Woman Is Annoyed Her Friend Revealed To An Appliance Store Employee That She Inherited Her House, So She Also Reveals That Her Friend’s Parents Bought Her Friend's House

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Life would be so much easier if we were born with a house key in our hand, like in the fairytale about the three little pigs. Alas, we all know that real life is a little bit different from fairy tales, although, to be honest, if you inherit a house from your parents, it can sometimes be quite close to the magic world. Just imagine how happy you and your family will be when you move in there!

But it’s not that simple and easy, as one woman who inherited a house from her parents recently found out. Her friend, who claimed to have actually bought a house, confronted her and called her a jerk for revealing that it was actually her parents who bought it for her.

Now the OP is speaking an opinion from the Reddit community on whether she is the jerk in a thread that has gone viral.

Friend shocker! A woman finds out her friend's house was actually bought by their parents. 🤯

sadhouse27 | sadhouse27

The housing market is tough, so F28's parents stepped in to help her and her partner become homeowners.

sadhouse27 | sadhouse27

Friend accidentally reveals a secret to a stranger, leading to an awkward situation.

sadhouse27 | sadhouse27

A friend's blunder leaves a woman feeling embarrassed and annoyed 😠

sadhouse27 | sadhouse27

A friend gets caught in a lie and another friend reveals the truth - "It's just for the record" 🤭

sadhouse27 | sadhouse27

A revealing dispute between friends over who bought their house!

sadhouse27 | sadhouse27

The OP reveals the real story behind her friend's house, and the internet is divided on who's in the wrong

sadhouse27 | sadhouse27

🤔 Friend reveals secret, OP reveals it too. Who's the a**hole?

The title of this story seems to put OP in a bad light, but there's more to the story! OP's friend revealed to an appliance store employee that she did buy her house but inherited it. OP was taken aback and asked why it mattered, to which her friend replied that it was just 'for the record'.

When the friend told the employee that she actually bought her own house, OP revealed that in reality, it was her parents who had bought the house for her and her partner. OP then revealed that her parents had also helped her get a house, just in a 'really terrible way'.

So, the question is, who's the a**hole? Let's see what the comments to the thread have to say about it!

NTA: 🤦🏻‍♀️👎🏻 A friend's catty remarks about another's home ownership.

Vox_Popsicle | Vox_Popsicle

The comment replies to the section comment agree that the OP is not the a**hole, as the friend was trying to feel superior about how they got their homes. The comment replies further point out that the friend is being catty and unkind to the other person because she is jealous of the bigger house the other person has. The comment replies also mention the friend's insecurity about her living situation.

🤔 NTA, but an awkward situation 🙄

leahs84 | leahs84

The comment suggests that the OP is not the a**hole (NTA) for the situation, but that the friend is for making a competitive move by revealing the source of money for the house. Replies to the comment include that the employee may have been trying to get information to make recommendations, that the friend could have been jealous, and that the question was insensitive to the OP's loss.

Friend reveals 🤦‍♀️op's secret to store employee 🤯

Embarrassed-Storm-25 | Embarrassed-Storm-25

NTA (not the a**hole). The commenter argues that a friend who reveals a deep personal loss to a total stranger to one-up the original poster (OP) is not a friend. Replies suggest that the friend may not have been thinking about what she was saying and that she may not necessarily be a bad person, but she is still the a-hole in the scenario.

👋 NTA for playing along!

gumbuoy | gumbuoy

The comment expressed that the poster wasn't the a**hole (NTA) for playing along with their friend's game of "let's tell the truth". The comment replies expressed agreement, suggesting the situation was a "don't start none" situation and that the poster was also NTA.

Inheriting ≠ free🤷‍♀️

4614065 | 4614065

The section comment's sentiment is NTA (not the a**hole) as the commenter expresses their disapproval of the friend's comment about inheriting. The replies echo the sentiment, emphasizing the fact that inheriting often comes with a great cost and is not a free acquisition.

