Pink Expresses Frustration At Media Focus

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Pink has been known to be a badass pop star since entering the industry. From writing an open letter to former President Bush to being vocal about the rights of the LGBT community, she has been all out to voice her opinions. But in recent events, the 43-year-old performer has caught local media's attention, and it is not for her music.

Stay tuned with us to find out what it is that has made the press hooked to the star as we spill the tea regarding what has been going on.

Recalling Pink Being A Badass

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Pink made her way into the industry in 2000 with her first song, “ There You Go,” where she can be seen crashing her motorbike into her ex’s window, setting up her image as the badass that she is.

Not Afraid of Being Different

The American singer made it clear that she wasn’t afraid of being different through her second album, Missundaztood’s music video “ Don’t Let Me Get Me,” through the line where she says she’s tired of the comparison between her and Britney Spears.

Belittling Other Women

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Other than labeling herself as different from other women, Pink has been seen throwing shade and belittling celebrities like Christians Aguilera by calling her out as not "nice."

Where it All Started

I hate it
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When the American singer and songwriter was asked to rank her least favorite song in an interview, she ranked Marmalade as her least favorite song.

The Marmalade Saga Explained

When asked to explain why marmalade has to be the least favorite of her songs, she said, "it wasn't fun due to some personalities on set. Kim and Maya were nice," leaving the viewers with Christina to be labeled as not nice.

Celebrity and Social Media Reactions

Fans hate
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The 43-year-old star had to face a lot of backlash due to the statements she made during her interview from the netizens and Christina fans that turned into keyboard warriors.

Pink Hits Back at Twitter

Calm down
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Following Pinks' statement, 'twitteratis' came out in support of Christina and clapped back at Pink for her comments, to which Pink responded by saying that the two have already made amends.

The Feud Gets All the Spotlight


As Pink’s new album Trustfall was released, Pink expressed how she was unhappy about the past feud still receiving more attention than her new album.

Blaming It On Her Inability To Lie

The star took to Instagram in a lengthy post where she opened up about her inability to lie and overshare at times, that has led the media to still hover around the feud.

The Real Disappointment

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When writing about her inability to lie, the star highlighted the real reason behind her disappointment: "art can never be focused when you’re a woman.”

Spilled Some More Tea Regarding Aguilera


In her Instagram post, she went on to spill some more details about the feud stating that  “Aguilera sang her ass off in my album Missundaztood."

Boasting About Her Accomplishments

While giving in the details of the feud, Pink also mentioned how Aguilera used to talk about her releasing 11 albums, selling entire stadiums for concerts, and raising her family so well.

Honest and Upfront

Pink opened up about her being notorious for talking too much, adding, “but I never lied”  she also expressed how she got picked on talking about girls she had issues with but never about the hundreds of other girls she supported.

If the Tables Turned

If the Tables Turned
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To emphasize how women are usually the Centrepoint when it comes to gossip and controversies, she mentioned male actors like Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro. She asked how often they stopped and inquired about their arguments with other male stars.

Own Your Mistakes

Own Your Mistakes

To wind up the message, the singer voiced her belief in authentic apologies and owning up to our mistakes, exactly like she did.

Note to Aguilera

To conclude her post, she wrote a note to Aguilera saying, "Christina- you know where we stand. Resolved. Onwards and upwards. And thank you all for listening- and for the 25 years. Of kick-ass love and support. Peace ✌🏽"

Philipps Jumps to Show Support

Busy Philipps
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After Pink wrote about her sentiments on Instagram, Busy Philipps was the first to support the pop star and appreciated her for speaking the truth.

F the Misogynistic Culture

F the Misogynistic Culture

Philips commented on Pink’s post agreeing with her by sharing her thoughts, "Honey, they always reduce women to clickbait” she also encouraged her by telling her to F the misogynistic culture.

The Past Is History But Is It?

Following Aguilera and Pink’s beef, they have both been vocal about it and openly expressed it as water under the bridge.

Pink was seen talking about her past feud with Aguilera once again when invited to Chris Wallace's TV show, opening up about Christina wanting to fight her physically. Confusing fans if the two have buried the hatchet.