intimate theatre in Miami, and the lights went down, and I heard Peruvian flutes, and she started singing Pearls on a Chain.”

Healing Talent

She heals me
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In his speech, he also recognized Olivia’s talent, “And there was healing in the audience, people around me were crying. I got it. It hit me like a laser beam in the chest that Olivia was a healer, and this is one of her mediums of healing.”

Understanding Their Blessings

The lovely couple recognized how lucky and blessed they were on a trip to Prague, “We were talking about how lucky we were to have found each other. And how in love we were. And how much happiness we were experiencing.”

Utter Happiness

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“We thought maybe we should feel guilty because we were so happy, but we decided we'd feel gratitude and just let the happiness run at full throttle,” continued John.

A Sweet Story Of Proposal

A Sweet Story Of Proposal

The lovey-dovey couple had a charming proposal. “We ended up in Scottsdale on Valentine's Day, and I started a charade at dinner, and the secret phrase was, ‘Will you marry me’. And she got ‘will’, and she got ‘you’, and I said rhymes with hairy. Then out of nowhere, she just said, ‘Will you marry me?’ And I said ‘yes’,” he informed us.

Shockingly Saying Yes

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John described how “she looked stunned for a minute and then started laughing and said, ‘You ratbag.’ That is the story of how Olivia proposed to me.”

Recognition For Her Talents

Proudly, the Big River Man star announced how Olivia was recognized for her talents by Prime Ministers and Presidents and Queens and provided with every other award and accolade for her art.

But, The True Joy Originates From Something Else

Despite such famous recognition, John informed how his wife found happiness in something else.

Being Happy Amongst Simplicity

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“But what made her most happy was being at the ranch, being with the horses, being with the chickens and the dogs and the cat, or sitting in the courtyard just listening to bird songs,” said John.

Bit Of Magic

There's magic
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In a lovely remembrance, John spoke of his wife in the sweetest manner: “Every day with Olivia was supernatural. Every day with Olivia was a bit of magic.”

The Marriage Itself

The couple tied the knot in an Incan spiritual ceremony in Peru, subsequently followed by a legal ceremony on Jupiter Island in Florida.

Radiating A Calming Energy

The businessman indicated how he carries on his wife’s irresistible energy. He stated, “I carry and feel Olivia's presence, her sense of humor and spirit of adventure, the commonality of purpose we shared, and that gives me the strength to carry on until I find her again in that ultimate space of love and light.”

The Essence Of Olivia

I miss her
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With more love-induced words to say, John lovingly talked more about his wife, “At Olivia's deepest essence, she was a healer, using her mediums of song, the words of touch. She was the most courageous woman I've ever met.”

Trudging Through Times

John also talked about how Olivia navigated through tough times, “At her most difficult times, she always had the spirit, the humour and the willpower to move things into the light. And as her spirit soars, the pain in my heart is healed by the joy of her love and that love that shines forward.”

Battling Cancer

Cancer battle

Following a decades-long battle with cancer, Olivia Newton passed away last year.

A Late Ceremony

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Six months had passed after the icon’s death, and the ceremony for her memorial was finally held in Melbourne.