Friend drama😱😬

lkbird8 | lkbird8

The comment says NTA and is perplexed why the friend group is split 50/50 on the issue. It appears the OP's friend was gloating and playing the victim after revealing to a store employee that she bought her house, when in fact her parents bought it for her. Replies suggest the friend told an altered story and OP should make sure to let anyone who contacts her know what really happened.

Friend reveals OP's secret 🤦‍♀️

No-Jellyfish-1208 | No-Jellyfish-1208

OP reveals to the appliance store employee that their home was bought by their friend's parents. The comment sympathizes with the OP and states that they are Not The A**hole (NTA) for answering the employee in a less awkward way.

Friendship gone wrong? 😔

Terran_Jedi | Terran_Jedi

The commenter suggested that the original poster (OP) was not the a**hole (NTA), but her 'friend' was, who was trying to one-up her and put her down. OP was asked to re-evaluate her 'friendship', and to consider if the other person was worth the abuse. The replies suggested that the 'friend' may have been competitive with the OP, and that people were siding with the person they thought was more advantageous to them.

Friend's rude reveal 🤦

[deleted] | [deleted]

The comment says NTA (not the a**hole) because the woman was being needlessly rude when she revealed her friend's situation to an appliance store employee.

You won't believe what happened 😲

thmpr22 | thmpr22

The comment joke about the retail employee's awkwardness. Replies discuss how the comment's friend was rude to involve the employee in their argument and suggest that they should have handled it more privately since the employee was put in an awkward situation. Everyone agrees that the comment's friend was wrong with their words and actions.🤷‍♂️

Friend reveals 🤐🤫 NTA or ESH?

Arokthis | Arokthis

The comment states that the 'friend' opened the door to reveal a secret that the woman wanted to protect, so 'ESH'. The replies suggest that the friend may not have deserved it, but the woman was still an 'a**hole'. One reply states that a key piece of information is missing, and another suggests that the friend's action was insensitive given the woman's recent loss. The comment and replies suggest that 'NTA' or 'ESH' is the more appropriate verdict.

Friend's toxic behavior 😡

Speedypanda4 | Speedypanda4

The commenter said NTA (Not the A**hole) and called out their friend for revealing to an appliance store employee that they had inherited their house instead of buying it. The commenter thought that their friend's behavior was toxic and suggested rethinking the friendship.

NTA: 🤬 What a nasty thing to do!

Swegh_ | Swegh_

The commentator believes that the friend was wrong to reveal to the appliance store employee that the woman had actually bought her house, and calls it a 'nasty thing to do'.

NTA: 🤐😬

MajesticAdvantage119 | MajesticAdvantage119

The commenter said that the original poster was not the a**hole (NTA) and that their friend should not have felt the need to go into details. The commenter said both the original poster and their friend owned a home.

NTA: Cut a toxic friend out 🤔

Purrsay | Purrsay

The comment suggested that the original poster is not the a**hole and that they should consider cutting the toxic friend out of their life. A reply to the comment echoed the sentiment, suggesting to do the same.

🤔 Everyone's got a story 🤔

bichonborealis | bichonborealis

An individual commented that everyone 'sucks' for putting the retail employee in the middle of their argument over who got a 'free' house. In response, a reply noted that her 'free' house was due to her parent's death and another reply clarified that her house was 'free' in that it only cost her two parents.

Friendly competition gone wrong 🤦

Nikkiistar | Nikkiistar

The original poster (OP) was accused of being an a**hole for standing up to their friend who attempted to belittle them in front of a store employee. But they didn't let the comment slide and rebutted with a truth of their own. The store clerk became unfortunate collateral, but the friend deserved to be called out. The comment replies were mixed, some argued that OP was not an a**hole, while others argued that OP was nearly as bad as the friend.

Reality check: 🤭

CraigBybee | CraigBybee

The commenter found it amusing that the woman gave her friend a reality check after the friend revealed her own secret.

NTA: 🤷‍♀️ OP needs a better friend!


The comment states that the poster is Not The A**hole (NTA) and that the friend was given a house from their living parents, who can visit, join them for dinner, and celebrate holidays. The poster implies that the OP has none of that and never will and suggests that OP needs a better friend.

