Breaking Up With A Lying Boyfriend Leads To A Big Life Milestone

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Breaking Up
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Breaking up with someone can be an emotional rollercoaster, and it can also lead to a big life change. That's exactly what happened to this Reddit user who recently posted about breaking up with her lying boyfriend of five years. After her relationship ended, the user celebrated a milestone.

Taking the advice from all the helpful people out there, I'm ready to take the next big step!

thr0w4w4ylife | thr0w4w4ylife

Breaking up with a lying bf led to a life-changing moment

thr0w4w4ylife | thr0w4w4ylife

Breaking up with a lying boyfriend leads to a big life milestone - uncovering secrets and a difficult decision.

thr0w4w4ylife | thr0w4w4ylife

Breaking up with a lying boyfriend leads to a big milestone in life after facing the same issue repeatedly.

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Breaking up with a lying boyfriend leads to a new chapter 🔥

thr0w4w4ylife | thr0w4w4ylife

Finding the courage to break up with a lying boyfriend led to a major life milestone 💪

thr0w4w4ylife | thr0w4w4ylife

After facing a tough situation, this man took a big step forward in life!

thr0w4w4ylife | thr0w4w4ylife

After saying goodbye to her lying boyfriend, she achieved a big life milestone.

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A silver lining to breaking up with a lying boyfriend - a new home!

thr0w4w4ylife | thr0w4w4ylife

Celebrating a big life milestone after breaking up with a lying boyfriend!

thr0w4w4ylife | thr0w4w4ylife

Celebrating the end of a toxic relationship with a big life milestone!

thr0w4w4ylife | thr0w4w4ylife

Breaking up with an untrustworthy partner leads to a big life milestone - 🎉 Congratulations 🎉

thr0w4w4ylife | thr0w4w4ylife

Breaking up with a liar led to a milestone celebration: buying my own house! 🏡

After receiving advice from our community, I spoke to my boyfriend about my concerns. Unfortunately, he was adamant that he didn't know anything about the credit card or payday loans, but other lies he was hiding from me became apparent. After 5 years of forgiving the same lies, I had to end the relationship. But this break-up ended up leading to a positive milestone: I was able to purchase my own house! With the help of a mortgage broker and the developers, I was approved for a smaller townhouse than I originally wanted, but I paid the deposit 3 days before my birthday. 😊 Despite the difficult circumstances, I celebrated this big life milestone. Now, let's read through the comments and reactions of our community.

🏠🎉🥳 Congratulations on the house & life milestone!

BlahWitch | BlahWitch

Congrats on 🏡 purchase! 🎉

AstronomerPrevious71 | AstronomerPrevious71

Say goodbye to 🔥relationships🔥

Finalbladestyle | Finalbladestyle

Trust in love is 💖, not 🤦‍♀️!


A new 🏠 and a new outlook!

Anli0 | Anli0

👏 Congrats on the 🏡 house!

ManicEeyore | ManicEeyore

Congratulations on the new house 🎉

Careless_Mango | Careless_Mango

🤔 Suspicions of a liar revealed!

CMUpewpewpew | CMUpewpewpew

😃 Congrats on your new home!

Wolfy5079 | Wolfy5079

👉Breaking up with a lying bf leads to a life milestone👈

BxGyrl416 | BxGyrl416

🎉Congrats on the big life milestone!

dcnowclt | dcnowclt

🤔 Breaking up leads to a life milestone

1962Michael | 1962Michael

😂 Congrats on the big milestone!

MicroeconomicBunsen | MicroeconomicBunsen

Congrats, new homeowner! 🎉

TheBlueCutlet | TheBlueCutlet

Congrats! 🎉

wpel_142 | wpel_142

Breaking free from 🤥 leads to 🎉

TreeShapedHeart | TreeShapedHeart

Congrats on the home 🏡 and goodbye, deadweight 🙅‍♀️

Flyingwithbirbs | Flyingwithbirbs

Congrats on a big 🎉 life milestone!

Playful-Mastodon-872 | Playful-Mastodon-872

👏👏Breaking up leads to big life milestone!

loranlily | loranlily

Breaking free 💪

Spliffix | Spliffix

Breaking free of a liar 🔓

Syrinx221 | Syrinx221

🎉 Congrats OP! 🎉

mixedwithmonet | mixedwithmonet

Leaving a lying bf leads to 🎉🎉🎉

muskiesfan1 | muskiesfan1

Breaking up is hard ❤️

LuckySlevinNumber | LuckySlevinNumber

Making the 💪 decision to breakup 💔

filkerdave | filkerdave

Congrats on the new house 🎉

Accomplished-Sun-823 | Accomplished-Sun-823

Two Melbournians 🤝

Jellygator0 | Jellygator0

Breaking up with a lying 🤥 boyfriend leads to a big 🏠!

RavenBlueEyes84 | RavenBlueEyes84

Breaking up✌️leads to ✨milestones✨

Objective-Ant-6797 | Objective-Ant-6797

Dodging bullets 🔫 and giving advice 🤝

dreamerofthesky | dreamerofthesky

She dropped 💯 kgs of dead weight and bought a house 👏

kalamata0live | kalamata0live

👏🏼 Big boss move!

JuliaX1984 | JuliaX1984

Breaking up 💔, getting out of debt 💸, and buying a house 🏠!

tamiralaneeaa | tamiralaneeaa

Breaking up leads to a big milestone🤩

NiteGrimwood | NiteGrimwood

Breaking up 🔥 for a 🏡

[deleted] | [deleted]

Congrats on the 🏠 and 🙅‍♀️ the liar!

helpcomputah94 | helpcomputah94

👏Congrats on the new townhouse!👏

Woolfman_8 | Woolfman_8

Breaking free 💪

GoBlue9000 | GoBlue9000

👏 Moving on ✨

GamerAndGrower | GamerAndGrower

Congrats OP! 🎉

kevinw721 | kevinw721

Goodbye lying bf ❤️ New life begins!

CaptRory | CaptRory

Living the dream 🏡

omennemo117 | omennemo117

Congrats on the 🏡 and 🗑️!

[deleted] | [deleted]

Don't give him your secret 🤫

MeLlamoViking | MeLlamoViking

🎉 Congrats on the milestone!

zanthor_botbh | zanthor_botbh

You go girl 👏

Bearis4B | Bearis4B

Congrats & 🎉 on taking a big life step! 🤗

fbombmom_ | fbombmom_

Congratulating the OP 🎉 for standing up to a lying ex!

mizdiabla | mizdiabla

Breaking up✔️No more lies❌

RollingCarrot615 | RollingCarrot615

👍 Celebrating life milestones!

Nolishpromover | Nolishpromover

Moving on 💃🏽 and up 🏡

Individual_Shop7387 | Individual_Shop7387

💪🏻 You dodged a bullet! 💥

Anonymotron42 | Anonymotron42

Breaking up from a 💔 5-year relationship 💔 with a lying bf leads to a 🎉 life milestone 🎉

RabaBeba | RabaBeba

Dodging 🔫 a 🥕🐰, 🤔?

JabasMyBitch | JabasMyBitch