Can You Believe What This Wife Did To Catch Her Snooping Mother-in-Law?

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Mothers-in-law can be a tricky relationship to navigate. Hosting them for dinner can be stressful too. That's why one Reddit user was so fed up with their mother-in-law's snooping that they decided to take matters into their own hands.

They set up a glitter trap to catch her snooping and find out if their suspicions were correct. Read on to find out what happened next when she posted the story to Reddit!

Caught her MIL snooping in the act! "For some weird reason my MIL really wants to go into our bedroom whenever she comes over." 🤔

itsbettertobelucky | itsbettertobelucky

This wife caught her mother-in-law snooping and her response was 🤯

itsbettertobelucky | itsbettertobelucky

Caught her snooping! Wife takes extra steps to protect her privacy

itsbettertobelucky | itsbettertobelucky

This wife had to get creative to stop her mother-in-law's snooping 🤔

itsbettertobelucky | itsbettertobelucky

Curious to know how the wife caught her snooping mother-in-law? 😮

itsbettertobelucky | itsbettertobelucky

When mother-in-law snooping was suspected, this wife took extreme measures to set a glittery trap!

itsbettertobelucky | itsbettertobelucky

This wife's creative idea to catch her snooping mother-in-law 🤔

itsbettertobelucky | itsbettertobelucky

Catch your snooping mother-in-law in the act with this glittery trap! 🤫

itsbettertobelucky | itsbettertobelucky

Husband takes extra precautions to prevent his nosy mother-in-law from snooping 😬

itsbettertobelucky | itsbettertobelucky

Mother-in-law snooping gone wrong! Tensions rise and the wife is left feeling like the a**hole.

itsbettertobelucky | itsbettertobelucky

Who's in the wrong here? MIL snooped around, but the wife has a unique way to catch her. FIL is just trying to stay neutral! 🤔

itsbettertobelucky | itsbettertobelucky

What an eye-opening experience for this couple 😮 Thank you for all the support!

itsbettertobelucky | itsbettertobelucky

Catch a snooping mother-in-law with a biodegradable glitter and camera setup! 🤫

itsbettertobelucky | itsbettertobelucky

She thought she could snoop and get away with it, little did she know 🤔

The mother-in-law was snooping around the couple's bedroom, but she didn't know what was coming. The wife had set up a special surprise for her mother-in-law that she would never forget. She had covered the bedroom and office doorknobs in glitter and rigged a folder of glitter over the office door.

When the mother-in-law opened the door, she got covered in glitter and was not happy. The wife's bold move has sparked a debate: was she justified in her actions, or was she in the wrong?

Now, let's take a look at what the Reddit community had to say about this scenario.

NTA: Husband's inaction is 🔑 issue 🔑

Hefty_Candidate_4902 | Hefty_Candidate_4902

😂 This wife caught her snooping MIL sparkle-handed!

HobbitQueen8 | HobbitQueen8

MIL got ✨covered in glitter✨ 🤣

antonio-bolonio | antonio-bolonio

The petty way to 🤣💥👑 your mother-in-law!

IndieJones29 | IndieJones29

A 7-year-old 👏🏼 NTA!

waterballoontits | waterballoontits

Catching the snooping mother-in-law 🤭

Hakiki999 | Hakiki999

🤔How to prank a snooping mother-in-law?

DeffSkull | DeffSkull

👀 Mother-in-law snooping! 🔐

Murky_Advice | Murky_Advice

Wife catches mom-in-law snooping ✨

BalRawk | BalRawk

👉🏼 MIL caught snooping 👀

MonkeeKnucklez | MonkeeKnucklez

NTA: A harmless prank 🤣

PrettyFly4AYaoGuai | PrettyFly4AYaoGuai

👏 NTA. A brilliant plan!

Sleepy_felines | Sleepy_felines

👀 Wife sets trap for snooping MIL 💥

j027 | j027

😂 NTA - Caught Red (Glitter) Handed!

666POD | 666POD

🤔 NTA or NAH?

Aedronn | Aedronn

Caught red handed 🔴 MIL snooping

GodOfMeh | GodOfMeh

NTA: 🤔 Mother-in-law snooping?

pipmc | pipmc

NTA! MIL got caught red-handed🤦‍♀️

[deleted] | [deleted]

Caught red-handed 😉

Friendly_Tangelo1197 | Friendly_Tangelo1197

No more snooping! 🔐


👀 NTA: Catching a snooping mother-in-law!

kori_a | kori_a

Husband needs to 👀 up! 🤔 NTA

Minimum_Reference_73 | Minimum_Reference_73

Wife gets creative to stop mother-in-law's snooping 😱

Huntokar_Goddess | Huntokar_Goddess

🤔 NTA! Husband not cool 🙅‍♂️

Beltas | Beltas

🤔 NTA for using glitter!

GlassSandwich9315 | GlassSandwich9315

👏 NTA: Wife stands 💪 against 🤦‍♂️ husband's 🤦‍♀️ mom.

Visual-Ad-4520 | Visual-Ad-4520

🤣 NTA: red-handed yet again 🤣

hbauman0001 | hbauman0001

A genius move 🤩

lifetooshort4bs | lifetooshort4bs

👀 Mother-in-law snooping 🤔

insertsnamehere- | insertsnamehere-

NTA ✋️ Husband needs to step up!

SandrineSmiles | SandrineSmiles

Catching the 🕵️‍♀️ snooper! 🤫

sparkledotcom | sparkledotcom

🤯 MIL snooping🤦‍♀️ caught by glitter trap!

Catatomical | Catatomical

NTA: 🛑 Stop letting her in your house 🏠

Capital-Cheesecake67 | Capital-Cheesecake67

NTA: Glitter is 🤯

terpischore761 | terpischore761

👍🏼 Approval for the wife's style

Zibellina | Zibellina

NTA - 🤦‍♀️👮‍♀️

ehp17 | ehp17

A wife's sneaky move to catch her snooping mother-in-law! 🤔

Late-Impact-9571 | Late-Impact-9571

😱 Wife catches snooping mother-in-law with glitter bomb 💣

corgihuntress | corgihuntress

Husband's gotta 👊🏼 mommy!

Snippykins | Snippykins

🤣 Glitter-bombing a snooper! 🤣

Migraine-AddledBrain | Migraine-AddledBrain

🤦‍♀️Two a-holes found! 🤦‍♀️

Wuellig | Wuellig

🤔 Mother-in-Law snooping games? 🤔

1stTimeCommentor | 1stTimeCommentor

Caught red-handed 🤩

misspoofy | misspoofy

Genius plan 👏

to_to_to_the_moon | to_to_to_the_moon

👏👏👏 NTA!

G0mery | G0mery

👀 NTA: a mom-in-law's snooping 👀

introverted_smallfry | introverted_smallfry

NTA: Respect your rules 🔐

I_might_be_weasel | I_might_be_weasel

Creative ways to 🤩 catch snooping MIL 😱

Graflex01867 | Graflex01867


Ladyfishsauce | Ladyfishsauce

Two birds, one stone 🤔

Objective-Elephant13 | Objective-Elephant13

👏 A hero is born!

LynneVicious | LynneVicious

NTA: Escort her to 🚽

[deleted] | [deleted]

Wife's genius way 💡 to catch snooping mother-in-law 🤷‍♀️

Keksapfel | Keksapfel