Everyone sucks here 😕

eclectic-up-north | eclectic-up-north

The original comment expresses disappointment in the friend's behavior, suggesting that they should have been yelled at in the parking lot for their rudeness.

A**holes don't always win 🤷‍♀️

whyamisoawesome9 | whyamisoawesome9

The commenter thinks the original poster is Not the A-hole and was fair in divulging similar information about her friend. The commenter also expresses sympathy for the original poster's loss of her parents.

NTA: 🤔 What goes around...

Weskit | Weskit

The commenter believes the original poster is Not The A**hole for revealing that her friend's parents bought her house. They argue that if the friend butted in with unnecessary information, the OP was justified in revealing the truth.

NTA: 🤐🤐🤐

chucker23n | chucker23n

The comment states that the woman is not the a-hole for correcting the salesperson about her house as the salesperson probably wanted to know for future reference.

Friend reveals embarrassing secret 🤦‍♀️

TechnicianFrequent97 | TechnicianFrequent97

Commenter says the OP is NTA (not the a**hole) for her behavior and suggests the woman ask her friend why she's so interested in the house being inherited.

Two friends standing up 💪🏽 for themselves 🤔

mudbunny | mudbunny

The comment claims that both the friend and the commenter are being "petty and immature" for arguing about who bought the house in front of an employee. A reply defends both of them for standing up for themselves and calls the idea of just standing there and taking it "stupid as hell."

Revealing secrets 🤫

voluntold9276 | voluntold9276

The commenter declared that the original poster is not the a**hole in this situation, as their friend wanted to take them down a peg by revealing that they didn't buy the house. The commenter suggested exploring why the friend did this, as they could dish it out but not take it.

👊🏻 NTA vs. NTA 🤦‍♀️

Critical_Aspect | Critical_Aspect

The commenter judged the situation as Not The A**hole (NTA) for the original poster and her comeback was on the nose.

Poor salesperson 😔

Bookssportsandwine | Bookssportsandwine

The comment expresses sympathy for the salesperson who was surprised to learn that the customer's parents bought her house.

😂 When clapping back goes too far

creamyalligatorpears | creamyalligatorpears

The commenter pointed out the hypocrisy of people who say something but get mad when someone responds.

👀What was 🤔she 🤭thinking?!

BushiWon | BushiWon

The commenter is shocked that the woman chose to be superior to a random appliance store employee by revealing that her friend's parents actually bought her house.

😒 NTA - truth hurts!

Fugly0the0first | Fugly0the0first

The comment said 'NTA - sucks when someone hits you with a dose of the truth.', indicating that the commenter does not feel the woman is the a**hole in this situation. Everyone agrees that it's never fun to have someone reveal an uncomfortable truth.

NTA: retaliating isn't wrong 🤷‍♀️

b1wein | b1wein

The commenter declares that the woman is not the a**hole for retaliating back to her friend's rude comment about her house, as it was unprompted.

NTA: how rude! 🤬

Yookeew | Yookeew

The comment suggests that the woman is not the a**hole (NTA) for being annoyed with her friend, as it was wrong of her friend to reveal her personal situation to a stranger. The comment also expresses condolences for the woman's loss.

NTA:🤔 Mutual friends have a different story!

[deleted] | [deleted]

The commenter believes that the woman is not the a**hole in the situation, as mutual friends have told a different story painting her in the light of a victim.

Friendship gone wrong 😔

negedgeClk | negedgeClk

The commenter believes the post is ridiculous and expresses their disappointment in the friendship.

Friend's poor behavior😔

Smooth_Fee | Smooth_Fee

The commenter is questioning the poor behavior of the friend who revealed the woman's house situation to an appliance store employee. The commenter suggests that the friend was being insensitive and inconsiderate, given that the woman was trying to avoid talking about her lost parents.

A witty retort 💥

[deleted] | [deleted]

The commenter praises the original poster for their witty retort to a friend who is deemed entitled.

NTA: Lied about her own 🏡

Alicia0510 | Alicia0510

The comment remarks that the OP is not the a**hole in this situation, as the friend lied about her own housing situation after revealing information about the commenter's housing situation.

No one's business but yours 😉

sassyandsweer789 | sassyandsweer789

NTA: The comment agrees that the friend was out of line for revealing to a stranger that the comment's parent had bought their house. It is okay to say that the comment bought the house instead of having to tell their life story. The comment also shares their experience of not wanting to explain that their mother is dead every time they tell a story about her.

NTA: You finished it 🤷‍♀️

Status-Pattern7539 | Status-Pattern7539

The commenter believes that the woman's friend is not the a**hole (NTA) for revealing the truth about the house purchase, as the woman had started it and the commenter thinks the woman needed a reality check.

Friend's parents bought it? 🤯

stuartmill1776 | stuartmill1776

The commenter said that they do not understand why the opinion of the original poster's friends is split 50/50 on the situation.

Friend needs a lesson in manners 🤔

Vegetable_Salad86 | Vegetable_Salad86

A comment suggested that the friend needs to be taught some manners.

Definitely NTA 🤷‍♀️

jonairl | jonairl

The original comment declares that the OP is 'Not the A**hole', as their friend was 'way out of line'. The commenter is confused as to why the story splits their friends 50/50, as it is a "clear cut, no question" situation.

Friendship competition? 🤔

BlueGreenOcean21 | BlueGreenOcean21

The commenter suggests that the original poster's friend sees their friendship as a competition and that if the original poster does not want to be in a competition, they should move on. The commenter also states that the original poster is Not the A**hole in this situation.

👎 Friends or not? 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

The commenter believes that the person who revealed the woman's house was not her friend and that the other people who supported her are trash. NTA - Not the a**hole.

NTA: 🤔You're not 🤝as close as you think

solo954 | solo954

The comment states that the original poster is not the a**hole (NTA) and suggests that the original poster is not as close to the friend as they think they are.

Friend reveals too much 🤦‍♀️

calling_water | calling_water

The commenter is annoyed that their friend revealed to the store employee that their parents had bought them the house. They suggest that it was a rude way for the friend to interfere in the transaction and that she should have realized her role was only to help them. The commenter concludes that the OP is not the a**hole in this situation.

NTA: they bought a 🏡 but it wasn't in their name

Whiskey_Books | Whiskey_Books

The commenter says the OP is Not The A**hole for revealing the truth that her cousin's partner's parents bought them a condo in Miami, but the deed wasn't in their name. The commenter goes on to say that these people have so little to their personality that they hold on to falsehoods to make themselves feel better and superior to others.

Friend spills the beans 🤭

Teal-purple | Teal-purple

NTA: The commenter believes the woman is not the a-hole in this situation, as her friend revealed information to the appliance store employee that was not their business to know.

Friendship lesson: don't be petty! 😉

AlleyKatArt | AlleyKatArt

The commenter declared that the original poster was 'Not The A**hole' in the situation and justified her response to the friend's pettiness.

NTA - Cruelty revealed 😯

artemis1860 | artemis1860

Commenter states that the woman was not the a-hole for being annoyed at her friend for revealing her financial situation to an appliance store employee, as it was cruel of her friend to do so.

NTA! You're the one in the right 💯

tracysflaw | tracysflaw

The commenter says the woman is Not The A**hole (NTA) for getting snappy after her friend revealed her personal information to a stranger for no reason. They suggest the friend's motivation was likely feeling ashamed she didn't buy her own house, and that the woman was in her right to be angry.

NTA: Friend's double standard 🤔

cecilio- | cecilio-

The comment points out that the friend is hypocritical for criticizing the original poster's car when in reality the friend's car is paid for by their parents.

OP chose the right option 💁‍♀️ Friend was still the bigger a**hole 🤬

LexChase | LexChase

OP chose the correct option given the two options provided and didn't have to explain her parents are dead. The friend was still the bigger a**hole for revealing the OP didn't buy her home. NTA.